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β€œShahbaz has a father figure in Parthu Bhai, an older brother in Manoj Tiwari and a mentor in Arun Lal. I have yet to meet her. But we (family) plan to visit Kolkata this year to meet them and thank them. Because of them, Shahbaz made it to Team India. I will make biryani for all of them.”

Abnam, the mother of the Indian cricket team’s newest star, all-rounder Shehbaz Ahmed, said so at his home in Nuh, Haryana. She keeps mentioning the three names while crediting them with her son’s rise in Indian cricket.

This is the quintessence of the Indian story of the inclusive life of the common people.

Speaking to an English-language newspaper, Shehbaz Ahmed’s mother Abnam said that Shehbaz would not have made it big if these three people were not in her son’s life.

Abnam calls “Parthu Sahib an angel sent by Allah”. She asked the reporter, “Who would keep a stranger in their home? He kept Shahbaz in his place and treated him like a son.”

Sehbaz was first introduced to Parthu Pratim Chowdhury by Pramod Chandela (Haryana cricketer) and he brought him to Kolkata. Impressed by Shahbaz’s talent, Chowdhury helped him join Tapan Memorial Club but accommodated him at his home.

Soon Shahbaz Ahmed’s performance was noticed by then Bengal captain Manoj Tiwary. There were some reservations about Shahbaz as he was not from Bengal, but Tiwari insisted and eventually prevailed.

Shahbaz Ahmed was included in the Bengal cricket team.

It was Bengal cricket team coach Arun Lal who continued to coach Shahbaz.

Those efforts paid off as it turned out that Shehbaz was a key factor in helping the Bengali team reach the final of the 2019-20 Ranji Trophy. The all-rounder hit 509 runs with the racquet and took 35 wickets with left-arm spin.

In the 2021-22 Ranji Trophy season, Shahbaz hit 582 runs and won nine wickets in five games. During his three years at Royal Challengers Bangalore, Shahbaz developed into an all-rounder and became one of the pillars of the Indian Premier League franchise.

Shahbaz Ahmed at home with his parents

Shahbaz Ahmed made his international cricket debut for India against South Africa on Sunday, becoming the 247th international cricketer to represent his country at ODIs. He also took a wicket in his first game against South Africa.

However, his journey from a village in Haryana to Kolkata and into the Indian cricket team was not easy for him.

His father wanted him to study engineering and his mother supported him in making his life what he wants.

Shahbaz’s father Ahmed Jan told media representatives that he wanted his son to continue his studies and not play cricket. “My son had made a different choice and I found out about it very late,” he said. The father said Shahbaz was a bright student; scored 80% in class 10 and 88% in class 12. “I never thought he would give up his studies to play cricket.”

Shahbaz’s mother, Abnam, says she also wanted her son to complete his engineering degree and get a good job. Shahbaz Ahmed’s parents say their son dropped out of college classes and one day told them he wanted to go to Kolkata to fulfill his dream of playing cricket.

The mother says that “Shahbaz’s college professor also told him that you are making a mistake because you are a good student.” However, Shahbaz Ahmed followed his heart and along with three other cricketers went to Kolkata, where they lived in a small room. It was not easy for Shahbaz to live in Kolkata city as he could not even cook.

Shahbaz shared his moments of happiness with his team on Twitter:

Abnam says that ‘Shahbaz couldn’t cook so he washed the dishes.’ Shahbaz’s father, Ahmed Jan, says he finally gave in to Shahbaz’s wishes and told him, “Do not return home until you make it big.”

Shahbaz Ahmed, 27, also plays for Indian Premier League franchise (IPL) Royal Challengers Bangalore and was signed by the franchise for INR 2.4 million last season.

Shahbaz Ahmed’s home in Nuh, a small town in Haryana near New Delhi, is well equipped. Ahmed Jan, who works as a clerk at the SDM office, says: β€œI didn’t take a single penny from Shahbaz; i am a government employee of Haryana and my salary is good. Yes, and I can afford it (Lifestyle).”

Shahbaz bought a car in Kolkata with his IPL money but cannot drive due to heavy traffic in the city. Sehbaz was included in the Rs 2.4 crore bid for Kolkata Night Riders.

After all these years, Ahmed Jan is still upset that his son, a 1st grade student, decided to drop out of college to play cricket.

β€œLike any middle-class family, we love to watch cricket. I played through college, but education was always our priority. My father, Muhammad Ishaq, was a school principal and I am a civil servant. My younger brother is a teacher and my daughter is a doctor,” says Ahmed Jan, who still hasn’t come to terms with his son’s unusual career.

However, his mother says parents should also listen to what their child wants to do.

Ahmed Jan says he’s glad Shahbaz finished his studies during lockdown. But now her biggest concern is building a trophy rack in Shahbaz’s newly built room on the second floor.

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“I wanted to create a separate little room for his trophy, but his mother and sister like to show off and don’t want that. I asked the contractor to build just one large shelf in her room.”

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