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Let’s all agree. A vacation in a luxury hotel or lodge has its time and place. On the other end of the spectrum, there’s a time when you crave camping. There are those who wouldn’t trade the camping experience for anything in the world. No luxury. Don’t comfort. No convenience.

Think of the feeling of sitting around a campfire with bosom buddies – or family – roasting marshmallows. Consider observing the moon or distant stars in a clear sky. Then remember that camping is almost free.


That is, compared to staying in luxury hotels, where you can pay up to $240,000 a night. Fortunately, America offers some beautiful campgrounds that every camper will want to try. In this article, we look at what it takes to camp in Russian Gulch State Park — and what kind of experience to expect.

Russian Gulch State Park is a camper’s dream

Many campers would vouch for Russian Gulch State Park checking almost all camping boxes.

The park itself is a wonderful picture of tangible serenity. It’s shady and cool – and just the perfect weekend getaway for a little adventure in the woods.

It bears variegated foliage, including sweet-scented sequoias; light green ferns with beautifully jagged leaves, but also broad-branched trees such as Douglas fir, big-leaved maple and straight, slender alder.

The campgrounds at Russian Gulch are located in an even more forested region of the park – and along a gorge – adding even more rugged beauty to the entire camping experience.

Other than that, Russian Gulch is well maintained, clean, and safe.

To top it all off, there’s wonderful music – not from a blaring stereo – but from the waves crashing thunderously onto the shore and the melodious chirping of birds flying from branch to branch.

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Russian Gulch has up to 26 standard campsites. All of this is on Russian Gulch Creek and a stone’s throw from the small pebble beach where you can jump into the water, although there are strong currents in some places that can make swimming a bit risky.

Aside from the 26 campgrounds, Russian Gulch also has four equestrian campgrounds where visitors can camp with their horses. There is also a group campsite.

Russian Gulch campgrounds can accommodate RVs and trailers – provided they are no longer than 24 feet.

What you should know if you plan to camp in Russian Gulch

Russian Gulch State Park is just 2.9 miles from Mendocino Town, the only one on the California coast designated as a historic landmark.

The road from town to the parking lot is in great condition. For campers looking to tag their furry friends, Russian Gulch is pet-friendly.

Russian Gulch campgrounds also have clean bathrooms and hot water showers, so campers can enjoy a warm, relaxing bath before resting in the quiet stillness of the forest.

And of course the toilets are equipped with flush toilets.

  • What is the cost of camping at Russian Gulch State Park? Camping at Russian Gulch State Park is $45 per night. However, campers pay a slightly discounted rate of $40 during the off-season. And for group camping, the cost is $140.

For those planning to camp in Russian Gulch, it is advisable to reserve in advance. This is especially true if the camping dates are between late March and early September.​​​​​​​

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It’s also important to note that no more than eight people are allowed to pitch a tent at any campsite (this number includes children).

Other things to consider when planning a tented camp in Russian Gulch

Those heading to Russian Gulch will be pleased to know that there is ample parking at the campgrounds. The park charges an entry fee of $8 for each car entering the park.

In addition, the park is open every day. Those traveling with their families will find that the area around the beach is a safe place for children to build sand castles – as the sand here is clean and white – and just the perfect condition for many fun beach activities.

And aside from the beach, where you can swim, dive, and kayak, there are several other fun activities that campers can easily partake in. These include hiking, bird watching, biking, mountain biking and exploring the scenic Fern Canyon.

For the camp’s hikers, the 35-foot waterfall is usually a popular destination, and it’s delightfully pristine — though it’s not that big.

And before you go, you might want to explore the Redwoods Learning Center, which offers interesting lessons about redwoods and how to protect them.

Russian Gulch is a great place to camp and there is no end to the activities for campers to enjoy.

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