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From time to time you’ll feel like shopping to refresh your wardrobe, whether it’s investing in well-fitting jeans, a classic coat or even an exquisite pair of boots. But one of the most exciting shopping categories to ensure fun and personalized looks abound is unlocking the 2022 jewelry trends.

If anything has emerged in the world of earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets over the past year, it’s the ubiquity of Y2K jewelry and the Regencycore aesthetic. Think piled beads, vibrant chunky rings, layers of ornate beads, resin bangles and, yes, even body jewelry – hello, belly chains and anklets! The same goes for chunky gold jewelry à la the 80s and early 90s, from heavy chains and thick chokers to large rings and earrings.

The 2022 update? Nostalgia lingers, but not without a few refreshments. As Spring/Summer 2022 runway trends suggest, arm cuffs and more intricate body chains are driving the body jewelry trend, heavy metals are more common in silver than gold, and twists to playful, look-inspired pieces add heightened appeal. Think sculptural resin and acetate earrings to enamelled rings and bracelets, all of which are sure to feature prominently on social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. “Overall, there is a new playfulness in accessorizing and self-expression through jewelry, allowing customers to create their own trends alongside stand-out pieces and choose what feels most personal to them,” said Steffi Lee, editorial director of fine jewelry and watches at The RealReal.

“Runway trends are very inspirational and directional, while social media trends are more accessible and inspire followers to feel like, ‘Wow, I can rock that,'” Caroline Maguire, Shopbop’s fashion director, told TZR. “I love runway trends because that’s where the magic begins – I get a lot of inspiration from them that I can use in my own style.”

Zoom Dressing – and accessories – will continue to play a role in jewelry trends for the year ahead. “With so many of us working from home, dressing from the shoulders up is a trend, and jewelry is a perfect way to do that,” says Maguire. The fashion director identifies with real psychology behind dressing for screen work, allowing her to feel some normality while expressing her style. “I like to wear my favorite t-shirt or cardigan and pair them with thick necklaces for my video calls. Take your outfit to the next level by throwing on a baseball cap or hat, or even try wearing optical blue frames to spice up your look.”

With numerous bold and playful jewelry trends forecast this year, Maguire is all about total maximalism. “When it comes to jewelry, my motto is always more is more,” she says. “[From] layers of necklaces [to] When I’m stacking rings, I can never wear a pearl necklace or a thin gold chain.” Some tips: “If you go for a chunky, ’80s-inspired gold chain, pair it with something completely different, like a dainty chain,” says Maguire . “Right now I’m also loving the look of colored enamel.”

Keep scrolling to discover the biggest jewelry trends of 2022 and shop the edit to prepare your looks accordingly.

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pearl core

Pearlcore, the buzzy internet term, is one of the most prominent jewelry trends of 2022, but in a new, whimsical sense, as seen on designer catwalks like Valentino, Givenchy, Tom Ford and Simone Rocha. “We’re going to see the return of pearls in new and unexpected ways,” says Maguire. “Think of different styles, sizes and color combinations that can even be mixed and matched [with bright beads].”

Emily Ko, founder of Sit & Wonder, tells TZR that 2022 is trending towards “imperfect” and organically shaped pearls. “Expect to see her in strands of pearls, drop earrings, and alongside other dazzling gemstones like opals and moonstones,” she says.

silver metal

Yellow gold almost fades. However, silver jumps to the fore for 2022, not only in timeless forms but often with an edgy and punk flair. Think twisted, corrugated metal shapes and heavy chains of pointed, curved and gagged links. “Silver is seen due to bolder pieces [its] affordability,” notes Ko. “[It’s also] mixed with gold tones and precious stones.”

edge elements

Fringes are a huge trend for 2022, with details flying free on models’ ears and collarbones at the spring and fall shows. To incorporate the look into your personal style, you can choose from beaded, pearl, stone and mesh options. Regardless of the variation, all the pieces add a flirtatious twist to your look.

statement choker

As seen on the spring runways of Givenchy, Miu Miu and Tory Burch, subtlety is key So pass. That means you’ll likely see the nostalgic, often understated, choker necklace speak for itself, with hard-to-miss hardware that can tastefully enhance wardrobe staples and evening wear alike.

