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If you’re an avid follower of the zodiac, you know how wild this year has been astrologically – seriously, when is it Not Retrograde Mercury? While the moons and dips of 2022 can help explain why you’re itching to quit your job, they can also help us understand our interest in certain trends, like this messy embrace of Y2K.

According to fashion stylist and self-proclaimed “glamor witch” Gabriela Rosales, known professionally as The Stylist Witch, your birth chart can influence your cosmic aesthetic and allow you to achieve your highest fashion sense. For example, from the end of October until January 2023, Mars will move into Gemini. “Mars is the planet of action, of direction, of guidance,” says Rosales. “The sides of our identities that we have developed behind closed doors will be visible in society.” While the mood in fashion is bigger and bolder right now, Rosales also notes that “we no longer compromise when it comes to Aesthetics go.” Therefore, the overarching theme of fall fashion for all zodiac signs is experimenting with chunky, oversized and over-the-top looks.

If you’re new to understanding the zodiac, Rosales suggests learning your sun and rising signs to understand your stylistic preferences – the latter if you don’t really resonate with your sun sign. “[Rising sign] it’s about your identity, your sense of self. That’s how people experience you and get your energy,” says Rosales.

Fall zodiac signs are known for being playful and having offbeat sex appeal (see: Scorpio). Fall fashion is similar, Rosales says, noting “richer color schemes and fabrics that are more about texture, like velvet and suede.”

Artist and astrologer Larry Easley, known as Luhrayy on Instagram, echoes Rosales’ feelings of bigger and better for fall. “All 12 signs are associated with a part of the body,” he adds, which in turn affects the trends they’re likely to experiment with. For example, Gemini rules hands, and Gemini will love fancy gloves and eccentric rings. Aries rule the head and are likely to play with fun, decorative hats.

Take a look below at the trends for each character and start adding items to your cart as soon as possible.

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Experiment with plaid

Capricorn likes it elegant and sophisticated. This sign loves a timeless, structured look and values ​​prestige while still implementing some sex appeal, says Easley. Luckily, her favorite muted colors — brown, black, and gray — are very spooky times of year.


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Play around with “ugly” sweaters

Aquarius signs aren’t afraid to do things their own way and are likely to experiment with outlandish textures and prints, says Easley. While classic Aquarius colors, like variations of blue, may not resonate particularly well with fall, Aquarians will find a way to make the hue fall-appropriate.


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Make waves in ruffles

According to Rosales, water signs like to experiment with romantic textures and silhouettes. This fall, that could mean big ruffles and puff sleeves—anything to bring out the Pisces’ inner whim. As with Aquarius, the colors for Pisces are blue, especially those with a green tint.


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Go bold with bucket hats

As mentioned above, this fire sign rules the head, making oversized bucket hats a perfect statement piece for fall. Aries are confident and don’t apologize, so be brave or go home. Traditional Aries colors are red, orange, and yellow. In the fall, experiment with burnt oranges and deep reds.


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Go out in clogs

Earth signs like to play with shapes and materials. The Taurus loves comfort and quality, says Easley, so a chunky platform clog will meet the Bull’s fashion needs. Colors for Taurus typically include pastel shades of pink, purple, and blue.


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Make a statement with rings

“Gemini rule the hands and arms [and can] Use them in an animated and communicative way,” says Rosales. “We’re moving from dainty and minimalist jewelry to bold and unconventional materials like jelly and resin.” The Y2K jumbo resin ring was everywhere, including on celebs like Doja Cat and Kylie Jenner.


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Throw it back to Baggy Jeans

Represented by the crab, Cancer is both literally and figuratively hard on the outside and soft on the inside. Cancers love self-care, and it shows in their aesthetic. Think comfortable textures without sacrificing style. As a substitute for skinny jeans, slip into a pair of ’90s mom jeans or baggy pants.


Get height with platform shoes

“Lions are extravagant,” says Easley, and they make a grand entrance with platform shoes. Platform shoes, loafers, sneakers. Literally any type of platform shoe is the trend. Leo’s standard palette is full of warm colors that translate seamlessly to fall.


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Add a trench coat

Rosales refers to Virgo as “the sign of attention to detail,” which can often be associated with qualities such as practicality, meticulousness, and modesty. But also, “it’s all about classic styles,” she says, “and nothing is more timeless than a trench coat.” Zendaya’s style is a perfect example of that. This earthy zodiac sign loves neutral colors like green, brown, mustard, and burnt orange.


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Switch it up with matching sets

As a sign of Libra, Libras love the balance of a matching set and looks that balance feminine and masculine silhouettes. Libra’s power color is blue, but she can rock soft pink, lavender, and other pastels.


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What’s sexier than leather?

Scorpios are known for being sensual and reservedly intimidating. Stylistically, fall is an amazing time for the sign, in part because Scorpio season overlaps with spooky season. Fall colors like burgundy and olive green are great choices, as is leather, which will be very on trend for this passionate sign.


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Rodeo in denim on denim

Sagittarians love adventure, which is often reflected in their personal style. “[Fire signs] are dynamic and bold by nature,” says Rosales, so a controversial fashion trend like the Canadian tuxedo is perfect. A denim throwback from Britney and Justin wouldn’t be a big deal for these risk-takers.

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