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North Kansas City has evolved into a colorful community of shops and attractions.

Several vibrant public murals add flair to the area, such as Andrei Krautsou’s “Power of the Titans” and Alex Eickhoff’s “The Wave.” The murals serve as a visual cue that North Kansas City has a lot more to offer than meets the eye if you know where to look.

Whether you’re looking for a creative date idea or your next neighborhood, there’s plenty of adventure to be found in North Kansas City.

fun and games

The ReRoll Tavern in North Kansas City is a gaming paradise.

ReRoll Tavern is a paradise for gaming enthusiasts. The tavern contains an extensive games library with classic board games, role-playing games and much more. Visitors can opt for a pay-to-play option or pay for a membership. The menu features pizza, hot dogs, cocktails, and beer for you to enjoy while you embark on an intrepid adventure.

North Kansas City is also home to the original Chicken N Cucumber, which combines pickleball, garden games, a fast-casual restaurant and a bar under one roof. This indoor/outdoor entertainment concept has expanded to five additional locations across the US, including Overland Park, Kansas. Beginners and experienced pickleball players have access to lessons, open play and leagues.

In Screenland’s neon-lit basement, you’ll find Armor rewind video, a 1990s-inspired analog video store meets a pub. You can rent DVDs and VHS movies (a look back at blockbusters) or play video games on old gaming systems. Themed cocktails like Adult Capri Sun add to the vintage experience. The bartender is rumored to be spinning vintage vinyl and playing cassette tapes at his own discretion.

fitness and acclimatization

Songbird Yoga Studio

Ben McBee


Songbird Studios Yoga

Songbird Studios Yoga on Swift Street is located in the heart of downtown North Kansas City.

Fancy fitness and variety? Go to RoKC, an inclusive climbing hall for people of all ages and backgrounds. Equipment is available for rent, and a day pass (or membership) includes unlimited rock climbing, fitness facility access, and a yoga class.

Speaking of yoga, founder Annie Walsh opened up Songbird Studios Yoga on Swift Street in the heart of downtown North Kansas City. Walsh is the only instructor in the region trained to offer YogaHour, an alignment-based style that originated in Tuscon, Arizona.

Every first Saturday of the month GLOW yoga is a donation-based, family-friendly offering for gentle yoga. Proceeds will be donated to local Girls Leading Our World or a non-profit organization.

The city is also home to one YMCA with a range of programmes, including adaptive/challenger sports, where children of all abilities can play. Challenger Flag Football (held Tuesdays 6-7pm, August 30-September 20) allows athletes with special needs to participate.

In addition to an indoor pool, indoor basketball courts and Kids Zone, the YMCA’s community-based facility is home to the New Americans Welcome Center, a communal pantry, North Kansas City Hospital’s Wellness Corner and the Best Buy Teen Tech Center.

Arts, Crafts and Entertainment

driftwood pottery

Every Friday and Saturday night you can head to Driftwood Ceramics for a date night pints and pots session.

In North Kansas City, it’s easy to be smart and creative in your free time. driftwood pottery offers a range of courses from beginner to advanced. It offers two classes for kids ages 4-9 and 10-15, or you can leave the kids at home for a date night pints-and-pots session held every Friday and Saturday night.

Cash Expressive studio, a visual and performing arts studio, Mosaic Mondays, art classes for children and adults, and music classes. You can also book the studio for artistic birthday parties in all age groups.

If live entertainment and movies are more your pace, Screenland Armor Theater reminiscent of the cozy old-school cinema experience. Nearby, The Rino’s Live Music, Song Lab Open Mic and Laugh Lab Comedy Open Mic Calendar Packs.

And don’t miss North Kansas City’s Friday in the Park calendar of lunchtime music and other park events.

Eat, drink, be merry

Wolcano Teppanyaki 2 Credit Ben McBee.jpg

Wolcano Teppanyaki in North Kansas City offers a teppanyaki hibachi grill, sushi, sashimi and Chinese food.

Local restaurants, breweries, bars, and other food and drink-focused businesses were a driving force behind North Kansas City’s renaissance.

Wolcano Teppanyaki offers a teppanyaki hibachi grill, sushi, sashimi and Chinese food, a welcome addition to the local dining offering. You can choose between a buffet or à la carte dining.

iron district is rich in options to quench your thirst and fill your belly. The outdoor dining room is home to Vegan Desirea vegan burger stand, Thaiger’s Far East home cooking and taco tank.

Tiki Huna awaits to serve imaginative cocktails from its palm-roofed Tiki Hideaway-themed bar. Keep an eye out for monthly Retro Cocktail Hour get-togethers, where local tiki historians discuss historic cocktails.

Based on the RINO, pop-punk/emo music theme mentioned above sweet feelings serves vegan oat milk ice cream, shakes and other sweet treats.

Scimecas operates an Italian gourmet market and deli. Stop by for the famous sausages, sandwiches, signature cheese lasagna, eggplant parmesan and other gastronomic delights.

founded in 1948, Paul and Jack’s Tavern is truly an old-school treasure, adorned with NKC High School memorabilia, hosting live music and serving a selection of pub fare.

Keep your eyes peeled Snow & Roast, a blue colored mobile coffee and a shaved ice cafe. It serves a rotating menu of adventurous and tempting ice cream flavors, including horchata, mangonada, wedding cake and arctic tiger blood. North Kansas City locals call Snow & Roast “a fixture on back to school days, little league baseball, community events and the citywide Halloween block party.”

Follow your own path

Cinderstone Brewery

Experience North Kansas City at the 7th Annual Pint Path on Saturday, September 24th. More than 20 companies are taking part in the pub crawl, including Cinder Block Brewery.

Another fun-filled way to discover North Kansas City’s treasures is during the 7th Annual Fall pint patha pub crawl with more than 20 participating companies, on Saturday 24 September. The event shows the walking and cycling suitability of the inner city district.

These highlights skim the surface of what North Kansas City has to offer. RiverNorth District also lists events and a directory of dozens of local businesses where visitors can eat, drink, shop and play throughout downtown North Kansas City.

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