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After watching the pilot of Sue Perkins: Totally legal, It’s hard to take your eyes off the screen. The show explores the diverse cultural traditions of different Latin American countries and Perkins’ interactions with them. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t just a cultural travelogue. Perfectly Legal is a three-part series that sends Sue Perkins across Latin America to explore “dangerous, risky and uncharted territory.”

– Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal Review Contains No Spoilers –

Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal Docuseries is amusing and absurd

While people have always been very comfortable in their own skin, one thing that’s noticeable as they get closer to middle age is the increasing media hype about what it means to be a middle-aged woman and what it’s all supposed to look like – or ‘feel’ or ‘smell’ – take your pick. It’s definitely not meant to do the kind of adventurous, brightly lit, hugely entertaining stuff that TV host Sue Perkins brings us in this new series on Netflix.

It shares the hilarious disasters of Sue exploring Latin America to face her fears of middle age, but what makes the story stand out is Sue’s unique perspective on life that we haven’t stopped talking about since we saw her to have. Sue Perkins travels to Latin America to discover the hidden stories behind tourist hotspots.

One of the most famous British comedians of this generation has given up his television fame to visit a number of Latin American countries in an adventurous but ultimately inexperienced way. Born of a love of Latin music and culture, Sue Perkins is at her best when she’s grappling with the Middle Ages head-on.

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Sue Perkins is famous for being funny and it works perfectly in the travelogue

Immerse yourself in different cultures with Sue Perkins’ new show, Totally legal, as it seeks to shed light on the complicated relationship between law and social issues. Sue takes a proactive approach to understanding Latin Americans by living, using public transportation, and interacting with people on the street—while respecting the law.

Sue Perkins is afraid of aging (don’t we all?) and is doing everything she can to confront it. I mean, everyone needs a good dose of reality once in a while. I love to travel and I really enjoy watching travel documentaries on TV; are my favorites Anthony Bourdain: parts unknown and dirty work with Mike Rowe. They make me want to travel to places I usually avoid. This is the Sue Perkins series Totally legal does for me.

Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal Review: Confusing and adventurous travelogue

Perkins successfully challenges the viewer to discover Latin America in a new light that is more challenging and exciting. She accepts various challenges that will make you cringe in your seat and is empathetic when discovering new ways of life in older cultures. Sue Perkins pushes the boundaries of travelogue and discovers the beauty of Latin America.

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Perfectly Legal Docuseries is the fitting change in Sue Perkins pace

This compelling and original travel documentary series offers a unique twist on the middle-aged crisis stories we’ve become accustomed to. For presenter Sue Perkins, this isn’t one of those reflective pieces where she looks back on her life as she approaches 50, but rather a lively discussion about her mortality.

Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal Review: Confusing and adventurous travelogue

In other words, it’s time to make it big or go home. And making it big for Perkins means Latin America, where she is in search of meaning and adventure in her later years. This time she tries to get to the bottom of the Latin American way of life. Not only through travel, but as befits a good program: through experience!

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Stream or skip?

Sue Perkins: Perfectly Legal Review: Confusing and adventurous travelogue

Travel across Latin America with Sue Perkins as she challenges herself to socialize and dine with strangers, undertake death-defying adventures, and eat a multitude of strange foods. It’s an inspirational journey starring Sue Perkins, who takes a head-on look at the Middle Ages.

Sue Perkins: Totally legal is currently streaming on Netflix.

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