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WAKEFIELD, Mass., Sept. 30, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Kids’ Test Kitchen (KTK) recently announced the official launch of its new online learning platform, complete with free samples of its popular cooking classes. KTK is a hugely successful healthy cooking program developed by veteran nutritionist and nutritionist Emily Seward who began working with facilitators who traveled to various schools and oversaw cooking programs appropriate for grades K-8. Working with small groups, KTK teaches students how to prepare healthy ingredients in a variety of ways kids love — and later sends students home with sample ingredients and recipes to share with their families. And to specifically address the social distancing challenges of the ongoing pandemic, KTK has now developed a fully virtual platform to host its cooking program online, with single serve and extended live classes via Zoom.

“At our core, we have always been an interactive program that teaches children the importance and joy of healthy eating. Children already know that they should eat healthy, so you have to have a special angle to pique their interest. What we do is teach kids basic cooking skills and safety, and then show them how fun it can be to cook a healthy meal,” said KTK Founder Emily Seward, RDN, LDN. “Cooking is a kind of alchemy that combines a variety of important skills: reading, math, science and critical thinking. Children are not even aware of how much they are learning because they enjoy the process so much. When we started years ago I never expected our classes to be so popular because we didn’t make traditional treats like cupcakes. We made adult food that is healthy. And yet we found that children were enthusiastic about chard, chickpeas and spaghetti squash. Before we knew it we had gone from working in 20 schools to over 65 bookings. It’s so amazing and inspiring to watch! And we’re excited to now offer this as an e-learning program for children who are being forced to stay at home due to the pandemic. They can learn right in their own kitchen.”

Test kitchen for children: Monthly Instruction for healthy young chefs

Working with a diverse and ever-changing menu of delicious, healthy food recipes, KTK currently offers several courses for homeschooling and POD parents. This month’s lessons involve using artichokes in a multi-module program called Cooking Is Elementary. But KTK classes are always changing, including upcoming seasonal classes like the “October Thriller,” a live costume, and a cook-a-party palooza, complete with a dinner and dessert class for the fall season. All KTK classes include:

  • Practically Ndiet and CLooking for Lessons: Use the home kitchen as a classroom. Lesson plans include reading, writing, vocabulary, math, science, history, art, technology and life skills. A single cooking class is a focused and multidisciplinary event. Children are taught how to be responsible for the entire process, from prep to cleanup.
  • Free Samples: Each class can be previewed with a free sample by joining the KTK experts for a live zoom class. Experience first-hand how KTK teaches kids to feed their bodies well, use knives and other kitchen tools safely and responsibly, practice food safety and kitchen hygiene, and prepare nutritious meals for their friends and family.

Learn more about KTK’s mission to educate children about the importance of healthy eating by going online. Or follow KTK for the latest event announcements on social media: Facebook, Instagram.

Around children test kitchen: Healthy eaters inspire

Originally founded in 2013 by nutritionist Emily Seward, Kids’ Test Kitchen inspires young healthy eaters by providing culinary opportunities to cook, taste and showcase their own dishes while they take this knowledge home to create their own teach families. Aspiring chefs gather for a series of virtual classes and work to learn the recipes that will help them create healthy snacks, appetizers and sides that all have one thing in common: ingredients that are truly healthy. Whether it’s chard, avocado, bananas, spaghetti squash or artichokes, parents and educators are amazed at how enthusiastic students are about healthy food, especially when they’re learning how to prepare and cook that food themselves. Learn more about Kids’ Test Kitchen cooking programs at: www.KidsTestKitchen.com.

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