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Written by Jessamie Rattray

When adventure calls, Indonesia answers. Indonesia is a fascinating and varied area. “From exceptional marine life to jungle-covered islands sparsely populated and dotted with ancient temples and pearl farms, Indonesia is fascinating sailing territory,” said TJB Broker Angus Cook.At the core of a superyacht cruise of Indonesia is the element of authenticity as guests set sail to experience the unknown. Eleanor Bloodworth illustrated the tremendous possibilities of an Indonesian superyacht cruise, saying: “Guests can encounter the infamous Komodo dragon one day and snorkel or dive at some of the most biodiverse underwater sites in the world the next. As the largest archipelagic nation in the world – made up of over 17,000 islands – Indonesia has so much to see and something for everyone that no two cruises are the same.”Ethereal anchored in Wayag IndonesiaPhoto: Charles WoolcottTo get the most out of a superyacht charter in Indonesia, chartering a yacht with an established reputation in the region is key. The 51 meters of the Konjo boat builders Dunya Baru is one of the most successful charter yachts in Indonesia.

Frederic Cretin, a broker at Camper and Nicholsons, emphasized their appeal. He explained: “This 51 meter beautifully crafted sailing yacht features seven queen-size double cabins for 14 guests, an immaculately flush modern interior, a highly knowledgeable and experienced crew consisting of a masseuse (on request), dive specialists and a PADI Certification on board. ”IndonesiaPhoto: Fajruddin MudzakkirWith blissful beaches and colorful waters, atmospheric rainforests, ancient cultural sites and iconic national parks, Indonesia’s diversity sets it apart from other winter cruise destinations. For Eleanor Bloodworth, Charter Broker at Y.CO, “It is the diversity of destinations and attractions on land and sea that makes Indonesia an absolute marvel.”Borobudur Temple, IndonesiaPhoto: Steffen BCruising on a superyacht with a wide range of toys, tenders and luxuries makes an Indonesian superyacht cruise truly magical and specially designed for each group of guests. Frederic Cretin recommended Dunya Baru, as “It offers charter guests a tailor-made experience. With their huge selection of toys for all ages, Dunya Baru is the perfect family friendly yacht to see this part of the world.”Dunia Baru yacht sailingPhoto: Nathan LawrenceIndonesia lies at the heart of the Coral Triangle, an area of ​​tropical waters where the convergence of the Indian and Pacific Oceans produces an amazing diversity of marine life.

For Clive White, Cruise Director of Dunya Baru by Y.CO: “The area is one of the most ecologically diverse places on the planet. Virtually every marine animal can be found in these waters, whether it’s searching for small critters in the Lembeh Strait or swimming with whale sharks and manta rays in Komodo and Raja Ampat.”Dunya BaruThe biodiversity of this marine area makes it an ideal place for diving and snorkeling Dunya Baru is the perfect ship to embark on this diving adventure. She is fully equipped with 14 sets of scuba gear and qualified dive staff catering to both beginners and advanced divers. Frederic Cretin laid the groundwork, declaring that “the Coral Triangle is home to 2,000 species of fish and 76 percent of all known coral species in the world.”Coral reefs, IndonesiaPhoto: Benjamin L JonesWith waters rich in color and species, Indonesia is one of the most famous diving destinations in the world. Highlighting scuba diving as one of the country’s top activities, Clive White stated, “The coral reefs never cease to amaze guests and the views at Raja Ampat are spectacular.”Coral reefs, IndonesiaPhoto: Benjamin L JonesHeesen’s 39.4 meters Lady Azul is a motor yacht that has seen more of Asia than most. If guests manage to catch them in their brief window in Indonesia, this magnificent and glorious ship offers a legendary cruising experience. She is fully equipped with a wide range of water toys and diving and fishing equipment that achieves perfect compatibility with Indonesia’s dreamy coral reefs and pristine waters.Lady Azul Yacht Travel ExperiencePhoto: Idea Yachting Lady Azul has the perfect features for guests looking to relax and recharge after a long day of exploring and adventure on board. She features a well-equipped onboard gym and an inflatable pool with nets for relaxation, and guests can enjoy fusion cuisine prepared by resident Chef Hiranchai, who is known for his recipes that include heavenly flavors from Asia and Europe. As said by Angus Cook, “if you’re lucky enough to secure yourself Lady Azul in Indonesia – based there from November to February – a fantastic trip awaits you.”Lady Azul Yacht Travel ExperiencePhoto: Idea Yachting The iconic Komodo National Park sits on volcanic islands in the center of the archipelago. This dramatic spectacle of a UNESCO World Heritage-listed national park is home to nearly 6,000 Komodo dragons, otherworldly lizards that stretch up to 3 meters in length. A visit to the national park allows guests to catch a glimpse of the mysterious Komodo dragon and observe its dragon-like stature. Aside from the park’s fascinating species, guests can marvel at the vast, rugged hills, the bleached-white beaches, and the arid, expansive savannas.Komodo dragon, IndonesiaPhoto: Joshua J. CottenIt’s no secret that Indonesia is a veritable treasure trove of cultural wealth. In Bali, guests can tour endless sacred temples nestled between soothing pools and the foothills of rolling green hills.Mount Agung, IndonesiaIn Bali’s popular city of Ubud, guests can explore the Ubud Palace, a fascinating ancient Balinese palace. Surrounded by tranquil lily pad courtyards that regularly host traditional Balinese dance performances, this magical palace is a must-see.Traditional dance in IndonesiaPhoto: Eyestetix StudioFor spiritual enrichment, guests can visit Tanah Lot Temple, one of the most famous temples in Bali. This famous landmark is known for its offshore location, and guests can visit this mystical temple and admire the pristine views of the sun setting over the water.Tanah Lot Temple, IndonesiaPhoto: Harry KessellFor TJB broker Angus Cook, the west coast of Papua is an extreme cultural escape. This remote area of ​​Indonesia is home to cultures that have survived since ancient times, and a cruise that takes guests to this western point “offers a rare opportunity to visit a culture that lives as it has for thousands of years.”IndonesiaPhoto: David GorSurf lovers need look no further than the waves of Indonesia. Angus Cook recommended, “Guests should venture into the extraordinary surfing paradises of Sumbawa and Lombok.” Renowned for its world-class surfing spots, this region is home to one of the best surfing spots in the world: Lakey Peak. There are points across the country where guests can surf, with different areas suitable for different skill levels. For Frederic Cretin, the Savu Sea is the must-see place to surf the waves.IndonesiaPhoto: Jeremy BishopWith a multitude of islands and bays, each offering something different, a superyacht cruise through Indonesia is not something to be rushed. Frederic Cretin recommended: “The ideal stay is at least 10 days if you want to discover enough of what Indonesia has to offer, especially the most remote places where no one parts from you.”TV in IndonesiaBut with so much to see, Indonesia’s exploration opportunities are endless. For Angus Cook, “As an area with so much diversity – and potentially long cruising distances depending on the diversity of your desired itinerary – I would suggest extending your charter to fully immerse yourself in the charm and culture of Indonesia.”West Sumatra, Indonesia This is facilitated by Indonesia’s 365 summer days, making this archipelagic paradise a natural choice for a winter cruise destination.

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