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The virtual power game of Zoom meetings is clearly not over, and as it continues to flourish, it will also impact how we dress and the looks we invest in. Jewelry has always played a savior when it comes to sprucing up certain outfits and dressing up just to change the mood.

A simple example is replacing daytime rivets or hoops on a classic daytime outfit with eye-catching pendants for an intimate dinner with friends or a special date. One of the trends that is definitely seeing an upsurge is experimenting with mixing metals. Mixing warmer gold with industrial metallics used to be a no-brainer, but brands and consumers are now much more open to playing with different tones, jewelry styles and colors. Our favorite are armstacks, where a classic gold-tone watch can be worn with birthstone bracelets, platinum bracelets, or simply leather straps.


Even stacking is getting more creative in the coming year. Digital meetings and conferences place a lot of emphasis on one’s face, and clients keep coming back with ideas on how to layer their earrings. An accessory that shines, multiple ear piercings mean different permutations and combinations of studs, pendants or hoop earrings, ear cuffs and even stacked rings, which will also be considered a big trend this season.


The most interesting pattern is that of jewelry, which offers itself as a personal expression of how one perceives oneself in everyday life. Customers are investing in a fair mix of classic minimalism and edgy maximalism, unlike previous decades where one stuck to a piece of jewelry that was trend-agnostic and bought only as a ‘smart choice’.

As trends change, the jewelry hotlist is undergoing a major overhaul from last season, with trends reflecting this moment and our collective conscience. Although bright and upbeat, current trends are carrying the baggage of the past few months, but with an optimistic, ambitious perspective.

Centuries of craftsmanship are put in the spotlight to create classic contemporary jewelry in 22k gold shine by OUTHOUSE


Spiked, gold plated and chunky, what’s not to love about hoop earrings? The humble hoops have been iconic since the ’80s and over the years they may have been compressed, blasted, stretched, geometric and what not. The result: there is something for everyone. We’ve always loved the little variety that would easily peek over a plain white t-shirt or add wow factor to that dramatic birthday dress. What really makes them the must-have accessory this year are the little additions like hanging crystals that catch the light in all the right places.


Statement pieces are always in fashion, ready to break the ice and speak for the wearer. Bold, unusual and artful jewelry attracts attention, starts conversations and makes statements. Bright, extravagant jewelry accompanies you seamlessly from day to night. An entire outfit can be designed around statement pieces with minimal color blocking to make the jewelry stand out. Combining exquisite pieces can create a statement that’s unique to you and your closet, layering until you have a look that’s comfortable for you to wear during the day, adding sparkle and glamor when the lights are soft but the mind is robust.


It’s no surprise that lanyards have become a way of life; They used to be (we mean 2019) a chic vintage addition to your sunglasses, but today they double as a cool accessory for your face mask and sunglasses. While there’s a lot on offer, what we love has pearls that are sure to look great from every angle. These chains aren’t limited to the neck though – we especially loved the oversized body chains that Andreas Kronthaler created for Vivienne Westwood.


It’s interesting to see how pieces of jewelry that we consider commonplace in our culture appear as trendy pieces on the runway. Our traditional baaju bandhs have appeared on the runway this season, reinvented as “bicep bands”, an important nod to the fashion of the year 2000. This trend creates a delightful synergy between culture and history, a more millenary style and technology, whereby Past, present and future are almost reconciled. Leather laces, interesting fringes and even technical pouches have been found attached to the arms of Rodarte, Ludovic de Saint Sernin and Tory Burch.


Another trend that will continue this year is playing with interesting chains (delicate or daring). Chain necklaces, which are classic yet modern and popular in a variety of shapes from thicker chains to thinner, flat chains, won’t fade anytime soon. Simplicity equals elegance. One of the many factors that make it an Itjewel, from high street fashion to minimalist contemporary jewelry designs. The iteration of necklaces in the coming season calls for unique styles.

Chains are a piece of jewelry worn individually or layered in varying thicknesses. This year, chains go one step further and adorn not only the neck, ears or wrists, but the whole body. Chains can be layered to add flair to your look, paired with interesting shapes to create almost a frilled armor that can also be styled with plunging necklines or oversized blouses and dramatic lapels. Tom Ford, Vetements and Rokh were attached to the chain links, while Chanel and Blumarine body chains were designed to take outfits to a whole new level.

The cyberspace that has inhabited every part of our personal space is where self-expression will peak. Using this platform to portray the best version of yourself, sending a message about who you are and what you stand for is a nuanced affair. That’s why power dressing should also be a must-have at home—a routine that provides a boost of energy and lifts your overall mood. Define your workdays and slip into your professional role by dressing the piece. Transform your everyday life into lustrous perfection by hand to reflect everything that suits you and feels right.

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