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That Pokemon franchise is officially celebrating Halloween 2022 with a new line of spooky merchandise. After the debut of the Gen 1 Pokemon Red and Blue RPGs in 1998, the Game Freak series immediately became a worldwide phenomenon. From the very beginning, Nintendo has released a wide range of unique merchandise and product links to promote the mainline games and animated show. The Pokémon Company kicks off this year’s Halloween with a new spooky line Pokemon Merchandise perfect for this year’s fall festivals.


Since the very first generation Pokemon Games have shown a nod to the paranormal. in the Pokemon Red and Blue, players had to climb the mysterious Pokemon tower in Lavender Town, which was full of ghosts. gene 4 Pokemon Diamond and Pearl even featured the spooky Old Chateau, a mansion haunted by the ghost of a little girl and a butler. That Pokemon The franchise has also become a favorite every Halloween, as kids around the world love to dress up as the series’ various monsters.

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The Pokémon Company drew on the series’ long history with the popular Fall Break in September by releasing the adorable Pokémon trading card game Trick or Trade Halloween Set. The Big Mystery Bags contain candy-sized Pokémon card packs to give out around Halloween. The trick-or-treat bags aren’t the only creepy thing Pokemon Products releasing this fall, as the Pokémon Center store has also launched a new wave of fall-themed merchandise. Below is a list of the best Halloween Pokemon Merchandise that fans don’t want to miss.

Pokémon Halloween Loungefly Gengar wallet and shoulder bag

Loungefly and Vic Lee have teamed up to create the Halloween themed Gengar purse and shoulder bag. The epic collaboration transforms the apparel accessory into a spooky storybook that features the popular Kanto Ghost Pokémon Gengar on the cover.

Fans can buy them Pokemon Scary Stories Clutch Wallet for $69 at the Pokémon Center Store. If you are looking for a suitable set, you can grab the shoulder bag version for the same price. Although they share a similar design, the shoulder bag features an incredible painting by Mimikyu of the sun and moon on the inside.

Halloween ghost pokemon sweater

Gamers looking for cozy holiday attire are in luck, as the Pokémon Center has launched a new line of Halloween sweaters that are perfect for the fall season. While there are a variety of designs, the Forest Gengar sweater is the spookiest, as it features a Ghost-type silhouette standing against an ominous orange forest landscape.

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While not that scary, the white Gengar & Spooky Friends Sweet temptations Sweater features an intricate pattern that Pokémon fans will love. The highly detailed sweater features a variety of popular spooky ghost Pokémon such as Pumpkaboo, Misdreavus, and Litwick. The new fall sweaters are available to pick up for $44.99 each.

Pokemon Halloween Gengar & Pikachu Pumpkins

Players looking to celebrate Halloween in style can pick up the Sweet Temptations Gengar and Pikachu Pumpkin Shells for $24.99. The ceramic containers transform the two beloved Kanto Pokémon into jack-o’-lanterns, no mess.

The shells not only serve as spooky decorations, but are also the perfect containers for the Trick or Trade of the Pokémon Trading Card Game packs. Fans looking to give out the Pokémon card packs this Halloween could keep them in the gorgeous Gengar and Pikachu bowls.

Halloween Spooky Festival Pikachu & Calyrex Plush Toys

Pokémon fans who love to collect plushies won’t want to miss the limited-time Spooky Festival 2022 dolls coming this fall. For the very first time since its debut in the 2020s Pokémon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra extension, Calyrex will be available as a holiday plush along with Kanto mascot Pikachu.

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The 11-inch plushies feature both Pokémon wearing detailed spooky fall clothing. For example, Calyrex now has an orange cape and crown with an orange pumpkin emblem on top. Both dolls can be purchased online from the Pokémon Center Store for $31.99.

Pikachu & Friends Halloween Pokemon TCG Playmat

That Pokémon trading card game is You’ll also get some holiday-themed products, including the Halloween Pikachu & Friends playmat. The large placemat has the same artwork as the spooky Gengar sweater in orange and black forest. However, the Pokémon card playmat also includes additional artwork of Pikachu and his friends standing in front of the Kanto spirit.

Although the TCG Matte has a spooky vibe, the artwork also captures the playfulness of Halloween by popping up diamond and pearl Baby Pokémon Smoochum and Munchlax searching for rare candies in the forest. The Gengar playmat costs $24.99 and can also be used as a desk decoration.

Ghost fans celebrating Halloween can show their love for Pokémon this year with Gengar Metal Shields. The nifty decorations, designed to look like actual warning signs, warn bystanders that Ghost-type Pokémon like Gengar are nearby.

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The tin signs have cracks and bite marks, making them a spooky Halloween decoration perfect for the front yard. The black and white metal shield features a clean outline of the Gengar, Gastly, and Haunter evolution line. The shields retail for $19 from the official Pokemon Center store and are 100% metal.

Spooky Halloween Festival Pokemon Plush Keychain

Pokémon fans who like to carry their stuffed animals around with them on the go are in luck, as The Pokémon Company has also continued their line of mini plush keychains. A new Spooky Festival keychain range has been released for Halloween, featuring Pokémon in cute Halloween costumes. For example, Black and white Unova Pokémon Zorua is beautifully dressed as a pirate

There are four additional Pokémon keychains including Pumpkaboo, Vulpix, Gengar, and Fennekin. The bite-sized plushies are available for $15.99 each. The Pokémon Center has other Halloween-themed products such as hats, shirts, and hoodies. Fans who want to celebrate Halloween with spooky Pokemon Products have until October before the store refreshes its stock in preparation for the winter holiday season in December.

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