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If you survived summer’s travel chaos, consider yourself lucky. And if you’re traveling this winter, be prepared, because vacation travel is always crazy.

If there’s one thing we can all learn from the summer travel season — at least as passengers — it’s to avoid checking a bag at all costs. Depending on the reason you’re traveling or how long you’re going to be away, that might not be possible. But if you’re going on a short trip (e.g. a week or less), carry-on only is a very doable goal. And the strategy is not only easier to pack, but also smarter.

Here’s a packing list of the best travel gear to get you through the airport (and beyond) as calmly and quickly as possible this year.

Touted as the lightest carry-on suitcase (adult) on the market at just 3.9 pounds empty, it’s also incredibly durable for such a thin chassis. (Also incredibly important if you’re traveling on an airline that’s an advocate of carry-on weight limits and/or airplanes with smaller overhead bins.) The polycarbonate shell is water-resistant with a stain-resistant nylon lining and dual wheels slide in with near-silence on smooth floors buildings. But most importantly, you really can pack a lot – certainly enough for a weekend getaway or a few more days – with 32 liters (8.5 liquid gallons) of storage space inside.

Or maybe if you’re giving up a bag, make the most of it. A staple in luggage space, Victorinox recently introduced its Spectra 3.0 collection, a range of clever suitcases designed for professional frequent flyers. The forefather of the bunch is the trunk, available in black or the brand’s characteristic red, with a full maximum volume of up to 99 litres. (Yet the suitcase itself only weighs 11.7 pounds, a remarkably small amount considering how large that suitcase is on its own, and it doesn’t compare to an airline’s weight limits — typically at 50 pounds per checked bag save other medium and large suitcases.)

Parker Clay is an Ethiopian-made, B-corp certified premium leather and handwoven goods brand offering a variety of luxury leather goods from backpacks and weekend bags to laptop bags and briefcases. Ethically and sustainably handcrafted from 100% Ethiopian leather, each style supports the brand’s center of excellence which provides women in Ethiopia with personal and professional development and employment. To date, Parker Clay has generated over 800,000 hours of empowerment.

Once you have the suitcase, the most efficient way to get the most out of it for you is by packing cubes. These don’t add any weight, but they give you more extra room than you could ever believe, whether you believe in rolling your clothes or subscribe to the new “bundle packing” doctrine.

Traveling dehydrated, and while you should definitely drink plenty of water, you should also keep your skin hydrated. Feeling refreshed in any way keeps you cooler—both physically and mentally. Be strategic when packing toiletries. Try to find and package items that can do double duty, like this moisturizer from British health and beauty retailer Boots. Safe to apply to face and hands, this vegan cream is formulated to precisely adjust the pH of your face with prebiotics and probiotics, leaving your skin feeling instantly hydrated.

If you’re a Diptyque devotee, you can now take your favorite fragrances with you in a TSA-approved size. This 12mL canister is refillable onto the spray bottle of any classic Diptyque perfume (50 and 100mL) and is customisable, including an adaptation kit available with purchase of the travel spray. The travel fragrance is available in four of the brand’s emblematic fragrances: Do Son, Philosykos, Eau Rose and Eau des Sens.

Kids are kids, and you can’t blame them for being unhappy while stuck at the airport. (Adults tend to behave much worse anyway.) While there are plenty of references to how much screen time kids should be getting, nearly every parent I’ve met has stressed the saving grace of a tablet to show their kids to Travel, by plane or car. The battery lasts up to 10 hours on a single charge, and the 7-inch screen is protected with a child-resistant protective case because you know that thing is going to fall on that hard linoleum floor – and often. (And for adults, Amazon recently released an updated version of the Fire 7, again with up to 10 hours of battery life, plus support for Alexa, Prime Video, music, and if you really can’t avoid them, Zoom calls.)

This is by no means a fully secure method or device to protect and track your property in the event it is lost. But at least it’s something. When it comes to locating your keys around the house (or even the neighborhood), Tile is a real lifesaver that works incredibly well given the price (which has remained relatively stable over the years) and tiny form factor at an amazing price . Compatible with both iOS and Android tracking apps, Tile Pro has the longest Bluetooth range of up to 400 feet and the loudest ring, allowing travelers to hear their luggage ringing in a crowded airport. If you think your suitcase is really lost, you can use the Tile app to see its last location or select Notify me when found to enlist the secure help of Tile’s global network to find it take. The company says it’s heard customers say airport officials often don’t have information about their lost luggage… until they show them the location on the Tile app where those bags were found.

Alternatively, you can slip a Tile Slim into a passport holder, wallet or luggage tag. And you can put a tile decal on all those things you have on an airplane – e.g. Laptop, glasses case, tablet, earphone case, etc. – which are of high value and likely to be left behind on a chaotic travel day.

If you travel with pets, you know that while it’s worth the effort to bring them, it’s still a lot of work. Beís makes many extremely useful, functional and aesthetically pleasing accessories that make travel feel cool again, and the brand has expanded these to include more pet items, including tote bags and a leash that includes a minimalist shoulder bag that holds a phone can fit and a passport with ease as well as garbage bags. You can even fold and tuck in your boarding pass if you still need to print it out.

This has to be the smallest (or at least one of the smallest) deodorants you can pack that’s both effective and long-lasting (both for keeping odor to a minimum and for how many uses you can squeeze out of a tiny tube ). The highly concentrated cream contains a proprietary fragrance-free and microplastic-free formula that the brand claims is kind to your body and the environment. Tubes range from 15 to 20 milliliters and require a pea-sized amount with each use. It is easy to carry and can last up to 10 weeks, especially good for long backpacking trips. To top it off, it’s packaged in a recyclable cane tube.

Even the most seasoned frequent flyer still needs a little help to recover from jet lag, especially on extra-long, long-haul flights. Fount, a personalized healthcare system focused on body optimization and human performance, is gearing up to launch its FlyKitt, which is said to be equipped with everything travelers need to breathe, feel better and sleep better after long journeys . These include custom-made supplements (including a vegan option) to support the immune system and shift your circadian rhythm, compression stockings for blood flow, special sunglasses that control both the total amount of light and specific frequencies reaching the eye to maintain your time shift, place and pre-dosed coffee and sugar blends to influence the central and peripheral circadian rhythm. (And of course, a set of earplugs, an eye mask, and some RXBar protein bars for good measure.)

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