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The joys and endless possibilities of the internet were magnified, if not realized, as the COVID-19 lockdowns forced us all into the confines of our homes.

From entrepreneurial ventures to cooking, learning the meticulous art of knitting to perfecting those expert yoga poses, when the outside world ground to a halt, we all found a way to keep moving.

However, as the world finds a “new normal” amid the pandemic, we are returning to the 9 to 5 grind and in one way or another most of us have put our hobbies and interests on hold.

But thanks to the internet, there remains the freedom to explore activities you’ve always wanted to do but never knew how. There’s still a way to unleash your inner artist, magician, designer or chef, all at your leisure and from the comfort of your own home.

We did the work so you don’t have to. Here are 8 exciting and unique online courses you can take to build — and show off — your expert skills:

1. Woodwork

Did you know that woodworking not only helps you be patient but also improves focus and endurance?

From toys and bowls to full-fledged tables and other majestic furniture, this skill allows you to create many intricate works of art. It is said that woodworking develops hand-eye coordination in children.

Get started with this Woodworking for Beginners: Source, Design, and Sculpting with Confidence course on Skillshare, which teaches you how to use knives and axes safely, make 3D wood objects, and more, taught by Nashville-based farmer Annie Briggs .

Check out the course here.

2. Electrical work

How much do you know about wiring your home? Is installing a new lightbulb or fan still a chore for you?

Needless to say, it is very important to have a basic understanding of your home’s electrical wiring and equipment so that you can avoid potential electrocution, short circuits and more.

Electrical work can get you highly skilled and maybe even save you money from having to call the electrician the next time something goes wrong. See what a student had to say about “Household Wiring Basics” on Udemy.

“This course is a simple, direct, [has] no-frills introduction to home wiring basics and best practices. The information was delivered just the way I like it, short, sweet and to the point. The examples were very descriptive and should prepare you to tackle many basic tasks.”

Do not need electrician’s help.
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Check out the course here.

3. Magic

Now that’s a skill you can’t pull off many in!

Learning and memorizing magic tricks can not only dazzle your audience, but also improve your problem-solving skills, enhance your storytelling and imagination skills, and boost your confidence.

Here’s an online magic course led by magician and filmographer Tim Domsky, a perfect lesson for beginners who want to learn behind the scenes of the world’s most popular tricks.

Unique Online Courses - Magic
How about a card trick?
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Check out the course here.

4. Digital Art

Forget about stocking up on pens, sheets, paints and more. All you need to be an artist these days is your trusty tablet or computer.

If excessive screen time is a problem for you, you can spend some quality time with your device by learning digital art. It’s easier because you can undo or start over at will.

It takes a lot of patience and interest to master digital art. Try Udemy’s Complete Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art, a 10-hour course with 60 videos to learn all about it.

Check out the course here.

5. Baking

Who doesn’t love a cheesy homemade pizza or a perfectly decorated chocolate cake?

Baking can be a great way to relieve stress, generate new and exciting ideas, and encourage creativity. An added benefit is that once you get good at it, you can turn your skills into an income-generating activity.

Bakedemy’s online course includes high-quality video tutorials, recipes, reading materials, and live Q&A sessions. This is a certification course and the videos are always available.

Unique Online Courses - Baking
Fresh out of the oven.
Credit: Instagram/ Divyne Bites

Check out the course here.

6. Gardening

What tastes better than a regular tomato? One that you have grown and maintained yourself.

There are numerous studies showing that gardening helps improve mental health conditions like anxiety and depression, memory, moods, and more. The activity is worth it in every way – you eat healthier, stay active and find a quick escape into nature even in the densest concrete jungle.

Garden Tutor is an award-winning crash course for absolute beginners. It’s free and only takes 2-3 hours. You can also buy a gardening kit for beginners on the site.

Check out the course here.

7. Calligraphy

Have you ever looked through your old exercise books and stared in horror at your handwriting?

It turns out that good handwriting is an art that can actually be learned – just look at calligraphy.

Calligraphy is more than fancy writing – it is said to reduce stress, stimulate creativity and improve concentration.

With calligrapher Kimberly Shrack’s course on Skillshare, you can learn the 10 basic strokes in art, how to connect each letter and more to create beautiful works of art. The course is ideal for beginners.

Check out the course here.

8. Embroidery

Here’s another activity that you can use to generate income. Embroidery is a fun and rewarding way to engage and create beautiful clothing, coasters, towels, bags and more.

Additionally, this activity stimulates the brain, keeps you focused, and is the perfect example of using art as therapy.

This contemporary embroidery course is perfect if you already know the basics and want to build on them.

Check out the course here.

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