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Falcons Beyond Global, LLCa leading, fully integrated global entertainment development company specializing in the creation and enhancement of intellectual property (IP) announced details of its upcoming world-class theme park. Katmandu Park | Punta Cana. Designed and built by Falcon’s and expected to open in the Dominican Republic in early 2023, Katmandu Park will feature state-of-the-art rides and attractions that immerse guests in the Company’s original, proprietary franchise, The Hidden Realms of Katmandu.

Katmandu Park | Punta Cana comes to life through immersive storytelling experiences, including four tented attractions and the use of multiple proprietary technologies. Part of an overarching, episodic Katmandu story, these grand rides stand on their own while living in the universe of the Katmandu franchise. Falcon’s Beyond has carefully tailored the attraction systems to the chapters in the story of Katmandu so that guests are best immersed in the unfolding adventure while allowing them to enjoy each as an independent experience.

“Katmandu Park | Punta Cana will offer an unprecedented theme park experience based on the beloved characters of our own amazing Katmandu universe,” he said Cecil D. Magpuri, CEO of Falcon’s Beyond. “Guests will truly lose themselves in the hidden realms of Katmandu through innovative rides and attractions that offer unsurpassed and immersive storytelling. Combined with other daytime and nighttime entertainment, dining and shopping options, Katmandu Park will provide an exceptional experience for families and theme park lovers in Punta Cana’s prime resort location.”

Katmandu Park | Signature attractions of Punta Cana include:

Voyage of the Fathom Wanderers: The park will feature its first-ever Suspended Theater attraction, in which guests will accompany Kilgore Goode on an underwater mission to protect the hidden realm of Azurlan from a sea monster. For this attraction, guests step inside and begin the experience in what appears to be a standard widescreen theater experience. But unlike experiences found at other parks around the world, there’s a key element of surprise: Guests are quickly but elegantly lifted through the air and placed in front of another giant, composite curved screen that projects them into the introduces history. Riders will soar through epic adventures as this unparalleled attraction delivers the unique sensation of flying in a whole new way.

Mad Magician’s Challenge: The ON!X Theater attraction will reinvent the traditional 4D interactive theater with an impressive array of features seamlessly combined with advanced technology. Here, an explorer-magician named Alvis challenges guests to a blaster duel through the Hidden Realms. A fully interactive, real-time system gives each player the power to control the outcome of the action and even influence the narrative that unfolds before them on the huge cinema-style screen, guaranteeing repeatability to discover new areas and interactions. A unique aiming system provides accurate and persistent position tracking, recognizing not only where players are aiming, but also where and how they move their blasters. At the same time, power seats provide guests with multi-sensory feedback in the form of bumps, tickles, vibration, wind, air blast, water mist, scent, localized speakers in headrests and more.

Legend of Desirata: The 4D Dark Ride attraction is a sophisticated attraction typically only found in the world’s largest theme parks. It will be an immersive experience, telling the creation story of Kathmandu and allowing guests to feel the thrill of adventure through movement. Guests follow inventor and explorer Kilgore Goode to the Himalayas in a dynamically moving vehicle to experience his journey into the hidden realms as he discovers the mysterious Desirata. The attraction features multiple integrated projection screens that deliver high frame rate, high-fidelity stereoscopic 3D media content, immersive audio, lighting effects, wind effects, and stunning scenic elements throughout guests’ journey. The action around the driver and on screens is choreographed with the vehicle’s movement, making it feel like the driver is truly immersed in the story alongside the characters.

EtherQuest: This interactive, walk-through attraction makes its global debut at Katmandu Park | Punta Cana. The attraction combines proprietary technologies, intricate scenic elements, immersive projection and an interactive gameplay journey to reinvent a traditional walk-through experience. Some of the rooms feature projections on all four walls to transport guests from the halls of “Jadu” (the house of Kathmandu) to the hidden realms to defeat powerful explorer-mages with various interactive props, a priceless EtherMetal ember to find and return home. To allow guests to explore, play and influence their experience, this attraction uses an action-packed interactive walk-through system where guests truly are the protagonists of their own adventure.

More Attractions in Kathmandu | Punta Cana Park includes Expedition Golf, a 36-hole mountain and cave mini-golf course, High Point Adventure, an outdoor ropes course experience, and The Quadagon, featuring four unique indoor climbing courses for adults and children. The centerpiece of the parking lot will be the Wheel of Infinite Wonder, a Katmandu-style carousel with custom figures inspired by creatures and characters from the hidden realms. The park offers several themed food and drink outlets, carnival-style games, retail outlets and an arcade. Every guest of Katmandu Park | Punta Cana will receive a smart wristband that carries their attraction passes, allows cashless payments and gives them their own unique and virtual identity with BeyondME™, a new free fan loyalty and online play platform for all ages. This allows guests to customize their own BeyondME persona, personalize their avatar, collect and spend experience points as a virtual currency called XP, and upgrade their status for additional benefits. In addition to the real-world experiences at the park, BeyondME will connect to various digital experiences such as mobile gaming, Roblox, and online shopping to earn and redeem XP. The theme park industry has long been dominated by the traditional “megapark” “experiences – attractions scattered across a huge footprint. With Katmandu Park, Falcon’s will offer a revolutionary alternative through a “Big Experience/Small Footprint” theme park concept that offers world-class experiences in a smaller landscape. Katmandu Parks will be connected to world-class resort destinations, offering consumers a unique “resort” hotel experience that seamlessly blends exceptional entertainment experiences with world-class resort amenities. The first of these new resorts, Falcon’s Resort by Meliá | Opening in December 2022, All Suites Punta Cana is just steps from the park.

After Punta Cana, Falcon’s is expected to open Katmandu Parks in locations around the world including: Tenerife, Canary Islands, scheduled to open in 2024; Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, scheduled to open in 2025; and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with an opening date to be announced.

Expanding on the original Katmandu Park, which opened in Mallorca, Spain in 2012, to complement the beach holiday experience, Punta Cana Park has since introduced millions of guests to Katmandu’s whimsical universe. Evolving the original concept with proprietary attraction technologies and compelling story concepts, the Punta Cana location is the latest step in Falcon’s mission to enable the Katmandu franchise for all forms of entertainment, including entertainment content, consumer goods and, of course, themed location-based entertainment destinations.

The Unveiling of Katmandu Park | Punta Cana follows other recent transformative news from Falcon’s Beyond. On July 12, Falcon’s Beyond announced plans to enter into a definitive merger agreement with FAST Acquisition Corp. II (“FAST II”) (NYSE: FZT), a special purpose acquisition company founded and directed by Doug Jacob, to become a public company on Nasdaq by Sandy Beall. Upon completion of the transaction, the newly merged company will be named Falcon’s Beyond Global, Inc. and is expected to be listed on the Nasdaq under the ticker symbol “FBYD”. Additional information about the transaction can be found on the Investor Relations section of Falcon’s website.

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