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Ashlee Wright MDA, RD, LD/N
Orlando Hwalth
Outpatient qualified nutritionist

It can be difficult to resist your aunt’s special filling or mom’s once-a-year Bûche De Noël if you’re trying not to gain pounds over the holidays. The truth is: you don’t have to. You just have to be smart and aware of what you eat.

The following tips will help you enjoy the holidays – and not regret New Year’s Eve.

Try these strategies

1. Don’t give up hard-earned good habits just because it’s the holiday season.

Even if you’re fine with maintaining other parts of your healthy routine, such as For example, exercise and a good night’s sleep, food and alcohol – which are ubiquitous at this time – can pose particular challenges. But many holiday traditions — shopping, wrapping, decorating, caroling — don’t necessarily involve food. Make a list of non-food celebration activities, then ask family and friends to come up with even more personal, meaningful favorites.

2. Don’t skip breakfast – skip treats that you can get 365 days a year. (See you M&Ms.)

You can make mashed potatoes every day. But your aunt’s filling? This is special, so enjoy it — but skip the store-bought bun. Yes, mindful eating can be hard to practice during a busy time of year, but the holidays roll around every year — chances are, this won’t be your last slice of pumpkin pie. Food cravings are of course real and completely normal. Instead of struggling to eliminate these feelings, try to control them and find a balance in your diet. Give yourself a “cookie budget” — or whatever you really want — and then spend it wisely on things that are truly special to you. Ordering pizza on a crazy night? Add a salad. Eating a more balanced diet helps you stay mindful as you get better nutritional value from what you eat. Just slowing down and making more conscious choices can quickly reduce calories. But don’t think about it too much – if all else fails, eat a vegetable.

3. Don’t go anywhere hungry.

being hanging isn’t pretty at all times of the year, and letting yourself get ravenous just calls for a fall. A healthy breakfast and light lunch will help you make better decisions later, especially when a glass or two of bubbly might shake your resolve. It might seem counterintuitive, but eating more normally during the day will help you make better choices at that fabulous dinner party you look forward to all year.

4. Say “Yes, but…”

Eating is a tricky business – especially when you have a smorgasbord in front of you – so come up with a few tricks of your own. You really can taste a little of everything if you make portion control your friend. A few ideas:

  • Use the smallest disk available.
  • Don’t settle near the buffet.
  • Treat yourself to an elegant clutch style bag – they are both elegant and make it more difficult to balance and drink from a plate. (Plus, it puts something in your hand that isn’t food).

While we all make many food choices every day of the year, in a TikTok world of instant gratification, it can be especially hard to resist the lure of holiday indulgence. Trouble is, as this sugar high wears off quickly, you’ll soon be craving for another. And another. Instead of fighting the battle of avoidance, make the things you want part of your plan. Love those peanut butter blossoms that you only make once a year with your best friend? Make and freeze – now you can just pull out one every now and then instead of facing the hassle of discarding – or consuming! – Dozens at a time.

5. Don’t forget to enjoy it!

Staying in the moment allows you to enjoy the season rather than just mindlessly plowing forward with fork in hand. What if you fall out of the chariot of good intentions? Realize that life will happen – nobody eats perfectly all the time. The trick is how you handle it: instead of letting the holidays distract you for weeks or months, give yourself a little grace period and then start building back up by working on a habit or meal each day. It’s like jet lag — you can’t expect a return to normality immediately, but with a little time and patience, you’ll be ready to focus on a healthy year ahead.

Source: Orlando Health, Ashlee Wright MDA, RD, LD/N

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