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KYLIE and Kendall Jenner’s personal feud may have just been aggravated after Kylie mocked her older sister online.

The Kardashians star was joined by her mother Kris Jenner to cook dinner together for Vogue’s YouTube channel.


Kris and Kylie Jenner teamed up to do a pasta dinnerPhoto credit: fashion
Kendall Jenner was the victim of a Kylie zinger about her editing technique


Kendall Jenner was the victim of a Kylie zinger about her editing techniquePhoto credit: The Mega Agency

The video segment began harmlessly when Kylie, 25, teamed up with her 66-year-old mother to cook up a pasta dinner.

Just because you work hard and cook hard doesn’t mean you can’t look glamorous at the same time — which of course they both did.

Kylie showed off her long legs and toned abs in a sleek, short, sleeveless black dress.

Mom Kris repeated the black look in a business suit of her own.

Khloe shows off a tiny waist in a tight dress, revealing really short curly hair
Kardashian fans believe Kylie subtly leaked the baby son's name in a new makeup line

Both outfits were dazzled with sparkling jewelry.

The two settled behind a kitchen counter and began teaching Kris’ patented Pasta Primavera.

Zucchini was among the many ingredients needed to prepare the dish, and Kylie just couldn’t help but take a stab at her sister’s unique way of slicing similar fruits and vegetables.

“Shall we cut it like Kendall?” Kylie asked her mother smartly.

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“Yes,” Kris replied with a grin.

Kylie then crossed her arms and awkwardly held the vegetable as she cut it away.

“You know what, it’s genetic!” Kris roared in agreement and seemed to confuse Kylie.

“Genetically?” Her daughter fired back. “I don’t cut things like that.”


Kendall’s editing controversy was confirmed in a previous episode of The Kardashians.

As she began slicing a cucumber, she held the vegetable to the side and placed her fingers just a few millimeters from the sharp edge of the blade.

She then awkwardly crossed her arms instead of rotating the veggies.

As the clip made its way onto TikTok, critics jumped into the comments section and slammed how she sliced ​​the cucumber.

Kylie has even poked fun at her cuts, calling her sister a “cucumber girl” in a picture from Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker’s wedding.

Following her recent taunt, fans went wild on YouTube.

“‘Shall we cut it like Kendall?’ LOL Kylie can be funny,” one fan commented.

Another added, “The fact that Kendall’s way of cutting is a literal reference in the family makes me laugh.”

While a third pointed out: “I mean at least Kylie knows how to cut stuff.”


Kylie’s cut comes as she and her sister remain seemingly locked in a year-long feud.

The sisters quarreled over various big and small things, even fighting at one point.

Their recent feud was captured in the latest trailer for Hulu’s The Kardashians.

In the preview, Kylie eventually admitted, “I’m really mad at my sister.”

The trailer then cut to Kendall, who seemed to be looking at her phone with an angry expression on her face.

She revealed, “Kylie canceled at the last minute and she always seems to get out of things and I have to take over.”


This isn’t the first time Kendall and Kylie have had it on camera.

In 2020, tensions between the sisters reached an all-time high when they got into a physical fight during a night out.

The entire altercation was filmed for KUWTK.

Kendall was shown narrating the fight for her family, telling Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and other family members, “She hit me or something, so I came back to her and punched her in the face, and then she took her heel and stuck it down my throat.”

The fight took place during a trip to Palm Springs after Kylie picked the outfit Kendall wanted to wear.

Kris and Caitlyn Jenner’s eldest child accused her siblings of ruining their night moving.

They headed to dinner, where an unimpressed Kylie drank and enjoyed herself with family while Kendall – clad in sweatpants – sulked.

Her sisters went to a drag show, and Kendall chose to stay in the car.

After the show was over, Kendall hooked up with mom Kris’s boyfriend, Cory Gamble, before feuding with Kylie.

The rest of the family listened on the phone as the duo yelled at each other, and Kim called her security to get Kendall.

They spent weeks not speaking to each other, which also played out on KUWTK.

Kylie and Kris laughed as they playfully mocked Kendall


Kylie and Kris laughed as they playfully mocked KendallPhoto credit: fashion
Kendall's cross-armed cutting technique was first noticed on her Hulu show


Kendall’s cross-armed cutting technique was first noticed on her Hulu showPhoto credit: Hulu
Khloe and Kendall have been embroiled in a year-long feud that has even turned violent


Khloe and Kendall have been embroiled in a year-long feud that has even turned violentPhoto credit: Hulu

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