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LONDON – The UK government’s decision to make Monday 19 September a public holiday for the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II has prompted a spate of closures, service disruptions and cancellations, including in key industries such as transport and Healthcare, and a crisis, triggered backlash among those with long-standing plans and deadlines that day.

Hospitals have postponed non-urgent surgeries, funeral homes have had to consult with bereaved families about delays in preparations and organizers of major sports, and cultural events have had to change their plans. Government policy is to “allow individuals, businesses and other organizations to pay their respects to Her Majesty and commemorate her reign while marking the last day of the national period of mourning”.

There are typically eight so-called bank holidays per year in the UK and businesses are accustomed to avoiding these in order to maintain service, particularly because UK law does not require businesses to close on bank holidays and employees are not automatically entitled to a day off.

The last-minute decision to make Monday a public holiday, combined with the somber nature of the day, has caused some employers to frown as the government has encouraged them to “be sensitive to requests from workers who wish to take time off.” “, as it was called “a unique national moment.”

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Below is a list of some of the key services and events canceled or affected on Monday.

surgeries and doctor appointments

Many hospitals and general practitioners have canceled long-standing appointments, including non-emergency procedures, promising patients they will reschedule them for a later date. But with the National Health Service (NHS) still facing Covid-related backlogs, many patients fear they will have to wait months for another chance.

Rebecca Rose, a woman who called Times Radio The morning show on Wednesday said her Monday appointment with a psychologist – which took over four months to secure – had been cancelled. She said she was told she would receive an email by Monday afternoon to reschedule her appointment, but hadn’t received it by Wednesday.

“It’s very disheartening, if I’m honest,” she said, describing the therapy as a “lifeline.”

“When you were struggling so badly with your mental health, I was like, ‘Oh, I’m finally getting over this.’ … Then just to be canceled … it pretty much set me back,” she continued.

Many took to Twitter to share their experiences of the unexpected cancellation of long-standing dates.

While some NHS trusts that manage local hospitals have said they are doing their utmost to keep services as normal as possible, other patients have warned they will have to reschedule most appointments.

The health board at Aneurin Bevan Hospital in Wales said in a statement on Monday it was “postponing all scheduled appointments and clinics”, although it noted some patients’ urgent appointments could be maintained “if agreed with the patients and the teams.” becomes”. The disruptions are “unavoidable,” it said.

Deborah Smith, spokeswoman for the National Association of Funeral Directors, said directors of the more than 4,100 UK funeral directors she represents have been advised that decisions to postpone funerals scheduled for Monday should be left entirely to family members of the deceased.

“There will be many, many funerals on Monday,” Smith told the Washington Post. But in many cases, loved ones will choose to postpone to avoid disruption from road traffic or irregular train services on the holiday, or because schools and daycare centers are closed, making it difficult for parents of young children to visit.

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However, funerals involve more than just undertakers and may need to be postponed when crematoria or cemetery operators are closed or when faith leaders are unable to work or travel to the burial site. According to some media reports, families have already been confronted with enormously disruptive last-minute cancellations due to closures.

Postponing Monday’s funerals will also add to the existing national backlog. “In some parts of the country, it’s already a fairly long time between death and burial” — usually between two and four weeks, Smith said, due to delays in the registration of deaths and coroner inquiries. “The rescheduling of some funerals will inevitably have an impact on that.”

Many major sporting, arts and entertainment events scheduled for Monday have also been postponed, either because organizers worried about appearing deaf or because the disruption caused by the holidays would make it difficult to move forward as planned.

The British Fashion Council on Monday canceled all official events as part of London Fashion Week, which will take place from Friday to Tuesday. It advised designers and brands to “respect the mood of the nation and the time of national mourning by considering the timing of their image release.”

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Performances of over a dozen hit West End shows such as Hamilton, Mamma Mia! and Phantom of the Opera have also been canceled and many theaters will close including the historic Globe, which also held its 25th anniversary celebrations on Sunday. year anniversary canceled. Most major museums, including the National Gallery and the Victoria & Albert Museum, will close.

The Premier League has postponed three football games “due to events surrounding the Queen’s funeral” but games are set to resume over the weekend before the funeral after a days-long hiatus was announced following the Queen’s death.

Some of the closures have proven controversial. Center Parcs, a network of holiday villages popular with families, said all of its UK villages would close from 10am local time on Monday, “as a mark of respect and to allow as many of our colleagues as possible to be a part of this historic moment. ” This would have meant guests checking in for an extended stay including Monday would only have to leave the parks for 24 hours and then come back.

Responding to the angry backlash from holidaymakers, Center Parcs said on Tuesday that it had “reviewed our position regarding the very small number of guests who will not be leaving on Monday and we will allow them to stay in our holiday villages , instead of having to leave and return on Tuesday.”

Heathrow Airport has warned some flights will be suspended on Wednesday afternoon “to ensure calm over central London” while the Queen’s coffin is transported from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Hall. The airport will also observe a minute’s silence at 8 p.m. local time on Sunday and will broadcast the funeral on TV screens on Monday, a statement said.

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