Attach the beads

Maguire highlights another Y2K-inspired jewelry trend for 2022: pearls galore, similar to the styles seen on the runways by Coach and Brandon Maxwell. While this trend is undoubtedly for the more-is-more flavor and seems liveliest when lavished with pearls and gold, it can also be simpler when done with a touch of color. Try a single short strand of pearls with a long thin chain or a multicolored pearl bracelet mixed with delicate metal.

Hoops to stay here

A staple of the jewelry collection, hoop earrings are always evolving, with new iterations arriving in 2022. Elegant gold and silver styles are still essentials for everyday wear, in various sizes from small and chunky to oversized. “I love playing around with wearing multiple sizes or styles at once — like stacking them for your ears,” says Maguire. Also on deck in Y2K style: playful designs in clear and colorful acrylic and enamel.

flower rush

Probably to the disappointment of fictional fashion editor Miranda Priestly The devil Wears PradaFloral motifs are popular again this year. (“Flowers? For Spring? Groundbreaking.”) For their Spring/Summer 2022 runway shows, however, the designers took a different approach, incorporating the blooms in oversized shapes made from a variety of materials including pearls, enamel and gold-plated metal.

Bold Bracelets

When it comes to wrist wear, more is more and bigger is better. Particularly on the Fall/Winter 2022 runway, this looked like bold-looking bangles worn individually and stacked one on top of the other, and sculptural cuffs that are surprisingly easy to incorporate. “Nice clothing doesn’t have to be reserved for nights out and big events,” says Lee. “[For work,] I would recommend simplifying the rest of your outfit to really let your more eye-catching jewelry shine.”

Everything on enamel

Speaking of enamel, bright and elegant jewelry made of metal and a powder coat finish has been on the scene for a number of seasons, but shows no signs of slowing down in 2022,” says Maguire. “I like to add them with my go-to gold layering and stacking to add some interest to the mix.”

Mix silver and gold jewelry

Mixing metals doesn’t have to be a scary feat. At least not when it comes to jewelry trends for 2022. While silver metals are making a comeback, you can still rock your beloved gold pieces in Tangente. Wearing silver and gold jewelry together is an understated way to spice up your jewelry if bright colors and baubles aren’t your thing. You can achieve this in a number of ways: mix both silver and gold when wearing dainty stacking rings, bold bangles, chunky and delicate chains, or different hoops. “The choice between being a silver person and a gold person is a thing of the past,” Cara Hochhalter, owner and founder of Maple & J, tells TZR. “If you like both, wear both. Mix up your metals, throw together old and new – beads and chains. The more texture and contrast you can bring to your stack, the better.”

body chains

There’s not much more Y2K than a good old belly or body chain to adorn your midsection. There’s hardly a celebrity swimsuit picture lately that doesn’t feature some sort of draped body jewelry—whether it’s Hailey Bieber’s body chain, Lizzo’s bikini chain belt, or Rihanna’s diamond baby bump belly chain. Body chains can be worn with almost any look, but jewelry brand West Angel tells TZR that she particularly loves “adding them to a swimsuit look or low-rise denim/cargos with a crop top.”

Angel Number Jewelry

Beginning as something of a tangent to the personalized Old English necklace trend, angel number jewelry (hi, Kylie Jenner’s 222 necklace) is flooding the social feeds of the spiritually inclined and astrology buffs. According to Child of Wild CEO Eileen Lofgren, when you see repeating numbers or synchronicities, it’s “a kind of gateway to communicating with the universe.” Different sequences of numbers are meant to have different meanings, she says, adding that people often start seeing 11:11 on the clock. “Once you really notice that, you start seeing angel numbers literally everywhere,” she tells TZR. If you have a specific angel number that you connect with, you “essentially match that vibration,” says Lofgren. “You wear what you hope to get… It’s trending because our souls yearn to communicate and to expand consciousness.” Also, many of the styles also play into that year 2000 vibe that everyone is into put in a stranglehold.

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