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Temperatures may be falling in parts of the country, but the internet kept our hearts warm this week with cute images of Halloween costumes and candy-laden kids. Here are some of the other moments that made us smile:

A nurse in the emergency room surprised his loved one with a suitable proposal

Jacob and Kelsey are both emergency room nurses at a Georgia hospital, and their romance has blossomed over the past year. When Kelsey was recently called to the hospital’s rooftop helipad, she thought it was just another day at work and dutifully arrived with a stretcher. However, Jacob had other plans.

Congratulations Jacob and Kelsey!

A college student missed her mom’s cooking skills…so her mom found a cute solution

When college student and entrepreneur Lauren Hollis told her mother she was sad that the food she cooks never tastes like her mother’s, she didn’t expect to wake up the next morning to six videos of her mother giving the instructions included to prepare their favorite foods.

Hollis started posting the videos on her TikTok feed, and now the internet is feeling appropriately mothered.

“Please do more. My mother never taught me to cook. I need help lol,” wrote one commenter.

“She is OUR mom now,” wrote another.

We’re fans, Mama Hollis!

Craig Melvin captured our hearts by rocking an earring

As Craig Melvin’s daughter Sybil turned 5 this week, it was finally time for her to make her wish come true: pierced ears. But she was nervous.

At her request, Craig agreed to get her own ear pierced in solidarity. That led to his young son Dell, 7, and his wife Lindsay Czarniak also taking the plunge.

That was a big deal for Craig. “All my family and friends who have known me for a long time are absolutely stunned by the piercing,” he laughed. “I’m not the piercing type.”

As if that wasn’t cute enough, when Craig’s mom, Betty Jo, was asked her opinion on his new accessory, he had the cutest reaction, squirming in his seat, looking absolutely stunned, and whispering to Al Roker, “You got my mom called?! ”

But Betty Jo was just as proud of Craig as we were. Good job dad!

One boy’s generosity on Halloween made thousands swoon

A little Ohio boy named Dylan Suiter was out trick-or-treating on Halloween when he came across something terrifying on a neighbor’s porch: an empty candy bowl. He quickly reached into his own pocket and left some of his candy in the bowl for other kids to find.

Dylan had no idea his impromptu gesture would be seen by anyone else – but it went viral after being caught on a doorbell camera.

“Who knew a random act of kindness would get so much attention!” Dylan’s mother, Sarah Suiter, told NBC affiliate WLWT-TV in Cincinnati. “A proud mom and puts into perspective all the times you think you’re failing as a parent that we’re doing something right.”

Keep it up Dylan – and Dylan’s mom!

A deaf baby got emotional when he heard his mother for the first time

TikTok user @christina_pax posted a video of her deaf girl getting a hearing aid for the first time this week and hearing her mother’s voice.

“I’ve been thinking about posting this video of my deaf daughter hearing my voice for the first time,” Christina shared of the video. “Hearing aids are not a magical ‘solution’ for deaf people. Deaf people do not need care. They are just a tool to access sounds.”

As her little girl’s face displayed a range of emotions, from confusion to fear to joy and love, Christina added, “But this was a very special moment for us.”

The little girl isn’t the only one feeling emotions at this moment. Thank you for sharing it with us Christina and for explaining what it means to you.

A Boy’s Story Reminds Us That “Everyone Has Value”

Fair warning: this story will probably make you cry, but it will be worth it.

As Inside the NBA host Ernie Johnson announced the death of his son Michael this week at the age of 33, the NBA once again shared Michael’s adoption story and powerful message on TNT.

Michael was born in Romania and had Duchenne muscular dystrophy. Johnson and his wife Cheryl adopted Michael in 1991.

Cheryl met 3-year-old Michael at a Romanian orphanage, where she learned that he had been found abandoned in a park when he was born and had never been outside again. He could neither walk nor speak.

“He’s three years old and has this deadly disease and you don’t know what you’re going to do and how you’re going to deal with it. You’re wondering where’s the value?” said Johnson. “The amazing thing is that the value reveals itself.”

Michael built relationships that transformed the people he knew and loved. As his father said, “Everyone has value.”

We urge you not to smile at this baby

If you’ve been anywhere near TikTok lately, you’ve seen the “caught a vibe” trend set on the song “Meet Me at Our Spot” by Willow Smith and The Anxiety. Our favorite entry is that of TikTok user @elijahmayanja91 and his adorable baby.

We love your mood!


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