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Each year, 90% of American homes rely on Walmart for a range of must-buy products from a variety of brands and retailers, big and small. As America’s #1 Omni retailer, Walmart has grown to become the #1 online grocery retailer and the second largest e-commerce platform in the United States. For brands large and small that sell on and the Walmart app, this means unprecedented opportunities to reach Walmart customers.

Our data tells us that Walmart customers want suggested purchases, and our search platform helps them find products that meet their needs. We also know that our customers are open to trying products from our Marketplace sellers. In a recent survey of Walmart customers, most said they felt comfortable buying from a seller, and more than half said they had recently bought from a Marketplace seller1. Combine this with customers’ growing desire for low prices – almost 90% of respondents2 say they are becoming more cost conscious and 32% are willing to switch brands to save money – Marketplace sellers have a unique opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition.

At a time when Walmart is making it easier than ever for sellers Start with Marketplace, Walmart Connect makes it even easier for our millions of customers to find sellers. We’re improving the way sellers can connect with Walmart customers throughout the shopping journey and unlocking growth for sellers of all sizes through self-service—just in time for the holidays.

Search Brand Amplifier is coming to Marketplace sellers in October

Search Brand Amplifier gives products the highest visibility on the search page1. Because it pushes advertised products to the top of search results, Search Brand Amplifier particularly benefits smaller brands, new brands, and brands with new products that may not yet have high organic search rankings at Walmart. Search Brand Amplifier, previously limited to managed suppliers and a small number of managed sellers, will be available for the first time to Marketplace Brand Owners enrolled in Walmart’s brand portal.

Walmart suppliers and eligible Marketplace sellers can launch and manage their own Search Brand Amplifier campaigns through our self-service platform, the Walmart Ad Center. Sellers can also access Search Brand Amplifier Walmart Platform Partners. Stay tuned for more details on Search Brand Amplifier availability in the coming weeks Walmart Connect blog.

Easier registration with automated onboarding and improvements to the self-service platform

The Walmart Ad Center now offers a seamless onboarding experience that makes launching Sponsored Products campaigns even easier, reducing a three-day registration process to just seconds. All new marketplace sellers are now automatically onboarded to our self-service advertising platform, and we’re rolling out automatic onboarding for existing marketplace sellers. Later this month, we’re also improving Ad Center with a new look and step-by-step guides to take the guesswork out of launching and optimizing search campaigns.

Expanding our platform partner community to expand globalized support

As Walmart Marketplace continues to expand its international availability — most recently to Canada, the UK, and India — we’re adding more API partners that provide global support, with a focus on countries where sellers are located, like China. These new partners will join us before the end of the quarter.

New resources to support sellers

Finally, we make it easier for Marketplace sellers to be discovered by Walmart customers by sharing content new resources for optimization Sponsored Search campaigns before the holidays.

Marketplace Sellers are critical in helping our customers save time and money by offering what they need on and the Walmart app. Our mission is to make Walmart Marketplace an important platform for your businesses. We’re excited to continue expanding our offerings and resources to make it easier for sellers to connect with our customers and get the most out of our solutions.

1: Walmart First-Party Data, July 2022. Walmart Customer Spark Community powered by Walmart Luminate.
2: Walmart first-party data, April 2022. Walmart Customer Spark Community powered by Walmart Luminate.

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