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Pack your bags for 2023! A new piece of luggage or a new backpack makes the perfect gift for the traveler in your life.

From classic suitcases to hybrid backpacks that can be used both at home and on the go, we’ve compiled a list of the latest and greatest travel luggage choices.

Mystery Ranch Mission Rover 45

The Mission Rover ($225) combines the best of both worlds for travelers: the convenient portability of a backpack (hands free!) with the space and organization of a rolling suitcase.

Due to its square shape, it looks like a normal backpack at first glance. But instead of being top-loaded, it opens up into a full case when laid out, allowing for better organization and a more traditional packing experience than typical backpacks.

Just like a scooter, it has an “open book/clamshell” design with two large compartments for clothing, two mesh pockets for organizing small items, a dirty laundry/shoe compartment, and a padded laptop compartment in the front pocket that makes it easy to remove your computer, when you go through airport security. It’s a great design for those who prefer the backpacking method of travel but need a suitcase that can store business attire neatly folded and wrinkle-free (regular backpacks, for example, often require you to stuff things in unconventionally).

Bonus: Another new Mystery Ranch product that we like is the High Water Flip. It’s not an everyday travel backpack like the Mission Rover, but it’s totally waterproof and a good choice for people who commute in humid areas like the Northwest.

Gregory Rhune

Almost as important as your main case is your accessory backpack. When checking a suitcase, many people carry a backpack as a personal item (and possibly even their main suitcase). What travelers are looking for in this regard is a backpack that is comfortable to wear for long hours, can hold a laptop, organize small items, and best of all, fits easily under the front seat.

The Gregory Rhune (starting at $110) fits this bill perfectly, popular for its style, performance and functionality. It’s made from recycled fabrics and has an AirCushion mesh back panel to prevent back sweat during long airport transfers, and it has an integrated shoulder strap pocket, a top zip pocket for quick access, and a laptop compartment – sometimes inside, sometimes outside, depending on size, depending on need (the Rhune is available in 20L, 22L and 25L).

It’s great for travel but can also be used as an everyday commuter bag, earning it high marks for value and versatility.

Gregory Quadro Pro hard case

All suitcases have the same basic mission as a device to transport your clothes and belongings from one place to another. However, today they differentiate themselves through their accessories and design features.

The Gregory Quadro Pro Hard Case ($230) shows it’s intended for active and adventurous travelers with its ActiveShield compartment to separate dirty clothes, shoes or gear from clean clothes and to wrap the compartment with antimicrobial technology that Prevents odors from building up (or at least from being transferred to your clean clothes). The compartment can be removed and cleaned between uses.

It also has a tough polycarbonate shell and a TSA-approved combination lock (for transporting expensive outdoor gear) and a high-speed USB charging port on the outside of the case, so you can charge your device while you wait for your flight (and beyond laugh). huddled around the few and widely scattered airport charging stations).

Four wheels mean it can be rolled by your side so you don’t have to drag it behind you, and it fits easily in the overhead compartment.

Osprey Farpoint 55

One disadvantage of backpacking is that it is difficult to carry a daypack. If you use a scooter, you can simply carry your daypack on your back through the airport. But when you travel with a larger backpack, you are forced to leave your daypack at home, carry it awkwardly on the front, or somehow cram it into the larger backpack.

A brand new travel package from Osprey solves this problem. The Osprey Farpoint 55 ($220) is actually two backpacks in one. A smaller daypack is integrated into the frame of the larger backpack so you can detach it once you reach your destination. This is a great selling point for anyone who likes to travel with a daypack, but especially for those who head outdoors for hiking or biking.

The Farpoint 55 meets carry-on requirements and comes equipped with everything you need, including internal organization pockets and laptop sleeves.

Solgaard hand luggage cabinet

If you like staying super organized at all times or get frustrated when your clothes are all over the hotel room floor, check out Solgaard’s Carry-on Closet ($249). It features a patented “shelf system” with multiple pockets that allows for optimal separation of clothing and belongings, making it one of the most unique luggage products on the market.

Here’s how it works: you fill each shelf with your items — maybe one level for underwear, another for t-shirts, and so on — then compress them so they’re layered inside the suitcase. Then, when you reach your goal, pull the handle up to set the shelf upright. It stays upright on its own, giving you easy access to all your belongings and not having to pack them in hotel room drawers.

Royce & Rocket The Castle

Another interesting option for those who live out of their suitcases and prioritize organization is The Castle ($595), with a series of shelves under the top lid.

These shelves aren’t top stowable like the carry-on closet, but they offer a way to keep items within easy reach without scattering them all over the hotel room. Four 360-degree wheels make it easy to push alongside you, and the polycarbonate hard shell ensures durability.

“I never like to unpack on vacation because I don’t trust the cleanliness of the drawers,” said one user. “The design of this case is amazing. It only takes 2-3 minutes to set up once you arrive at the hotel and you’re living out of your suitcase in style. It’s easy to see all your stuff at a glance.”

The daily hand luggage with bag

If you travel to work often and need to carry both clothes and documents, Away’s Daily Carroy-on ($245) offers you more than a simple laptop sleeve.

It features a removable three-compartment accordion filing system that keeps your papers and documents organized, protected, and accessible during travel.

“I was traveling on business and not only was able to take my files with me, but I was able to pack a complete change of suit and toiletries,” said one user. “It opens from the top so I can slide it in front of me and work on the plane.”

The front exterior pocket holds your laptop for easy access when going through security or working on the go. It also has a removable laundry bag to keep your clean clothes fresh throughout your trip.

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