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Frost cannot kill these plants.

Some of us are blessed with a green thumb. For the lucky few, growing a lush outdoor garden during the summer months can be easy, especially when they get the sun and water they need. But you’re preparing for a winter that won’t produce a consistent yield, live in a shady area, or don’t have the space in the garden, cultivation can be a challenge. This is where indoor herb gardens come in.

For those of us whose thumb is black rather than green but love the idea of ​​growing your own ingredients, gardening can be brought indoors to make the process that little bit more accessible. With these beginner-friendly kits, you can grow and harvest whatever you want any time of the year, from basil to lavender. From small glass gardens to fully automated hydroponic garden systems that regulate water and light for you, the best indoor herb gardens bring the outdoors in without feeling overwhelming.

Shop our favorite indoor herb gardens below, which will instantly improve your gardening skills (and add some flavor to your homemade dishes).

The best indoor herb gardens

RealPetaled Indoor Herb Garden Grow Kit

This all-inclusive kit lets you grow up to 10 small, non-GMO herbs on your windowsill, including oregano, sage, chia, and more. The coolest part? The seeds are infused into a small soil puck that expands as you add water.

Buy Here: $43

Modern Sprout Culinary grow kit

Modern sprout grow kit

If you only want to grow a specific herb, all you need is a small pot, soil and some seeds. This set includes all of the above plus a herb stripper so you can reap what you sow after your herbs have matured.

Buy here: $65

Click and Grow Smart Garden

click and grow garden

What if starting a garden was as easy as brewing coffee from a pod? With Click and Grow, that’s the whole idea. Simply stick the biodegradable pods in the garden, add water and watch your herbs thrive. For those who have forgotten to water their baby plants, you can download the Click and Grow app to receive push notifications when it’s time to water or fertilize and learn more about the herbs you’re growing .

Buy here: $75

Lettuce grows on the farm

Lettuce grows standing

City dwellers will appreciate this uncomplicated vertical garden that occupies just two square meters of floor space. You fill the base with water and nutrients, and the system then circulates them itself, so each plant gets what it needs. It’s fairly self-sufficient if your space has natural light, but if you’re in a shaded area you can add grow lights at an additional cost. While the smallest unit holds 12 plants, you can grow up to 36 plants if you decide to upgrade to a larger size.

Buy Here: $399

Aero Garden Harvest 360

air garden

No floor, no problem. This water-based system can grow up to six plants at a time, all without growing medium. A mixture of water and fertilizer circulates around the plants’ roots, giving them the nourishment they need, while built-in lights simulate sunlight. There are even built-in reminders to let you know when it’s time for more water or fertilizer so you don’t have to think about it.

Buy Here: $110

Real smart indoor garden and herb grower

true garden

Think your countertop could turn into your very own urban garden? With this micro hydroponic system, you can have ready-to-eat herbs in just a few weeks. The kit comes with a small “breeding house”, attached grow lights and four easy to assemble seed pods. Just fill the base with water and you’re good to go for three weeks before you need to refill.

Buy Here: $48 – $220

Mason Jar Indoor Herb Garden

Mason Jar Garden

Sourcing seeds, gathering supplies, and making sure you have the right pots or planters for seedlings is time-consuming and sometimes confusing. Buy a kit like this to take the guesswork out of creating your own herb garden. Each mason jar planter comes with seeds, soil, a planter and plant food so you’ll have everything ready from the second you receive the kit.

Buy here: $24

Mindful Design LED Stackable Indoor Garden Kit

aim grow lights

For those who already have plants, taking care of them becomes even easier when they have a specific space to put all their babies. These stackable frames have bright grow lights on the inside that mimic natural sunlight and ensure the seedlings below are getting enough light for photosynthesis. And if you don’t want to grow herbs, you can also put succulents or small flowers in the frames.

Buy Here: $45

Herb Garden Trio

Flower garden from 1800

Perhaps the easiest way to start your own herb garden is to start growing the herbs before you buy them. This delightful arrangement contains mature herbs that you can continue to cultivate. It’s a bonus that the garden stand they come in looks adorable too.

Buy Here: $60

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