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Butternut Squash Risotto with Seared Scallops. // Photo by Mike Iammarino

Kansas City is teeming with entrepreneurship, and our local chefs are no exception. The pitch has curated several outstanding private chefs in the subway, each using their own unique cooking background to offer exclusive dining tailored to your individual preferences.

While some of the chefs specialize in meal prep and others in upscale dinner parties, the hospitality these private chefs offer is second to none. Private chef services not only offer restaurant quality food served right in your home, they are often more convenient and less expensive.

Whether you’re looking for a cooking lesson for a date night, dinner to impress your co-workers, or a pre-packaged meal to jump-start your health journey, you’re sure to find a partner in this group of talented cooks.

Mike Iammarino

Mike Iammarino

Mike Iammarino. // Photo by Tyler Shane

Mike Iammarino specializes in modern Italian cuisine, serving elevated interpretations of your trusted favorites. With handcrafted dishes like fresh pasta and butternut squash risotto with seared scallops, Chef Mike’s classic French training and Italian background combine to offer guests a comfortable and enjoyable, yet quality dining experience.

After graduating from Johnson County Community College’s chef training program, Mike worked his way up to a position as a sous chef at the Carriage Country Club. Eventually, he moved to the James Beard Award-winning Italian restaurant Farina.

While Mike often draws inspiration from recipes passed down through his family, his training with Farina has made advanced cooking techniques second nature. Customers can still indulge in their favorite dishes, but enjoy them with a modern and sophisticated twist.

This enthusiastic young chef is available for meal prep services, catering and private dining. From small bites for a fantasy football party, like buffalo chicken sliders with blue cheese aioli, to a specially curated menu with wine pairings, Chef Mike not only masters the kitchen, he also enchants his guests.


elephant wings

Elephant Wings is a personal chef service, dishing up modern Indian fusion cuisine right in the comfort of your own home. Chef Ameet Malhotra is the mastermind behind the company, and whether he’s humming along to Bollywood tunes or treating guests to a well-loved story about his cooking journey, he’s as adept at entertaining his guests as he is at feeding them.

elephant wings

Elephant Wings paneer flatbread. // Courtesy of Jillian Brooke

The Indian-born chef draws inspiration from the traditional flavors of his homeland, but also draws inspiration from around the world — from cumin-chicken bao buns to the popular appetizer paneer flatbread. Beyond the food, Malhotra enthusiastically immerses guests in an experience that only Elephant Wings can deliver. His passion for what he does shines through every plate served.

Elephant Wings provides all the necessary tools for hosting. Dishes, linens, and even music are provided for customers to enjoy a worry-free hosting experience. Elephant Wings services are ideal for those wanting to offer an intimate and unparalleled meal that dazzles.

A tip for the wise, the Panipuri shot is a class not to be missed.

Aqui Greatington

Whether he’s showing up at the farmer’s market with a tomato jam demo or cooking for an exclusive chef’s dinner series, Aqui Greadington always serves up fresh and original flavors. Although currently enrolled in Johnson County Community College’s chef training program, the trainee chef is already demonstrating his talents in the community.

Chef Aqui’s culinary background is eclectic, consisting of farm-to-table, fine dining and South African-American cuisine. However, his mission is to create delicious and educational meals.

Typically, the ingredients in his dishes are familiar but blended to create exciting, novel, and thought-provoking flavors. A great example of this is his decadent vegan entree of grilled sweet potato steaks paired with a side of charred asparagus and grilled jalapeño and mustard slaw. For dessert you ask? An original from Chef Aqui: grilled peach cobbler.

Cookies N Blueberries

Biscuits N Blueberries by Aqui Greadington. // Photo by Christopher Gilmore

Sourcing the highest quality ingredients is of paramount importance to the chef as he conjures up dishes that will take his hungry diners on a culinary adventure. Accompanying guests on their journey is his charming presence.

If cookies and brie cheese seem like an odd combination, it’s because you’ve never eaten his creation of Biscuits N’ Blueberries — a homemade cookie layered with brown sugar cinnamon butter, brie cheese, and blueberry compote and is topped with Chantilly cream and lemon zest. One bite and Chef Aqui will mark your taste buds forever.

Chef Aqui specializes in events and is available for online and in-person food demonstrations, corporate events, pop-ups and private dining. Catering is available for parties up to 50 people.

Instagram: @chefaqui


Upcoming Events:

Young Family Farms Dinner Series – October 15th

Harvest Festival with Manheim Gardens Conservancy – Oct 29

Roasted Carrot Soup

Roasted Carrot Soup with Smoked Pork Belly by Swetha Newcomb. // Courtesy of the Pilsen Photo Cooperative

Swetha Newcomb

Swetha Newcomb worked as a line cook and pastry chef at various restaurants in the Kansas City metro area before making the transition to self-employment.

A graduate of Johnson County Community College’s executive chef program, Chef Swetha is classically trained. When it comes to the food she cooks for her customers, she takes inspiration from her mother who cooks with intuition and creativity.

Her cuisine proudly deviates from the typical Midwestern diet and can be described as worldly with her trademark heavy spices and flavors. Roasted carrot soup with smoked pork belly and chipotle fried chicken paired with caramelized figs are just a few examples of the fabulous dishes in the chef’s catalogue.


Chef Swetha Newcomb. // Courtesy of the Pilsen Photo Cooperative

“I firmly believe that every bite should have texture, acidity, sweetness, saltiness and umami all rolled into one. I always try to cook with bold spices and flavors, just like my mom taught me,” she says.

Chef Swetha offers food prep, catering and private dining. She is adept at creating a personalized experience that takes into account the dietary needs of her customers.

Her most popular service is the ready meals, in which she creates a weekly menu of four or five healthy dishes that are ideal for lunch or dinner, especially on-the-go.

Menus are sent out on Sunday and meals are dropped off at the customer’s doorstep on Monday. This service offers ultimate convenience for customers looking for stress-free meals that are as tasty as they are healthy.

Lamb Mashed Potatoes

Lamb chops with roasted garlic mashed potatoes, sautéed spinach salad and lollipop shrimp skewers with a sweet chilli reduction. // Photo by Jayaun Smith

Jayaun Smith

If you’re a true KC foodie, you’ve heard of a small urban eatery in Crossroads that serves one of the best burgers in town – Sauced. The burger shop is considered a hidden gem within the subway that consistently offers first-class classics.

Readers will be happy to know that one of the co-creators of the burger concept, Jayaun Smith, is also ready to cook dinner right at your home.

Jayaun Smith headshot

Jayaun Smith. // Photo by Terrance Lindsey

Chef Jayaun is an experienced chef who has participated in the Johnson County Community College culinary program and has competed in state and national culinary competitions. Despite his extensive and impressive background, the business owner does not limit himself to any particular style of cooking.

He is adept at offering variety and prides himself on staying trained in all cuisines and cooking techniques. Fortunately, inquiring clients need only travel to his existing company to get a taste of his credentials.

Good food aside, the Kansas City celebrity chef is adept at making connections beyond the plate. With his energetic personality, Chef Jayuan delights diners with delicious food and infectious enthusiasm.

While private events and parties are his bread and butter, Jayaun Smith does it all. Chef Jayaun is available for your culinary needs, from corporate gatherings to private cooking classes and anniversary dinners. Travel inquiries are welcome.

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