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The following contains spoilers for Episode 15 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 2 “Ultra Security House Unit” streaming now on Netflix.

JoJo’s bizarre adventure Stone Ocean Part 2 is a supernatural crime and action anime available to stream on Netflix. The apparent subplot with Ermes Costello in the previous two episodes came to an end and the result of the fight with Sports Maximum profoundly advanced the main narrative. Episode 15, titled “Ultra House Security Unit,” returns to Jolyne Cujoh’s mission and introduces a main character who will play a pivotal role in the rest of the series, though his reasons for joining Team Jolyne are so humorous and out of the blue expected in JoJo Universe.

The main focus of the episode is to set the stage for the upcoming conflict between Joylne and Father Enrico Pucci. As a general, Pucci unleashes the full power of his arsenal on his enemy when he finally realizes that Jolyne poses a threat to his agenda. But not only Pucci is preparing his troops for war. Being housed in the Ultra House Security Unit, Jolyne is unable to contact those outside, leaving her friends to take the necessary steps to best assist her and disrupt Pale Snake’s plans. Similar to previous episodes, Episode 15 further reveals the supporting protagonists and their intentions, giving them the screen time they deserve.

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This is a nice shift to give the supporting characters a little more urgency. The character FF, in particular, has tended to be static since its inception, feeling more like comedic relief than a reliable member of the team. That’s not to say she didn’t do her bit, especially in the last two episodes of Part 2 with her immense body-repairing qualities, but by and large she was the third wheel of the Jolyne, Ermes, and FF trio. With Jolyne locked up indefinitely and Ermes out of the picture, FF must take responsibility and begin a plan to support the woman she swore to protect.

The newly introduced character, who was only shown briefly in the first part, is called Narciso Anatasia. The episode does an interesting job by Emporio Alniño, giving the most intense portrayal of his murderous backstory, which is absolutely laced with dread, right behind the pink-haired stand user while he’s absently reading a book. While it’s probably meant to show how dangerous Anatasia is, it’s inevitably hilarious, and it gets even funnier when Anatasia announces that he’ll protect Jolyne with all his might, completely changing the characterization of Emporio just described. With one soldier down, Anatasia will be instrumental in strengthening the ranks in her fight against Pucci – even if he demands marriage between him and Jolyne as payment.

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To the delight of most JoJo Fans, DIO makes another appearance in a flashback with Pucci. Their conversation reveals the depth of their relationship and implies a respect shared between them as almost equals rather than just master and servant. Pucci was a curious man when he was younger and has no problem making a request for a particularly malicious stand called DIO’s Survivor, showing his prescient thinking for possible uses. This seemed to come in handy, as many years later Pucci would use the stand to infect the Ultra Security House Unit with growing anger, causing anyone who touched its stalks to experience a surge of emotion — namely anger — up to the point witnessed beating her friends to death.

Pucci’s involvement in DIO’s plan to reach Heaven reveals the admiration he had for his former companion. The mysterious bone, the last remnants of DIO, was all he had besides his memories and when the bone disappeared after Sports Maximum attempted to revive DIO with it, there was a genuine panic that Pucci hadn’t shown before. However, upon contemplating how the bone moved on its own, Pucci immediately trusts the bone’s intentions, as if understanding that DIO’s will is manipulating his actions. In it, Pucci has complete faith and faith in his old friend’s intentions, even if it’s just a tiny glimpse of what DIO used to be.

As curtain falls on Episode 15, the four Stand users that Pucci sent to the Ultra Security House Unit are freed by a deranged prison officer, and the fight club is about to begin. Jolyne is currently alone, surrounded by enemies, but her heroic would-be fiancé is currently on the road to provide some much-needed support in an increasingly dire situation.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 2 is available to stream via Netflix with all 12 episodes available to watch.

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