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A mother who expects her husband to do the school runs at 8.15am every night after he gets home from work has faced backlash from users of Mumsnet, the UK’s online forum.

In a post on Mumsnet’s Am I Being Unreasonable (AIBU) subforum, shared under the username Brighton5555, the woman said she is a homemaker of two children, including the eldest, who is a child with special educational needs.

The user’s husband runs his own grocery store and usually goes to work around 11:00 am and gets home around 12:30 am. “He works hard but has no other commitments [at home]’ the woman said in a later post.

The user said she and her husband have an agreement whereby he takes her son to school every morning and she picks him up. “Only thing my husband does [in the house] ran this school and takes out the bin once a week. Nothing else,” said the woman.

A peer-reviewed study published in October 2021 Family Issues Journal, which examined mothers’ experiences of work-life balance and household labor sharing during a COVID-19 lockdown, found that “mothers who shared childcare with their partners had a more positive experience of reconciliation by comparison of work and family during the lockdown made with mothers doing the majority of the childcare.”

A father saw him taking his daughter to school. A post about a woman who expects her husband to do the morning school runs after his daily 13-hour work shift has gone viral on Mumsnet.
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A 2016 US Census Bureau analysis by the Pew Research Center found that stay-at-home moms and dads make up about one-fifth (18 percent) of parents in the country. The proportion was reported to be nearly identical to that in 1989, with a modest increase in stay-at-home fathers.

The woman explained in the latest Mumsnet post, “I don’t like school runs,” but she does all pickups, along with “all housework, cooking, cleaning, appointments, admin, planning, paying bills, taking kids to clubs/activities… You know the list is endless.”

She said her husband recently said he “worked so hard” at his business and that having to do the morning school runs was “really not fair” and “hinted” that his wife should do it.

The mother said, “I could take my child, but I don’t see why I would… Am I wrong? am I lazy?

The wife argued that she “gets up every morning and all the work is done getting the kids ready for school,” while her husband “literally just drives our kid [to school]’ and ‘Then he literally does one thing a week — the trash can.’

She said, “I understand he works long hours…” but he “doesn’t have to” do it on weekends and school holidays.

Several Mumsnet users defended the husband, who said he must be “exhausted” from working more than 12 hours a day.

User mountainsunsets wrote: “Sorry but I think so if you are the SAHP [stay-at-home parent] then you should do the school runs. If he doesn’t get home from work by midnight, he must be exhausted.”

Dotjones agreed, stating, “As a SAHP, you should be doing the school run. Property management stuff like that is the compromise of not having to do paid work for a living.”

Mumsnet poster user 1473878824 said: “You must be joking. He works over 12 hours a day and you complain that he doesn’t do the school run because you don’t like it?”

However, user Crunchymum questioned the man’s schedule. “Why are his hours so late? Why does he work after midnight?

Others were more diplomatic, like Whaleandsnail6 who suggested the husband “does more other things to balance things out, but I wouldn’t expect someone who doesn’t finish work until after midnight to get up to do the school run.” when I was home.”

User southlondoner02 said: “I would do the school runs as he’s back so late but look at the general work distribution. Does he work every day? Does he spend time with his child? If so, say a few days off a week, then I would try to distribute jobs more fairly on those days.”

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