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Unlike clothes and shoes, jewelry isn’t always something you put on and take off every day. This means that it can be more trend-independent than, for example, a handbag or a dress. But the top jewelry trends for winter 2021 are anything but subtle. Between the floral-inspired jewelry seen at Peter Do, Simone Rocha and Acne; the statement necklaces at Fendi, Dior and Paco Rabanne; and the return of fringes in metallic form at Marni, Chanel and Jil Sander, this season’s go-to jewels should turn heads.

“I believe that jewelry is fashion’s fairy godmother,” says Sarah Slutsky, a famous stylist who has worked with clients like Ella Hunt and Elizabeth Olsen. “It can completely transform a look while adding personal value to a wardrobe. At the same time, jewelry can add an unexpected element of edge or grace, depending on the look you’re trying to achieve.”

It also has the power to change the vibe of an outfit faster than any other accessory: try swapping out your dainty gold chain and mini hoop earrings for a pair of stacked chandelier earrings and see how your entire look (and your mood) changed. Find ahead of the coming season’s top trends, according to five fashion experts, as well as their favorite necklaces, earrings and rings to buy now.

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Solange Franklin, stylist

“When an outfit is a love letter, I see jewelry as a signature,” says stylist Solange Franklin, whose talents span editorial, runway and celebrity styling. What is your favorite jewelery trend for the coming season? mixed metals. “I like pieces that can be layered to create the effect, or ones that contain hybrid elements.”

14 kt blue topaz and baroque pearl earrings

Khartoum II ring with onyx inlay

14kt The Little Things Pearl and Diamond Crawler

Angela Fink, Visual Advisor

From Paco Rabanne’s glittering winter collection to the ever-shining Oscar de la Renta, the message for the season is simple: shine, girl. And the piece of choice that will help you draw everyone’s attention is the eye-catching statement earring That’s Looking At Me, says Angela Fink.

“I always wear a statement earring by default, and I think this winter we’re even seeing some glamorous rhinestones,” says Fink, citing Paco Rabanne’s statement gemstone necklaces and Saint Laurent’s fringed, shoulder-trimmed chandelier earrings. “We’ve been in our homes for a while, it’s time for some fun.”

Silver-tone crystal earrings with fringes

Chiselled resin hoop earrings

Rachael Wang, stylist

“As people learn about the environmental and humanitarian burdens of the mining industry, recycled metals are becoming more desirable,” says stylist Rachael Wang, who championed actionable sustainability before it was cool. “Jewelry adds a uniquely personal feel to an outfit, and considering how that jewelry is sourced only adds to the impact.”

Sarah Slutsky, stylist

“I really loved the unexpected pops of color from designers like Melissa Kaye and Bea Bongiasca,” says Sarah Slutsky, adding that she’s seen a comeback of colored stones.

Flower Funk ring in 9k gold, silver, enamel and rock crystal

The medallion with four pictures “Midi” Diamond Border

Cristina Small earrings in 18k gold and enamel

Meeka Hossain, Content Creator

“One of the biggest jewelry trends I’ve seen and love is the resurgence of pearls in everyday closets,” says Meeka Hossain, a Los Angeles-based content creator. “They’ve made a comeback in our everyday outfits in the form of chokers, anklets, earrings and more.”

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