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Izzy, A Great Lady BOSS, who founded jewelry brand Mylongingcharm, recently launched a well-designed bracelet

Izzy, as the big boss of Mylongingcharm Accessories Co., Limited, recently launched a new one bracelet which is designed by Mr. Cheng from the design department and is hot selling. “This bracelet has two products in two shapes: U and V. I combined letters with shape characteristics between male and female. The U stands for father (facial feature) and the V stands for mother (facial feature), which revolve around small charms personalized with the child’s names. ‘ Mr. Cheng explained. “You can tell how great the employees are in this company. If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you’re a good leader, I think that’s what Izzy is.”

izzy was obsessed with jewelry as a child. Five years ago, she worked for herself and established her own jewelry brand (Mylongingcharm Accessories Co.,Limited) in the factory, which at the beginning had only a few employees with no department settings, now she has given birth to her own brand jewelry factory, to which she hadn’t even thought of.

“To rule the world you need things – the right jewelry with the right attitude.” This is firmly upheld by Izzy and she always has the right attitude about her work and life. After graduating from university, Izzy dedicated herself to the jewelry industry purely for her sheer love of jewelry. Her tireless work ethic earned her the nickname workaholic because she worked so hard and was always the first to the office and the last to leave. One of her co-workers described texting Izzy in the last hours of the night. Izzy responded almost immediately.

After five years of development, Izzy integrates her company with product spot wholesale, processing and customization. In her company, about 200 people work in different departments: sales, production, design, human resources and so on. In the factory, many people are busy at work, carving words or initials into the metal and turning metal parts into a piece of jewelry – necklace, bracelet, anklet or maybe a key ring. “I love all my co-workers, most of them have been with me for a long time and I totally understand how hard they work now because I’ve been through everything before,” Izzy mentioned.

When it comes to their business, we need to know about their brand first. Let’s take a look at the brand concept: “Show your unique love before you regret it. His vision is: “Create a world that encourages the expression of love. ” The Mission : “Produce meaningful jewelry to intimately bind each unique relationship. When was the last time you said ‘I LOVE you’ to the person closest to you? We often tend to ignore those closest to us, our family. Deep down, our love for them is more than anything, but at times we seemed to forget how to express it. Mylongingcharm Accessories Co., Limited offers unique and customizable jewelry pieces designed according to the latest fashion trends. They want to encourage people to express and communicate love in unique and better ways through their products. A necklace isn’t really a necklace until it’s connected, otherwise it’s just a simple piece of chain. When your lover opens the gift box and puts the necklace around your neck, that is the moment when the necklace is connected and so is your love. “We believe the world should be full of love and we aim to design unique and customizable necklaces to help people express their love for people they care about. We hope to connect people more closely with our unique necklaces. These simply worded statements express the importance of their accessories.

“Jewelry isn’t just jewelry, it helps define who we are,” said Izzy. This is her unique take on jewelry that is key to her breaking into the jewelry industry. She believes that everyone should have unique jewelry that shows a distinct personality. Because of this, their company sells custom jewelry such as necklaces, bracelets, or keychains. Their best sellers are their customizable necklaces with varying amounts of charms, men’s titanium DAD bracelet, personalized last name keychain, and so on. So far, there are more than a thousand products in their factory, all of which are developed by their own designers. “Anyone can be the developer of our products as long as they are willing to bring ideas to our company,” Izzy told all of her employees.

Izzy and her company – Mylongingcharm Accessories Co.,Limited Accessories Co., Limited has grown and gotten stronger, looking forward to their next big breakthrough.

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