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Taking up a new hobby like gardening or woodworking should be an exciting challenge, but knowing where to start can be difficult. Hence the growing popularity of courses and workshops that can give you the skills, tools and confidence to cultivate a green thumb or become a DIY dynamo.

Whether online or in person, the classes and workshops you read about here can help you start a new passion. But learning isn’t just for beginners, which is why some of these courses are designed for seasoned professionals looking to expand their knowledge.

1. North House Elementary School

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Located in Grand Marais, Minnesota, North House Folk School offers a variety of classroom and online classes that teach traditional Nordic crafts such as sausage making, simple timber frame building, bird carving, and floor weaving. The school is committed to accessibility with work-study and scholarship programs, as well as a local discount for Cook County residents.

Sign up for classes at North House Folk School, prices vary

2. Garden teacher

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For those looking to grow their own flower or vegetable Eden, Garden Tutor offers a free online gardening basics course. The course aims to teach newcomers how to design, install and maintain their garden. Participants can also purchase the add-on course, which includes accessories such as a soil test kit, tape measure, graph paper for garden layouts, and more.

Sign up for the FREE Beginner Gardening Course at Garden Tutor

3. Rockler Woodworking Courses

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People who enjoy DIY carpentry projects might consider taking a hands-on woodworking class at a Rockler store. The family-owned company has nearly 40 stores across the United States and offers a variety of in-person classes for beginners and intermediate woodworking professionals. Examples of workshops include an introduction to the router, band saw basics, building a jewelry box, finishing with shellac, and more.

Sign up for a hands-on class at your local Rockler store

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4. Origin of food

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If you’ve ever wondered how some of your favorite foods and drinks are made, Vermont’s Origins of Food tour should be a treat. Avid foodies embark on a 4-day trip through the Champlain Valley that includes multiple tastings, hands-on workshops, and visits to local farms. A minimum group size of four is required to book the retreat, and prices include a stay for two at a local B&B.

Sign up for the Origins of Food Tour in Lake Champlain for $799

5. Desert Botanical Garden

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Are you ready to catch up on your cactus know-how? Gardening in an arid climate can yield spectacular results if you know how to manage soil and heat. The Phoenix Desert Botanical Garden offers landscaping classes both in person and online for those who want to learn to grow in extremely hot and dry conditions. Choose an introductory course or work towards a certificate.

Sign up for desert landscape classes at the Desert Botanical Garden, prices vary

6. AR DIY workshops

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Learn to make folk crafts while having fun with AR Workshops, offering hands-on DIY classes across 33 states. Gather a group of friends and book the studio for an instructor-led class in making cushions, wooden signs, trays, knit blankets and more. Alternatively, the brand also offers take-home DIY-to-GO kits.

Sign up for a DIY workshop at AR, prices vary

7. Gardening with the University of Hawaii

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Hawaii is home to some truly amazing flora, so it’s no wonder Oprah chose it as the location for her dream garden. If you don’t want to travel there right now, you can learn some Hawaiian gardening tips with an online course at Maui College. One of the most popular is the edible gardening class, which has two options – self-paced or with an instructor’s guidance.

Enroll in the Start Your Own Edible Garden online course at Maui College for $165

8. Arkansas State Park

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Outdoor enthusiasts can learn a lot from the Arkansas State Parks calendar of events, which lists a variety of fun, family-friendly experiences. For example, the Build Your Own Herbal Apothecary course trains students on the use of herbs for health and beauty, while the Wild Weeds and Seasonal Greens activity teaches participants how to forage for edible native plants.

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9. square meter gardening

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Maximize your harvest and keep plants clean by using the square foot gardening method. Start with an affordable introductory course that includes six modules and practical reference handouts. After that, you can proceed to the Instructor Certification course, which prepares you to teach gardening to others.

Sign up for the Level 1 SFG Introductory Course at Square Foot Gardening for $29.95

10. Native Plant Trust

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Based in Framingham, Massachusetts, the Native Plant Trust is a plant protection organization dedicated to the preservation and protection of native New England plants. The Trust also offers educational resources such as courses in horticulture and design, as well as botany and conservation. Course offerings include plant ecology, introduction to designing with native plants and diversifying your lawn. Classes can be online or in person, and costs vary by class.

Sign up for online or in-person classes with the Native Plant Trust, prices vary

11. The gardener

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If you want to keep gardening despite the cold weather, you should take the Market Gardener Institute’s winter cultivation and season extension course. It is an in-depth but self-paced online course aimed at experienced growers looking to conquer the winter weather.

Sign up for winter growing and season extension at The Market Gardener for $399

12. The Dallas Garden School

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Founded by gardening expert Callie Works-Leary, Dallas Garden School offers a variety of courses for both aspiring and experienced green fingers. Classes run the gamut, including fall vegetable gardening, hardy annual cut flowers, biological pest control, and a special course focused on gardening in a North Texas climate. The school offers classes via Zoom, on-demand, or in person, and prices start at $29.

Sign up for classes at Dallas Garden School, prices vary

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