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If you’re like me and not ready to swap your sundress for sweaters (we’re just getting there), here’s how to turn your favorite summer pieces into yours Fall wardrobe 2022.

I want to get the most out of my closet. Many of us do. We all want to look good and save a few coins. To ensure our summer slaughter rolls into a flawless fall, we need to grab a few hot girl summer staples.

Below are some of summer’s hottest trends that are also fall’s must-haves.


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That body. In the last few seasons, the body suit has become one of the funniest, flirtiest, and chicest staples in a hot girl’s closet. Whether patterned, sheer, t-shirt style or embellished, bodysuits suit just about everyone, embracing the curves we want and hiding the ones we don’t.

In summer, bodysuits are usually the main event, thrown over with jean shorts, mini skirts or tights. In the fall, they’re more of a layered piece. To switch them up over the next few months, don a blazer like you would over a tank top or t-shirt, use them as a base for a cute, see-through, bodycon or floaty dress, or be a little daring by wearing your Bodysuit that rocks thigh high boots.

2. Don’t drop your sundresses

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We’re not ready to shed our sundresses just yet, and with good reason. When done well, they trace our bodies and deliver sexy silhouettes, can be the definition of feminine comfort and are a complete outfit in themselves. They are also perfect to be dressed up or down. In other words, summer dresses are versatile, something we all need during the changeable fall months.

Sundresses are usually made in bold colors, patterns, or colors fabrics, so the key to a smooth transition is paying attention to what works and what doesn’t in the cooler months. Not all will. A rule of thumb when deciding which ones to bring for fall is to pay attention to the colors of the season and the thickness of the fabric.

If you know what to keep, slip a turtleneck sweater under your tank dress. Add a leather bomber or feather duster for colder nights. Or add a sweater over the dress and a belt to make the look feel more like a two-piece coordinated set.

3. Go sky high

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Platforms are back and better than ever! As a homage to the 70s, disco chic and bell-bottoms, platforms give every outfit a cool funky factor. Platforms also give you height and lengthen your legs without the discomfort of a stiletto or smaller heel.

In summer, the platform trend was translated into chunky sandals, thick espadrille slides and wedges, clogs and mules with a ribbon. In fall, we’ll see this look transformed into chunky boots and loafers. But don’t put away your strappy versions because they work too.

Strappy platforms easily fall into place with the addition of tights, fishnets, or socks. Playing around with colors and textures—like a metallic platform and a cotton sock, or fishnet stockings and a suede platform shoe—shows individuality and provides instant style.

4. Mini Skirts

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This summer screamed Y2k. And the resurgence of miniskirts for everyone — regardless of age or size — is testament to that.

This summer we saw low-rise versions reminiscent of baggie jeans and flirty A-line versions that looked like tennis skirts. The playfulness of these pieces brought joy to fashion — especially after being locked away for months — and reminded us how much fun dressing up can be.

So there’s no reason to end the party now. The transition of this piece is fun and easy. Combine your platform shoes and colorful tights with a leather mini or wear a platform conversations and chunky A-line socks with flounces.

One fall trend to wait for is more of these fur, corduroy, sequin and suede skirts. No doubt these will be go tos this fall.

5. Casual wear

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Dressing like I’m on vacation is one of the things I love about summer. Palm tree prints, billowing dusters and wide-leg pants are common in my ‘hotter month’ wardrobe and I was glad to see more sets coming out this year. Why give up just because it’s getting cold?

As we look ahead to fall, break down these phrases to get the most out of them. Think Rich Aunt the Fall Edition.

Complement your favorite bodycon with an exaggerated belt or cropped shorts and knee-high boots.

Depending on the length and print, feather dusters also go great with mini skirts, liquid leather leggings and jeans. Wear the pants with a sweater or blazer, or wear the suit with a solid turtleneck and belt and over-the-top jewelry. Treat these pieces like any other coordinating set and have fun.

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