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Make sure to preheat your ovens and put on your aprons because season 10 of ‘The Great British Baking Show’ will premiere on Netflix on September 16, the streamer announced on Tuesday. The delicious feel-good series introduces 12 new bakers hoping to impress Prue Leith and Paul Hollywood.

The reality competition show, which has 13 total seasons and 10 “collections” on Netflix, will see the return of presenters Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas. For the uninitiated, each hour-long episode (of which there are 10) contains three parts: a signature challenge where bakers must spontaneously prepare their own interpretation of a dish, a technical challenge where bakers must prepare the same surprise recipe, and a showstopper challenge (the , well, is self-explanatory).

Executive producers are Letty Kavanagh, Richard McKerrow, Kieran Smith and Jenna Mansfield. The Great British Baking Show is produced by Love Productions.

Check out the series’ first look photos for the upcoming season and each chef’s bio as per the Netflix preview:


Age: 29
Hometown: London
Profession: electronics engineer

Raised in Saudi Arabia to Pakistani parents, Abdul is the middle of three children – and the one who got into trouble for dismantling the electronics around the house. All’s well that ends well, because Abdul is now an electronics engineer and splits his time between London and Cambridge. A passionate salsa dancer and self-confessed space nerd, his interest in baking began when he and his classmates baked for each other to brighten up their daily coffee breaks. He applies his precise thinking to the chemistry of baking. Matcha is one of his favorite flavors.

Age: 59
Hometown: Dorset
Job: Cashier in the supermarket

Carole was born and raised in the West Country and lives on a hilltop in Dorset with her husband Michael. Her segment on a local radio show is called Compost Carole, in which she shares her gardening know-how with listeners. Carole brings the artistry she uses in her garden to her baking, creating colorful and eclectic baked goods inspired by her passion for gardening. She started her dedicated baking journey with a first birthday cake for her eldest granddaughter Maisie. She has since honed her skills and uses YouTube to teach herself the finer decorating techniques. Her favorite flavors are fruity and crunchy.

Age: 60
Hometown: Bedfordshire
Job: IT manager

The eldest of three children, Dawn lives with her partner Trevor (the self-proclaimed person who cleans up the kitchen after her!). She is a mother of three, a stepmother of two and a grandmother/step-grandmother of four. Dawn, who describes herself as an artist in and out of the kitchen, loves the challenge of an illusion cake (the more impossible sounding, the better) and prefers wacky and intricate designs that allow her to express her creative talent. She prides herself on her steady hand and her attention to detail, especially when it comes to the intricacy required for lace patterns on cookies. Her favorite flavors are lemon, salted caramel, and anything nutty.

Age: 25
Hometown: Cumbria
Job: nuclear scientist

Proudly wearing a kilt, James grew up in Glasgow’s East End and moved to England after university. He’s a self-proclaimed board game freak and loves horror movies from the 70’s and 80’s. An avid music fan, his passion is reflected in his baking style, which is far better now than when he was growing up making pancakes in his mother’s kitchen. James enjoys the technical side of baking, but when he’s baking alone he’s in his element, with his signature “kid-friendly horror” style and adorable decorations. His favorite flavors are anything autumnal, like mixed spices, apples, and caramel.

Age: 34
Hometown: East Sussex
Job: personal assistant to the headmaster

Janusz grew up in Poland and moved to the UK 10 years ago. He now lives on the south east coast with his friend Simon and their dachshund Nigel. Aside from baking, Janusz’s passions include internet culture, watching drag (he even bought his friend a statue of Ru Paul) and collecting movie props. He was inspired to bake by his mother, who always baked on Saturdays, a tradition Janusz continued when he moved away to study. He describes his baking style as “cartoony, colorful and casual” and loves turning Polish ingredients into British staples. His favorite flavors are ginger and chocolate.

