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POSITION: Williams Park, 4362 E Osborne Ave, Tampa, FL 33610

City of Tampa Officials, Hancock Whitney and KABOOM! will make comments at the opening ceremony and also be available to answer questions.

Tampa and Hancock Whitney volunteers are building a kid-designed playground at Williams Park in North Tampa to ensure children have a safe, inclusive place to play. This is part of a nationwide effort by KABOOM! End play space inequality – the reality that places to play are not available to every child, especially in communities of color. This project will provide a state-of-the-art playground for more than 1,000 children each year.

Community members led the design of the playground, from design to installation. In July, children from the local community center shared drawings of their dream playgrounds with the project organizers. These ideas were incorporated into the new playground design.

“It’s absolutely incredible to see so many volunteers from the local community working together towards a common goal. It’s critical that children in every neighborhood have access to a great, safe place to play, learn and grow.” said Sherisha Hills, director of Tampa Parks and Recreation. “We are grateful to Kaboom, Hancock Whitney and all of our community partners who helped make this possible. We know that when the community is invested and involved in the process, ownership of their space is all the greater.”

The project is part of Hancock Whitney’s ongoing commitment to creating opportunity for the people and communities the Bank serves. Hancock Whitney – one of the strongest and safest banks in the country – believes children can be the catalyst in building stronger communities. This investment aims to improve the physical, mental and financial health of children and their families and empower local children to achieve the future they deserve. The play area supports the Bank’s commitment to financial education and integrates basic math and financial skills into playful learning experiences.

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About the city of Tampa

Tampa Parks & Recreation is an NRPA Gold Medalist and CAPRA-accredited agency with a mission to provide and maintain quality parks and recreation opportunities for all. With nearly 400,000 residents, Tampa is one of the fastest growing cities in the nation, striving to protect the natural environment while creatively using resources to meet the growing needs of our community. We operate in a highly urbanized environment and strive to offer safe spaces that are conveniently accessible to all residents. The City of Tampa is fully committed to ensuring equal access to the city’s facilities, programs and recreational opportunities. Our vision is a city that empowers people of all means and abilities. With the continued support of trusted partners and local community involvement, we look forward to continuing to offer new, fun and educational opportunities for recreation throughout our community.

About Hancock Whitney

Since the late 18th century, Hancock Whitney has embodied the core values ​​of honor and integrity, strength and stability, dedication, teamwork and personal responsibility. Hancock Whitney’s offices and financial centers in Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Louisiana and Texas offer a full range of financial products and services including traditional and online banking; commercial and small business banks; private banking; trust and investment services; health banks; certain insurance benefits; and mortgage services. The Company also operates a credit manufacturing office in Nashville, Tennessee. Visit for more information.


KABOOM! is the national nonprofit dedicated to ending playground inequality – the reality that quality playgrounds are not available to every child, particularly in communities of color. Since 1996, KABOOM! has partnered with children and communities to build or improve more than 17,000 playgrounds and ensure nearly 12 million children have equal access to the vital benefits and opportunities that playgrounds provide. In 2022, KABOOM! launched the 25 in 5 Initiative to End Playspace Inequity, the $250 million plan to accelerate its mission across 25 high priority locations over five years. Learn more at or join the discussion on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

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