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Each week we feature some of the most adorable adoptable pets available from our sister homes Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter, Tri-County Humane Society, Pet Haven of MN, Hawk Creek Animal Shelter, Underdog Rescue, MN, Midwest Animal Rescue & Services and Ruff Start Rescue. Join us on Fridays as we introduce them to Classic Hits KDUZ.

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Heart of Minnesota’s Animal Center radar

Hard to believe this guy is 10 years old. Radar was found straying in a neighboring community and came to us after his stray was arrested. Radar is a sweet boy. He is dog friendly and, like most hunting dogs, has a charismatic bark! He LOVES long walks, including a lot of colds. He can make friends with anyone, but he’s probably best because of his size, with teenagers or older children.

He keeps a clean kennel at the shelter and loves everyone he meets. Radar is a lovely guy just looking for his home and family. For more information contact the shelter by clicking here.

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Ruff Start Dog and Cat Rescue – ruby

Hello, I’m Ruby, certified zoomie queen here. I am a 2 year old female Pit Bull Terrier/Labrador Retriever mix. Running, playing and cuddling are my top priorities in life. I also love playing fetch and going on car rides!

I am an excellent houseguest for my foster family – I am fully potty trained and kennel trained. I get along well with other dogs with slow introductions, but small children, cats and small dogs are not always a fan of me. They say I’m a little too enthusiastic for them. Older kids (4+) absolutely love me though. I am currently living with four and the feeling is mutual!

If you’re looking for an adventure boyfriend who plays as much as he cuddles, I’m your girlfriend!

For more information about Ruby and adoption, visit www.ruffstartrescue.org.

For more information and adoption, visit www.ruffstarterescue.org.

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Hawk Creek Animal Shelter – midnight

Hi! I’m Midnight, a 1 1/2 year old Pitbull crossbreed. I’m a little shy at first, but I just need to get to know you a little. I need patience and someone to build my confidence. I’m very sweet knowing you. I’m not a big fan of young children; they scare me a bit. Cats aren’t my friends either. I have played with other dogs but can be picky. In my opinion, compared to Kong toys, stuffed animals will always be stuffed animals! I may not look like it but I have an amazing vertical jump but have never jumped a fence. I look like a couch potato, but I’m going to give Usain Bolt a run for his money!

To learn more about or meet this beautiful girl, please click here.

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Animal rescue and services in the Midwest (MARS) – Quigley

Meet Quigley!

Quigley is a very handsome, sweet husky boy. He really is a play hard, sleep hard dog. He loves to go for a walk and then snuggle up on the couch when you get home. He would do well in an active family with another playful dog in the house. He’s completely housebroken (accident free – a first for his foster family!) and lets you know when he needs to go out. He’s also crate trained – we don’t hear a peep from him all night.

He loves spending time outdoors and would love to have a fenced yard to play in, but he does well with the tie in his foster home. It’s clear that Quigley didn’t live in a house with stairs. We try not to laugh, but it’s funny to watch. Eventually he can jump them up and down, but he usually only jumps the last few.

Are you looking for a fun-loving, active friend for years to come? Then Quigley is your type! Click here! apply today!

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Animal Shelter Tri-County – Finn

Meet Finn, a social butterfly looking for a fresh start! This 3 year old neutered male enjoys being with other cats and children but would like a dog free home please and thank you. Finn is even known to enjoy stomach rubs. He qualifies for our Five Dollar Fabulous Feline Promo and his adoption fee would be waived for a senior or veteran.

To find out more about this cute couple or give them a new home, click here.

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Underdog Pet Rescue by MN – aurora

Hi! My name is Aurora and I’m SMART! Look how smart I am – I can even spell!! I am a typical happy and energetic husky. I love to play all day long so I’m looking for a forever home that will take me on many adventures and teach me new things! I’m working on potty training and I’m crate trained and starting to learn how to walk on a leash and foster mom says I’m doing great on a schedule. Sometimes I get distracted by people and other dogs on our walks. I might be a little wary of new people and new places at first, but I warm up quickly. In fact, I’m so well behaved that I get to go to my human sister’s soccer games! I don’t know how to play yet, but they let me practice with them in the backyard. I enjoy children – so an active family would suit me well.

Every day I learn new things and just remind myself that I’m smart. So by the time you’re reading this, I’m sure I’ll know more commands, but for now I’ve got the sit thing down! Be sure to enroll us in dog school together as I know I will make you proud as we learn new things together and come out on top of the class!

Are you an active family, ready for adventure and have time to teach me new things? I know we’re gonna be besties!! I look forward to meeting you soon! dear aurora

View Aurora’s full bio and adult canine application on our website by clicking here

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Burger Queen & Cookie Monster (connected couple)

Animal Paradise of Minnesota – Burger Queen & Cookie Monster

Burger Queen and Cookie Monster are an adorable, brave bonded kitty couple looking for their forever home! Burger Queen (8 months old) is very social and loves to cuddle. She purrs when her humans are around and likes to be held like a baby. Cookie Monster (6 months old) is a little shy but Burger Queen is helping him become more confident.

Both Burger and Cookie love to play. Burger is a great explorer, and Cookie Monster is happiest when he has a large bowl of wet food to eat. Burger and Cookie are energetic kittens with lots of fun! They currently live in a townhouse with another foster cat, two resident cats and their foster mother.

Your ideal home is one with lots of toys, playtime, attention and cuddles. Are you interested in adopting this couple or finding out more about them? Please click here and fill out Pet Haven’s Adoption Application.

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In just 8 days we are opening our new facility to celebrate all that we have achieved this year and we invite you to celebrate with us!

The Grand Opening of Pet Haven, Saturday, October 15th from 12pm to 3pm is sure to be a good time to “woofin'”! Meet our CEO, staff, board members and other volunteers who support the amazing work Pet Haven does every day for pets and people in our community.

We’re Minnesota’s first and oldest animal rescue organization, paving the way for everyone else, and we’re so excited to celebrate our first physical space!

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Join us live every Friday afternoon as we feature adorable adoptable pets, upcoming events and news for you and your pet. The KDUZ Pet Patrol on the all new 1260 AM and 96.5 FM, Classic Hits KDUZ.

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