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Elden Ring is a big, intimidating game. As with other FromSoftware titles, the difficulty can be punishing at times. Unlike the others, this is an open world game and its size can make it difficult to know where to go next. You can go almost anywhere you want right from the start. But where to go first?​​​​​​

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This list of places is just a drop in the bucket of those worth visiting in the Lands Between. However, there are things about these places that will help you significantly in your journey and you should not miss them. Rise now, you defiled ones. Adventure awaits you.


10/10 Church of Elleh

The Church of Elleh is the first place to visit when stepping out into the wide world. Just follow the light trail from your starting point and avoid the Tree Sentinel patrolling on horseback. The Church contains a Place of Mercy, a Blacksmith’s Table, and the Merchant’s Cabbage.

Kale will sell you the crafting kit, which allows you to craft simple items while adventuring. Definitely come back here after meeting Melina and getting torrent. Renna will be waiting to give you the Spirit Calling Bell and Lone Wolf Ashes, your first summon.

9/10 Gatefront Ruins

If you follow the road north from the Church of Elleh, it will eventually lead you to the Gatefront Ruins. Several Godrick soldiers have made camp in the ruins, so it’s advisable to bypass the west side, where you’ll see a Site of Mercy near Stormveil Castle’s gate. As you rest in this place of grace, you will meet Melina.

This mysterious woman grants you the ability to use the Sites of Mercy to spend runes to level up your character. She also gives you the Spectral Steed Whistle, which you can use to summon the horned steed torrent – making it faster to explore the wide world. If you’ve got what it takes to clear the ruins of enemies, you’ll find an underground room containing a Whetstone Knife and the Storm Stomp Ash of War.

8/10 Boc, the demi-human

While still at the Stormveil Castle area gate, you should explore an area immediately east of the telescope on the road from the Gatefront Ruins towards the bridge. You are in the right place when you hear a disembodied voice calling out to you.

The voice belongs to Boc, a unique demi-human who appears to have stumbled upon Don Cheadle’s Captain Planet after being thrown from its lair. Freeing him will start his quest line, allowing him to make cosmetic changes to your armor for free.

7/10 Ruins burned by dragons

The Dragonscorched Ruins are located at the southern end of Lake Agheel. A big surprise awaits you along the way, but you can avoid it by circling carefully. Once inside the ruins you’ll find some enemies that aren’t too dangerous and a set of stairs leading down to a chest.

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This isn’t the chest you want. It’s a trap that will teleport you across the map to a very unfriendly area. Low walls surround the chest you want to open. Use Torrent to jump across, go down the stairs and grab the Twinblade, an impressive early weapon.

6/10 Early Dungeons

You have your trusty steed. You have your first set of ash. Now you want to test your courage. The Gatefront Ruins are probably still a bit of a challenge at this point, but there are some smaller cave dungeons in the area that are perfect for getting your feet wet. You need a torch, which you can get from Merchant Kale.

Groveside Cave and the Stormfoot Catacombs are smaller dungeons that can help you understand what to expect later. These early dungeons are optional, but the Flamedrake Talisman you get for defeating the Groveside Cave boss can be a handy touch.

5/10 coastal cave

Coastal Cave is an optional location with a familiar face. Once you’ve freed Boc from his tree prison, you’ll find him in rough shape at the Place of Grace. Working your way through the dungeon will lead you to a tough early boss fight, but you’ll be rewarded with the sewing needle, which you’ll need to progress Boc’s quest line.

Keep moving through the cave after defeating the boss and you’ll find yourself in the Church of Dragon Communion. You can later buy spells here once you have some dragon hearts.

4/10 Limgrave Tunnel

If you want to upgrade your gear at the Forge Tables, you’ll need some Forge Stones. You can snag some of these in the Limgrave Tunnels on the northwest corner of Lake Agheel.

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The creatures in the tunnels are resistant to melee attacks. So if you have any magical skills, the tunnels are the place to show them off. Just make sure to save some FP for the boss at the end of the dungeon. Clearing the tunnels should net you a handful of Forgestones, a Sinister Forgestone, and the Roar Medallion.

3/10 Three huts

There are a few cottages in Limgrave that are worth your time. The Artist’s Cabin, the Warmaster’s Cabin, and Stormhill’s Cabin. Each of these places has something to offer.

The Artist’s Shack puts you on your art collector journey. The Warmaster’s Cabin will have a vendor that sells Ashes of War. There’s a boss there too if you know where to look. At the Stormhill Shack you will find a woman named Roderika. Talk to her a few times and you’ll get a new pose and the excellent Spirit Jellyfish Ashes.

2/10 Murkwater Cave

It can be difficult to get to Murkwater Cave. Walk down the path to the lake south of the bridge in Limgrave. Follow the shore north and under the bridge, but be careful. Bloody Finger Nerijus will enter when you reach the cave. You will get help from another NPC, but it’s still a tough fight.

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After clearing the cave and looting a chest, Patches, a FromSoftware veteran, will start a fight with you. You have the option to spare his life during the fight, after which he becomes a trader, selling Margit’s Shackle, Stone Sword Key, and other items.

1/10 Fort Haight

Kenneth Haight has a problem. He is to become the next ruler of Limgrave, but he has no seat to rule from. He asks you to help him clean up Fort Haight.

You’ll find Kenneth on the road north, past the bridge leading away from the Gatefront ruins. He’ll be on some tower debris that’s across the street. Go to his stronghold and defeat the knight at the top, and Kenny will reward you with an Earthsteel Dagger. And maybe even a knighthood.

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