Age: 33
Hometown: Lanarkshire
Occupation: music teacher

Surrounded by family and beloved animals, Kevin dedicates himself to his nearest and dearest. He spends as much time as possible with his wife Rachel and his sisters and their partners, laughing, eating and playing board games. A talented musician who not only teaches but also performs, Kevin is primarily a saxophonist but is also proficient on the flute, piano and clarinet. He started baking when he was 17. Kevin’s ethos in the kitchen is to use the finest, seasonal ingredients and spend time honing technique – with these habits in hand, he believes presentation will take care of itself. Kevin loves interesting combinations of fruits, herbs, nuts and spices.

Bakers Outside group photo (left to right (back) James, Abdul, Janusz, Carole, Kevin, William, Dawn (front) Maisam, Rebs, Sandro, Maxy, Syabira) / Netflix

Age: 18
Hometown: Greater Manchester
Profession: Student and commercial assistant

Originally from Libya, Maisam has lived in the UK since she was 9 years old. She speaks five languages ​​(English, Arabic, Amazigh, Spanish and Turkish) and would like to speak seven by the time she is 20. Maisam has a strong creative streak, spending her free time photographing still lifes and the world around her. She’s been baking since she was about 13 and loves the science that goes into getting a cake right – often trying something multiple times until it’s perfect. Her favorite flavors are inspired by her Mediterranean heritage – she loves the smell of olives, the sweetness of dates and the nuttiness of sesame seeds.

Age: 29
Hometown: London
Job: Architectural assistant

Born in Sweden, Maxy studied fine arts and went on to earn a master’s degree in architecture, interrupting her final qualifications to raise her two daughters, Tyra and Talia. She has designed every corner of her apartment herself – from laying the floor and redoing the balcony to painting the walls and hanging her own artwork. She started baking five years ago when her first daughter was born. Maxy uses her strong artistic skills to create beautifully decorated holiday cakes. Her favorite flavors are tied to her Scandinavian upbringing — the sweet and delicate spiciness of cardamom along with saffron buns and cinnamon rolls.

Age: 23
Hometown: County Antrim
Work: master student

Rebs grew up in the Northern Ireland countryside and loves all things Irish culture – she can dance Irish and play the tin whistle. Her earliest baking memory is of being 3 years old, helping her mother in the kitchen and eating her grandma’s famous lemon meringue pies. She recently returned to baking to relieve the stress of a busy life in the tech world. Flavor is paramount to her, and lately she’s started playing around with Middle Eastern ingredients to pay homage to her boyfriend Jack’s Turkish family heritage.

Age: 30
Hometown: London
Job: Nanny

Sandro was born in Angola but fled the war in Angola with his mother at the age of 2 and then settled in London. Sandro is a passionate fitness fanatic, an avid boxer and also has a background in ballet and breakdance. When Sandro was 21, his father died and he turned to baking as a form of therapy. Now he lives and breathes it, and can often be found rustling cakes in a relaxed atmosphere with the TV on, or leading virtual baking classes for children with autism. He likes to infuse his baked goods with flavors of his Angolan heritage — the spiciness of paprika paired with tangy cheese and sweet baked goods smothered in gooey dulce de leche.

Age: 32
Hometown: London
Job: cardiovascular research associate

Born in Malaysia, Syabira is one of seven children. She moved to the UK in 2013 to study for her Ph.D. and now lives happily in London with her boyfriend Bradley. She loves gaming and often spends evenings playing an online World War II simulation game, which she credits with teaching her about leadership in the real world. Syabira started baking relatively recently — in 2017 — with a red velvet cake that reminded her of the goodies she shared with her friends back home. She’s keen on bringing Malaysian flavors to British classics: Chicken Rendang Cornish Pasties are a particular favourite.

Age: 45
Hometown: London
Job: former charity director

One of three children, Will grew up near Bristol before moving to Liverpool to attend university. He now lives in London with his wife, three children and a cat named Tiggy. When not hanging out with his kids, Will enjoys the DIY and carpentry work that indulges his background in architecture, and cooking up new and exciting dishes in the kitchen. His passion for baking started when he was 2 years old when his mother gave him her pastry ingredients to make little jam tarts. Fascinated by the technical side of baking, Will is a particular fan of using yeast – and not just in bread! His favorite flavors are salted caramel and paprika (but not at the same time).

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