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Sandra Lee, better known as dr Pimple Popper, says there aren’t many foods that disgust her. (Photo: Getty; designed by Nathalie Cruz)

Because food connects us all, Yahoo Life serves up tons of table talk with people who are passionate about what’s on their menu eraseda series about food.

fans love dr Sandra Lee, Founder of SLMD Skincare and Star of TLC’s dr Pimple Popper for the wild – and sometimes a bit rough – cases that come through her dermatology practice. But does Lee’s interest in the unusual and annoying extend to her food interests?

Not necessarily. Lee may be interested in bizarre skin conditions, but the 51-year-old doctor says she doesn’t order bizarre foods. For them, that means “no internal organs, feet, and eyeballs.” Fair point as these are not the most common items on take away menus.

While Lee may be a leader in her field when dealing with patients with skin conditions, her own skin appears flawless on camera. But does the food play a role in this? “I just try to eat healthy when I can,” she tells Yahoo Life, “with more fiber, less salt, less fried food, and I try to get lots of sleep when I can.”

Lee’s “no eyeballs” rule doesn’t mean she’s against trying new and interesting things. In fact, she says, growing up in a Sino-Singaporean and Sino-Malaysian household, she experienced a wide variety of amazing cuisines. Some of her favorite dishes include Singapore Noodles (a rice noodle stir-fry), Panang Chicken (a coconut milk-based curry), Beef Rendang (a tender beef stew), Satay (grilled meat on a skewer), and Laksa (a spicy noodle). Court).

But she’s not a fan of cooking for herself. Lee’s favorite meal is, well, what someone else makes. “I like making a few reservations,” she says.

However, she tends to find culinary inspiration closer to home… in someone else’s kitchen. “When I go to my mom’s for dinner – my mom is a fantastic cook and it’s almost always a 10-course meal, prepared with ease,” she says. “There is not a drop of sweat on her forehead, not a curt command from her lips. I will take photos of these masterpieces and post them [on social media].”

But it’s not all takeout or dinner at her mom’s. “Sometimes I get a cooking spurt, and on a Christmas day I wanted to take these really tasty and quirky hors d’oeuvres home to my parents’ house for dinner,” she recalls. “I spent the night before shopping and all morning preparing for these ‘holy meatballs.’ I put them in the fridge for 30 minutes to chill before cooking and completely forgot about them.”

“I didn’t even remember not cooking them until the end of the day when I got home,” she continues. “I’m that bad.”

Growing up, Lee’s family enjoyed a mix of “traditional American food” like prime rib or ham, along with traditional Singaporean and Malaysian dishes. But when it comes to comfort food, their cravings are surprisingly simple. “I’m a salty person, not a sweet one,” she says. “I love french fries and potato chips.”

Sandra Lee says when she hosts a dinner party, she serves a lot of food so her guests can take the leftovers home.  (Photo: SLMD Skincare)

Sandra Lee says when she hosts a dinner party, she serves a lot of food so her guests can take the leftovers home. (Photo: SLMD Skincare)

Lee also loves a good slice of pizza, or even a not-so-good one. “I’m a fan of pepperoni pizza,” she says, “and it’s often even better the next day.

As the star of her own reality TV show, Lee is no stranger to dinner parties. She doesn’t necessarily focus on the food at these events, but rather on “wonderful conversation, laughter and entertainment.”

“I especially love healthy competition,” she adds, explaining her penchant for putting out board games, “but not high-pressure games.” Lee’s other secret to feeling great at a social gathering, of course, is her Prep skin – she’s adamant about investing time in her skincare routine to keep it looking and feeling good. “If I get a pimple a day or two before a dinner party, I’ll dab a little of my SLMD Skincare BP Spot Treatment to make sure my breakout gets the ‘you’re not invited’ memo.”

“And of course, [I serve] an overabundance of food so people can take some home and I have something left over for the next day,” she adds.

When invited to a potluck dinner, her favorite entry comes as no surprise to fans of her show. “Pimple cupcakes,” she says. “They’re interactive, but you might have to close your eyes when you take a bite because they might taste great, but you might not think like that when you look at them while you’re eating.”

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