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TThe pandemic has forced children to spend far more time at home than parents planned earlier in the year. And after nine months of this reality, chances are you’ll run out of ways to keep them busy. An online cooking class for kids will keep them engaged and teach them new skills that will last a lifetime – and you might even get a good meal along the way.

Depending on your kids’ ages, you may need to help them through the process, but at least you don’t have to expend the mental energy to find something for them. Browse our eight most popular online cooking classes for kids below.

8 online cooking classes for kids

1. The Infant Nutrition Laboratory, $30

The Children’s Food Lab is not a traditional cooking class. These sessions empower young people to take control of their wellbeing through food arts and scientific discovery labs. Students learn the stories behind the ingredients they eat and use all five senses to explore and cook with those ingredients. Each class lasts 90 minutes and costs $30.

Connect: Children’s Food Lab, $30

2. Baking Club, free

Milk Bar founder Christina Tosi visits her IGTV once a week for Bake Club, a free class for families to get messy and creative. The recipes can be found on their website and you can watch each episode live on IGTV or catch up whenever you have time.

Connect: Baking club, free

3. Teen & Tiny Chefs Clubs, $25 to $450

Sign up for great online cooking classes through Tiny Chefs. Individual lessons start at $25. For $50, you’ll have access to on-demand cooking classes, recipes, activities, and more for a month. For $450, you can save on an annual membership that adds new monthly content and includes unlimited cooking classes on Zoom.

Connect: Teen & Tiny Chefs Club, $25 to $450

4. Home Cooking New York, $40 to $45

Home Cooking New York offers 90-minute virtual cooking classes that are open to children ages 10-12 with a parent, and to children 13 and older to attend independently. A single session is $45, but if you join the weekly Supper Club, the class is $40. This includes all members of your family. You can select a course from this calendar to suit your taste and schedule.

Connect: Home cooking New York, $40 to $45

5. Taste Buds Kitchen, $30 to $40

Take virtual cooking classes that last between 90 and 120 minutes and cost between $30 and $40. There are different courses for every age group. You can select a class from this calendar to suit your child’s age, tastes and schedule. You can also book private online classes for a special occasion or just because.

Connect: Taste Bud Kitchen, $30 to $40

6. Food Literacy Center, Free

The Food Literacy Center is a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving children’s nutritional knowledge. You can access 12 pre-recorded lessons, plus downloads for materials lists, recipes, and worksheets. To help the center continue its work, you can also donate here.

Connect: Food Literacy Center, free

7. Kids cook real food, $19 to $150

Depending on the age of your children, you can find a package that is great for your family through Kids Cook Real Food. The Teach Little Kids Real Kitchen Skills Pack is for kids ages two to seven and gives you unlimited access to four pre-recorded videos and matching flashcards for $25. The Kids Cook Solo program is for children eight years and older. It costs $50 for 12 months access to 15 pre-recorded courses. And the family package is $150 for 45 downloadable videos. There are also individual courses that start at $19.

Connect: Kids cook real food, $19 to $150

8. Kids cook green, $28 to $300

Through live Zoom classes with Kids Cooking Green, kids learn to prepare everything from veggie nori rolls to red velvet cupcakes. Different classes work for different age groups, so check out what’s on offer. You can sign up for private classes for around $30, a five-week course for $300, or private parties for $425. The lessons last between one and two hours.

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