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Spooky comics are growing in popularity, with shows like paper girl and The Sandman Bringing the comic book to TV show treatment on streaming services.

With Halloween fast approaching, bookworms are diving back into their stash of spooky comics, while fans of horror movies and shows may be looking for a place to start when it comes to comics that will make them cringe or maybe just give them the perfect dose of Halloween – cheers. Regardless of reader tastes, there is a wide range of comics available for anyone looking for some reading material to celebrate the spooky holidays.


10/10 mooncake

mooncake is the perfect blend of romance, magic, and classic monsters that fans of all things spooky will instantly recognize, including werewolves. The whimsical art style doesn’t lend itself to the spookier side of Halloween, but the magical themes and presence of all things fall make the comic ideal for the season.

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With the inclusion of monsters and witch hunters bent on keeping the neighborhood “normal”, there is an air of suspense and danger that gets readers’ pulses racing in the hope that the characters will make it to the end .

9/10 paper girl

paper girl has already been named one of the best timeline shows of 2022, and the comics that inspired the show live up to the same hype. The comics perfectly combine the excitement of a new group of friends with the potential for alien discovery and travel through space and time.

This series is perfect for readers who want to be amazed by creepy aliens and shocking plot twists instead of being spooked by gory art styles and monsters.

8/10 The Sandman

Neil Gaiman is known for being a master of all things spooky and Halloween based on his previous work coral and now, as Netflix fans know, The Sandman. Death is one of the scariest things for most people, but this series takes life and death and offers a world somewhere beyond.

While The Sandman is no horror comic, the fantasy elements and art style create a spooky atmosphere that pushes the story beyond the written dialogue. The elements of mythology as a larger than life feel that brings a sinister and somber feel to all characters.

7/10 Batman: The Long Halloween

Yes, even superheroes are involved in Halloween, including Batman. The 13-issue series focuses on the crime-fighting days of the caped crusader early in his hero career as he pursues a villain who only strikes on holidays.

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The comics are filled with all of the classic Batman villains that fans love to see in their panels, with a new twist on how they got their start in Gotham City. The series takes on a different tone than some darker and more serious versions of Batman, similar to the 1960s show.

6/10 A very DC Halloween

A collection of stories featuring the most popular DC villains and heroes in one place doesn’t come around often, though A very DC Halloween compiles their stories into one issue, each with a Halloween twist.

The horror-based stories see some of DC’s heroes becoming darker than the villains they fight, taking on all new evil forces never before fought in places like Gotham and Metropolis. As the title suggests, the comic is meant to be read around Halloween and is perfect for those looking for something a little more spooky than the usual superhero stories.

5/10 The nocturnal ones

The nocturnal ones is a complex story with all the creatures associated with Halloween, monster hunters and dark adventures that rival the best urban fantasy books. Though the series is geared toward adults, a bit of whimsy comes with the expertly drawn creatures that feel like vintage Halloween decorations and movies.

The action and crime in the series creates an exciting dynamic between the monsters and adds a real element to the supernatural stories. Despite all these details, the story is undoubtedly based on horror and is intended for those who want to be scared.

4/10 bump in the night

While Superman has been reinvented several times in his Bizzaro form, bump in the night gives the classic superhero a brand new version of himself called Evil Doer.

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The short story has all the elements of a horror film, including the final girl trope and moments where the monster appears to be defeated, only for it to return when the hero’s guard is down. This version gives Superman a horror origin that twists the story but is familiar enough that fans still feel connected to the story before it begins.

3/10 Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash

For readers looking for a comic that takes the best characters from ’80s and ’90s horror movies in a wild and gory crossover only attempted on the big screen, this is it Freddy vs Jason. vs. ash.

Although some people think these horror movie franchises need to end, this six-issue series continues the rivalry between Freddy and Jason, but adds the element of Ash taking up the fight to end evil for good, making it a the most ambitious horror crossover making it on or off screen.

2/10 monster road

monster road is for the young reader who wants a little scare but still wants to get a good night’s sleep. The series combines mysterious themes mixed with monsters and things that happen in the night such as: Scooby Doo or goose flesh.

Each volume in the series focuses on a new mystery, keeping the stories fresh and unique and engaging and entertaining readers of all ages. The art style is bright and colorful, highlighting all the spooky details without making them too intense for readers looking to embark on a family-friendly adventure.

1/10 Archie Halloween Spectacular

fans of Riverdale I know Archie is better at embracing the creepy ghost than anyone, but the comics have a lighter, more trick-or-treating approach to the holiday than the TV series. Annually, Archie and his two best girls embark on a Halloween adventure filled with wholesome comedy and romance that readers will associate with all Archie comics.

The annual publication is aimed at readers of all ages and is a great way to start a new Christmas tradition that is timeless and ready to be passed on to the next generation of readers.

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