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This will be the Solana Beach School District’s first election since it transitioned from general election to trustee districts. Candidates Gaylin Allbaugh and Chuck Ringer hope to fill the Area 4 seat, which represents the community of Pacific Highlands Ranch and portions of Carmel Valley and Rancho Santa Fe.

The Area 1 seat represents Solana Beach west of I-5, with candidates Aubrey Huff and Debra Schade in the running. Aubrey Huff could not be reached to attend.

Meet the candidates in alphabetical order, in their own words:

Gaylin Allbaugh

(Copyright by Gaylin Allbaugh)

Gaylin Allbaugh, Area 4
I am running for re-election to the Solana Beach School Board of Directors to represent the communities of PHR, RSF and Carmel Valley. I am committed to ensuring that our schools in Solana Beach provide the best educational experience for our students. I am committed to small class sizes, inclusion in our classrooms, financial transparency, and connecting our parents and community to our school board. I pride myself on exemplifying the courtesy, inclusion and respect we expect from our students. I believe in cooperation rather than conflict. As a parent of four children, I hold our school board responsible for doing what is best for all students. My family has lived in Trust Area #4 since 1999 and I have served in volunteer leadership roles in our schools since 2010. I am proud to be the only candidate with children currently attending our schools. I am in our schools every day and I hold our schools accountable to provide a quality education. I respectfully request your vote for re-election.

What do you think is the biggest problem in the district?
The answer is threefold. First, their success requires identifying and addressing the unique needs of each of our students and ensuring that each of our students feels safe and connected to their school. Anxiety, feelings of isolation, and learning loss are still felt in our K-6th schools, and we must be able to support the needs of all of our students and families. Second, we must allocate a financially viable budget so that we can continue to provide this support in our schools, along with the highest quality education, small class sizes, and quality teachers for generations to come. Third, the school board must continue to address the needs of our students and families while ensuring that we have a learning environment that allows all of our students to reach their full potential and prepares them for success in middle school, high school and beyond.

What are your thoughts on how the board currently works and what you can bring to this board?
I am committed to maintaining the courtesy, intelligent discourse, and respectful expression of opposing viewpoints that are essential to a well-functioning school board. I strongly believe in the need for a governance model for our school board to keep the focus on student achievement. As a parent of students attending the district schools, I value the voice of our students, parents and community members. I am committed to ensuring that our schools prepare our students to be balanced and reach their full potential. I am committed to supporting the diverse needs of our students. The Solana Beach School Board has demonstrated a commitment to open communication, opportunities for community input and collaboration, and an unwavering focus on doing the best for our district’s students. This was also my guiding principle during my first term, and I promise to uphold these principles steadfastly if I am re-elected.

Chuck Ringer, Area 4

Chuck Ringer

Chuck Ringer

(Daniel Miranda)

I’m a father of three, a robotics engineer, and have hands-on experience managing organizations the size of our school district. I care deeply about my local schools and my three children will be attending Solana Ranch next year. I firmly believe in evidence-based education. Therefore, I am committed to ensuring that children in Trustee Area 4 have equal access to the small class sizes, music and arts resources enjoyed by children elsewhere in our district.

After receiving my master’s degree in engineering from Johns Hopkins, I worked for the Chief of Naval Operations developing research and development programs to protect our troops. After this assignment, I continued to work in the public interest and managed research programs with complex government budgets. I have hands-on experience in the mechanics of government finances and have successfully guided organizations the size of our school district through budgetary uncertainties.

What do you think is the biggest problem in the district?
The issue closest to my heart is ensuring that our small communities at Pacific Highlands Ranch and Rancho Santa Fe have a voice on the board. With the move to trustee areas, this election is truly the first opportunity our community has had to have a local representative. I believe that with your voice and my advocacy, we can ensure that our children have equal access to small classes, music and the arts.

Pragmatically, the most pressing problem is the multimillion-dollar budget deficits that the district has experienced over the past four years. I did a comparison with neighboring DMUSD and found that they spend about 10% more of their budget on classroom salaries than our district and still balanced their budget. I will seek to use the experience of our neighboring district to improve our financial management and align our spending priorities with our children’s classrooms.

What are your thoughts on how the board currently works and what can you bring to this board?
I am very pleased that we have finally moved into fiduciary areas. I believe this change will give every unique community a chance to make their voices heard. Pacific Highlands Ranch does not yet have an advocate on the board and this lack of representation has had consequences. Our students face larger classes, long commutes, and a smaller proportion of the district’s music and arts resources than students in neighboring schools.

I believe the board needs to focus on its core mission – ensuring that all students in the district have equal access to a quality education. I was embarrassed when our board broke the news by voting unanimously to ban books depicting different families and then streamlining the process to ban curriculum materials. I firmly believe that public schools have a duty to spread a message of tolerance for all people, regardless of their protected class, identity, or belief system.

Debra Schade

Debra Schade

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Debra Schade, Area 1
I believe in public education and am passionate about the Solana Beach School District. I am currently Vice President of the Board and a member of the Board of Directors for the San Diego County School Boards Association. I am the State Director-elect of the California School Boards Association, representing the members of the San Diego school board. I have an advanced degree in public health and over 39 years of experience in education, research, technology and business. My three children have been very fortunate to attend and thrive in our schools. The Solana Beach School District has a reputation for excellence and celebrates the whole child. Our award-winning district, innovative programs, and quality, child-centered education have made SBSD a district of choice. I am seeking re-election because I have the passion, dedication and experience to continue to make a difference for our students. I promise to always bet students first in all decisions and work every day to maintain the Solana Beach School District’s reputation for excellence.

What do you think is the biggest problem in the district?
The biggest challenge for our district is funding. California public school budgets continue to be impacted by rising special education costs and the current acceleration of workers’ pension obligations. The Solana Beach School District has met these challenges thanks to healthy district reserves. As a board member, I have advocated transparency in our district budgeting process and strict financial oversight to ensure the long-term financial health of our schools. I am lobbying with our elected representatives at the provincial, state and federal levels for legislation to ensure full and fair funding for California public schools, an increase in federal funding for special education, increased support for our mental health programs for students and others important issues key to the success of public education and our district.

What are your thoughts on how the board currently works and what can you bring to this board?
Our board is known for strong leadership and puts students at the center of all decisions. Proven leadership and thoughtful, collaborative decision-making will keep our schools strong. As a board member, I commit to this engage raise and renew To provide child-centred education of the highest quality everyone Pupils.

students first: My highest priority remains providing an academically rigorous education that is rich in diversity and meets each child’s individual needs in a safe and supportive learning environment – providing an educational environment where EVERY child knows they belong, knows they belong is important and knows it’s safe.

collaborative partnerships: Support collaborative partnerships between teachers, parents, community and government that promote academic achievement for ALL students.

excellence: Prioritize excellent academic programs by maintaining small class sizes, recruiting and retaining excellent staff, managing and delivering growth and voter-approved modernization projects

I have the support of parents, teachers, community leaders, district employees, and elected officials. Read more of my story at

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