STAMFORD, Conn., January 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A new year brings the return of hectic school schedules, but that doesn’t mean it’s time to say goodbye to the quality family time that’s been cherished during the holidays. Juicy Juice, the popular children’s beverage brand, helps families come together by collaborating with Mom, a self-taught chef and recipe developer Siri Daly for ideas on how to spend time in the kitchen as a family. As the founder of Siriously Delicious, a popular food blog chronicling her real-life cooking skills, and a former food contributor on the TODAY Show, where Siri still appears regularly as a guest chef, Siri makes cooking delicious recipes accessible to all families. In collaboration with Juicy Juice, Siri has created simple recipes requiring simple ingredients, staple foods and Juicy Juice 100% juice so parents can keep their kids busy and create memories of mealtime moments throughout the year.

“Now that we’re heading back to school in the new year, we wanted to provide opportunities for families to continue having quality family time together amid the rush of the winter program,” she says Ilene Bergenfeld, Chief Marketing Officer of Harvest Hill Beverage Company. “We are pleased about the partnership Siri Daly to give families access to easy recipes that include Juicy Juice 100% juice so kids can look forward to rolling up their sleeves and helping mom and dad cook!”

SIRIously Fun Cooking
As the author of Siriously Delicious: 100 nutritious (and not-so-nutritious) recipes for the real home cookSiri brings her fun and food-loving expertise to parents across the country curated Recipes using Juicy Juice 100% juice as the main ingredient to enhance flavor. With 100% vitamins C per 8 oz During season when kids need it most, a variety of fruity flavors and no high fructose corn syrup and no added sugars, Juicy Juice 100% Juice is a delicious addition siris recipes.

A taste of Siri’s original parent- and kid-friendly recipes:

  • Apple cinnamon muesli bar – Crunch, Spice & everything nice! A fantastic and easy on-the-go snack, these bars are bursting with apple flavor. They are also the perfect addition to the lunch box.
  • Fruit punch smoothie bowl – A wonderfully juicy breakfast for your little darlings. The bowl is basically a deconstructed smoothie made with lots of berries, creamy yogurt and Juicy Juice 100% Juice Fruit Punch.
  • Frozen pops with spinach and white grapes – While these fun frozen popsicles may be filled with spinach, you wouldn’t even know! With sweet pineapple and Juicy Juice 100% white grape juice, they are an ideal snack between meals.

Juicy Juice will be posting more recipes on juicyjuice.com/SIRIouslyFunCooking through June to provide families with seasonal snacking and meal ideas throughout the year.

“I’ve noticed that my little ones have been helping me more and more in the kitchen lately, and in the end the whole family helps with the recipe,” says the mother of four. Siri Daly. “Cooking is a great way to connect with your kids. First, they just want to help you stir, and next, you hear about special moments of their day and create memories. My kids loved baking and testing these Juicy Juice recipes with me, so I’m excited about the idea of ​​other families having the same experience and cultivating those magical moments in the kitchen together.”

SIRIously fun sweepstakes
Juicy Juice also gives parents a chance to win a $100 Make gift card for groceries siris Recipes including Juicy Juice 100% juice. through every day Friday February 25thget five winners $100 Gift vouchers, that’s 50 days of prizes! Parents only need to submit the online registration form at juicyjuice.com/SIRIouslyFunSweepstakes for a chance to win. Winners will also receive a signed copy of Siri Dalys Book, Siriously Delicious: 100 nutritious (and not-so-nutritious) easy recipes for the real home cook as an added prize to further explore their skills in the kitchen and create more delicious dishes together.

For more recipes and tips from Siri, visit juicyjuice.com/SIRIouslyFunCooking and follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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