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Parents and caregivers have spent the last few months racking their brains to find every ounce of creativity to keep kids happy and engaged. With the start of an unusual school year well under way, it never hurts to have extra activities under your belt, virtual or otherwise. Online cooking classes give kids a chance to exercise their brains in the kitchen and come home with something tasty to share and new skills to boot. If you have a little chef at home, consider these local virtual cooking classes for kids.

Hudson table Hoboken {1403 Clinton Street, Hoboken}

Hoboken Summer Camp Hudson table

Classes at Hudson Table include baking techniques for kids, virtual Mommy & Me classes, and even a fall series of dishes from around the world for kids ages 8-14. Virtual classes include a live Zoom class from one of Hudson Table’s professional chefs. With the after-school cooking class, your kids will be preparing dinner for the family in no time. For more information on children’s classes at Hudson Table, please email Chef Sara at

Cook-Ease catering {1101 Bloomfield Street Unit A, Hoboken}

Cook Ease Catering Hoboken

{Photo credit: Cook Ease Catering}

At Cook Ease Catering, all chefs, big and small, are welcome. From private lessons to group classes, students will have fun learning basic cooking skills. Kids and teens will have loads of fun learning how to cook simple recipes in one hands-on experience. Marla teaches students a basic introduction to cooking, all about ingredients and how to work together to create amazing recipes at home. Specialty courses are available for parents and teens, grandparents and preschoolers, disabled cooking students, and teen culinary adventures for advanced cooking apprentices. Register online today and start having fun in your kitchen.

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Bambino cook {213 Newark Avenue, Jersey City}

Bambino cooking class

If you missed this year’s summer camp at Bambino Chef, don’t worry, virtual courses are available this fall. While all face-to-face courses and camps have been moved online, virtual courses offer just as much information and fun for young chefs at home. A minimum of five children must participate for private lessons, while private school group lessons are designed for larger groups. Depending on the age group, students can learn independence and self-discipline in the kitchen with minimal assistance. Visit the website for course and material details.

Taste Bud Kitchen {109 West 27th Street, New York}

taste buds kitchen ny

{Image credit: @tastebudskitchen}

A great option for the whole family, Taste Buds Kitchen caters to kids by day and becomes a BYOB kitchen for adults by night. Enjoy special one-off courses that are great for chefs aged two and up. Childcare classes are designed for parent-child pairs, with registration per child. Family courses are for several children, carers and parents to have fun cooking together. Registration for these courses is per person. Students can choose between baking cupcakes and cookies, learning to make dinner, or a five-day virtual cooking science camp that will teach kids the science behind cooking magic.

Fresh made NYC {636 Broadway No. 516, New York}

fresmade at home nyc

{Image credit: @freshmadenyc}

Depending on your child’s age, Freshmade NYC has three sessions to choose from. Little Chefs for children aged 2 to 4 offers classes on how to make homemade pretzel sticks, garden yoghurt pots, banana boats and much more. The Road Trip series, for ages 5-10, focuses on making peach pies, Cuban-style rice, and unique dishes like watermelon poke bowls. For older children, the Teen Series, ages 11-17, spends their time making homemade pasta, learning advanced cooking techniques, and discovering new flavors as they bake cakes and learn how to season well. Students prepare savory and sweet recipes from scratch and have the opportunity to add additional themed activity courses throughout the week.

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Home Cooking New York {158 Grand Street, New York}

Home Cooking New York

{Image credit: @homecookingny}

At Home Cooking New York, there are many ways for kids to get involved in the kitchen, with or without the help of a parent. One-to-one group classes are open to children aged 10+ to attend with a parent {children 13+ can attend independently}. In classes, young chefs learn to cook vegetables, prepare a Northern Italy-inspired dinner, make their own bagels and take part in a French crepe workshop. If these classes pique your interest, check out the Adult Culinary Bootcamp. Look at the stream class calendar for availability.

What other unique virtual experiences are your kids doing this fall? Share your creative ideas in the comments below!

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