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Shonen anime is the most popular genre in this medium and offers a wealth of amazing stories that have become popular for all the right reasons. While the shonen empire has experimented with multiple settings, there is always something magical about traditional fighting shonen manga that never fails to enchant and intrigue fans from around the world.

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That being said, some long-running Battle Shonen anime adaptations suffer from putting a silly amount of filler into their shows, which is quite detrimental to the quality of the series. Luckily, the following anime doesn’t suffer in this regard, letting people sit through their entire run time without having to skip hours of boring filler material.

Updated October 10, 2022 by Ritwik Mitra: fight Anime is all the rage because it’s easy to follow, especially when the fights in these shows are a blast thanks to the great fight choreography and dazzling animation. However, many people get fed up with such animes when filler arcs come into play with little to no stakes. Luckily, the following anime serves as the perfect antidote to filler boredom, with the runtime of every show on this list being almost completely void of meaningless filler.


14/14 Dragon Ball Z kai

Dragon Ball Z is one of the greatest shonen anime of all time. However, the anime’s original run was reviled for its incredible amount of filler, extended pans, and lengthened fight sequences that only served to fill in the running time and nothing else.

Suffice it to say, Dragon Ball Z kai is a godsend for people who want to experience this legendary anime for themselves without having to sift through copious amounts of filler material. The show is an absolute smash, with its own pace which is pretty awesome.

13/14 Mob Psycho 100

With the latest season of Mob Psycho 100 right around the corner, there is no better time for people to engage with this brilliant anime. The creator of One punch man clearly put his heart and soul into creating this webcomic, the anime adaptation of which is absolutely brilliant.

Watching Shigeo struggle with not relying on his amazing psychic powers is quite entertaining. Of course, the battles between the many Espers in the series are quite engaging in their own right too, with Mob’s latent potential being a delight every time it’s unleashed.

12/14 soul eater

soul eater is an anime that started off on the right foot indeed. Even its ending, which has been called controversial by many, still technically had no filler from an anime perspective.

However, anyone who wants to see the actual plot of the series as envisioned by the creator must read the manga. Unless soul eater gets the brotherhood treatment, it will always remain in the shadow of other fighting shonen anime.

14.11 destiny/stay night

That Fate series is one of the most popular shonen works of all time. The War for the Holy Grail makes for an immersive setting as Shirou Emiya, Saber and the other characters get their time to shine.

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The series is also completely free of fillers and has a number of other anime in the series that are great to watch on their own. destiny/stay night serves as a great entry point into this unique world that will continue to captivate many fans.

14.10 My hero academy

While My hero academy is not completely devoid of filler material, the amount of anime original content is so small that it is not a problem at all. If anything, most people who love the series won’t mind seeing a few extra episodes starring their favorite characters!

The history of My hero academy is concise, and the animation is great too. It’s a great show with excellent pacing unhampered by unnecessary and unwanted filler arcs.

14.9 JoJo’s bizarre adventure

JoJo’s bizarre adventure is one of the best shonen manga of all time, but the series is quite old. It was clear that adapting this series was going to be a tall order, but David Productions did a great job with it.

The fact that all seasons of JoJo’s bizarre adventure Feature absolutely no filler works wonders for the pacing of the show. It’s a great series that any fan of over-the-top shonen anime will fall in love with.

8/14 attack on Titan

The legendary statue of attack on Titan is something every fan knows. The show has taken some wild turns, morphing from your run-of-the-mill fighting shonen anime into one of the most profound and compelling anime of all time.

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Last season isn’t over yet, but fans have already inscribed attack on Titan as one of the greatest anime of all time. Fans of shonen anime who aren’t wandering around will have a blast watching this show.

14.7 Yu Yu Hakusho

Given the period in which Yu Yu Hakusho was released, it’s really surprising to see that this show is one Anime without filler! This is great as fans can enjoy one of the best shows without having to skip certain episodes.

While Yu Yu Hakusho ends on a rather tepid note, the anime’s arcs are still pretty awesome on their own. It also features one of the largest tournament arcs in Battle Shonen history, which is saying something considering how prevalent this type of arc is in most anime.

6/14 Hunter X Hunter

Both Yu Yu Hakusho and Hunter X Hunter were written by Yoshihiro Togashi, one of the greatest mangaka of all time. The latter lasts to this day and is one of the best fighting shonen manga of all time.

The 2011 anime is one of the best ways to experience this masterpiece and catch up to the point where the series’ hiatus becomes too much to bear. The fact that this anime only has two recap episodes in a show that spans nearly 150 episodes is quite an achievement in itself.

Fullmetal Alchemist is a manga so popular that there are actually two anime adaptations. The first was fairly faithful to the manga until catching up, after which it decided to pursue an original story rather than wait for the manga to move forward.

The second adjustment Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, is one of the greatest animes ever made. Brilliant animation, compelling story, and a complete lack of filler really put this anime in a class of its own.

14.4 Parasyte: The Maxim

As well as JoJo’s bizarre adventure, Parasyte: The Maxim is the adaptation of a manga that ended its run way back in the 90s. This adaptation was helmed by animation giants Madhouse, and the sheer quality of this show’s animation proves why it’s so great.

Parasyte: The Maxim has a pretty compelling story and some great character moments worth watching. The show is only 24 episodes long and is completely devoid of meaningless filler.

3/14 Jujutsu Kaisen

Jujutsu Kaisen absolutely stormed onto the stage thanks to some amazing animation and great fight choreography. The show’s approach to jujutsu magicians, curses and the like is pretty easy to understand and pretty awesome too.

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With a film that comes out sooner or later, that’s obvious Jujutsu Kaisen there will be some time. Only time will tell how this anime will develop over time, although the manga is already in a pretty promising place.

2/14 Demon Hunter

Speaking of new fighting shonen anime with great animations, it would be downright criminal not to mention it Demon Hunter in this conversation. The show’s premise is pretty simple, but it’s the amazing work that Ufotable has done with the adaptation that puts it in a class of its own.

Demon Hunter features some of the smoothest combat scenes ever animated, and the adventures of Tanjiro and friends make for a great time. The Entertainment District arc was another visual extravaganza, and fans can’t wait to see the future arcs Ufotable has in store for them.

1/14 One punch man

One punch man was one of the most popular anime when its first season was released. The quality of Madhouse’s animation, coupled with the hilarious nature of the show, put it in a class of its own.

Season 2 may have suffered a pretty big drop in animation quality, but the story is still great. Unfortunately, Season 3 has yet to be announced, and fans can’t wait to see how Saitama’s legacy as the most powerful superhero of all time unfolds.

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