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For Greg Brownell, one of the great moments in life is a child’s first carrot.

“A fresh potato or carrot doesn’t taste like the potato or carrot you get from a grocery store,” said Brownell, director of sustainability and community relations at The Farm at South Mountain.

“And when a kid eats the first carrot that comes out of a garden, straight from the garden, the look on their face is amazing. Because it’s so cute, it’s so different. … That person will be looking for that flavor for the rest of their life.”

Whether it’s taking advantage of the opportunity to grow food at home or taking up a hobby, some Arizona residents have embraced gardening.

It’s not realistic to suddenly switch to growing your entire food supply. Pam Perry, a volunteer master gardener at Maricopa County Cooperative Extension, says she should look at a home garden as an addition.

“It’s a nice addition to have something that you can go out and pick, but we still have good sources that our local farmers produce, and we also still have the statewide and international sources in our grocery stores,” she said.

Jessica and Ryan Jerrell, owners of Dig It Gardens.

Still, Ryan Jerrell, who owns Dig It Gardens in Phoenix with his wife Jessica, has seen a surge in people making an effort to learn the basics.

“It’s definitely, via email anyway, I can confirm that from that vantage point we’ve seen more questions: How do we get started?” he said.

While gardening is something anyone can take on, there are a number of factors to consider, especially in a climate like Arizona’s.

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