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There was a time when preparing delicious meals and delicious treats was strictly for adults, but these days, with shows, books and podcasts about cooking everywhere and greater access to different types of food, many kids have started to embrace it also interested in coming into the kitchen. Maybe you have an aspiring young chef under your roof, maybe you’re looking for a way to empower kids to take on responsibilities around the house, or maybe you’re looking for a way to teach your growing family about healthy eating habits – whatever the reason, these online cooking classes for kids teach kids important life skills while having fun.

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radish kids


From $20 per month.

This monthly cooking club for kids ages 4+ comes complete with a monthly kit to make learning easier. Each set includes 3 easy-to-follow recipes, grocery lists, a kid-friendly kitchen tool, a hands-on craft or game to encourage learning beyond the kitchen, and monthly collectibles like an apron patch and instructions on building techniques to help develop their skills.

King Arthur Baking Company


For kids who love to bake, the many learning opportunities of this acclaimed baking brand are perfect. In addition to their Bake For Good program, which offers free classes for grades 4 through 12, they also host videos designed specifically for kids, like focaccia, empanadas, and apple chips, as well as recipes and handy tips for all ages — how to Like how to decorate a layered cake, the best technique for flaky pie crust, and how to tell if your bread dough has been kneaded enough – so they can keep learning at all levels.

America’s test kitchen kids


Starting at $19.99

ATK have been teaching adults how to improve their kitchen skills for years, and now they bring that same hands-on sensibility to teaching children ages 5 and up. Your Young Chefs’ Club box contains dozens of do-it-yourself recipes plus everything you need for activities to help them learn the science behind culinary magic.



From $12 per class.

Outschool offers thousands of courses for kids between the ages of 3 and 18 in dozens of subjects, from chemistry to music to, you guessed it, cooking. Classes range from simple crock pot dishes to sushi preparation and advanced French pastry techniques, allowing your culinary adventurer to choose their own path.

Institute for culinary education


From $50 per class.

The Institute of Culinary Education not only teaches professionals, but also offers a wide range of virtual courses that you can enjoy from the comfort of your own home. While you can certainly let your kids join in to learn fun skills like Dumpling 101 or pasta-making, they also offer week-long kids’ camps during the summer for kids ages 10-17 on everything from everyday meals to global flavors to baking or cake decorating.

The Dynamite Shop


From $30 per class.

Brooklyn-based The Dynamite Shop has taken its popular teen cooking program online for lessons and recipes that are anything but silly. The school offers a variety of options for children aged 7-17 including a dinner club, baking club and weekend workshops full of actionable yet impressive recipes that will take your child proudly to create meals for the whole family and their culinary horizons to expand.

Real food 4 kids


Starting at $15 per month.

Make cooking classes more accessible with kid-led videos on a variety of cooking topics. From DIY breakfasts to snacks to dinners and even recipes that make fruit and veg a popular choice, these accessible guides will help kids build their confidence in the kitchen.

Little chefs


From $50 per month.

With a mix of live and on-demand classes on everything from setting up a restaurant to after-school snacks to making the prettiest cupcakes in town, these classes are perfect for getting kids excited about the kitchen and cooking .

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