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Jared Padalecki and his wife Genevieve Padalecki have their hands full at home.

The couple met on the set of supernatural during Season 4 of the long-running television show. In the 12 years since they tied the knot in February 2010, they have given birth to three children together: Thomas Colton, 10, Austin “Shep” Shepherd, 8, and Odette Elliott, 5.

Today, the family lives in a farmhouse in Austin, Texas, not far from Padalecki’s hometown of San Antonio. The couple first struck roots in 2010 before fully moving from California to the Lone Star State because of their “slow pace.” The family of five lives together with their flock of chickens, their dogs, miniature horses and even a beehive.

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With a decade of parenting experience, Jared has embraced the role of father of three. In June 2017, Genevieve gave fans a glimpse of her husband’s touching feelings about parenthood, posting on her website a letter he wrote to his children on Father’s Day. Now & Gen He addressed the letter to his three children before writing, “I realize Father’s Day should be about… well… ‘dads,’ praising them and thanking them and making them feel needed and valued to become.”

He continued, “But as a ‘dad’ in this relationship, I wanted to change things up a bit. In particular, I wanted to take this opportunity after my FIFTH Father’s Day (and counting), not to say ‘You’re’ welcome, but to say ‘Thank you’…” He then listed numerous life moments with his children for which he is grateful.

“You humiliated me. You helped me rediscover the joy of discovery. You turned my world upside down. And I wouldn’t want it any other way,” the proud father concluded.

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A month earlier, in an interview with PEOPLE, Jared reflected on the biggest lesson he’s learned as a parent: being flexible and being able to go with the flow.

“Ideally we have plans, but one of the things I learned was to let go of control and just try to be who you want to be in every moment,” he said. “If I’m like, ‘Okay, cool, we’ll put the kids to bed at 7 tonight, we’ll have a glass of wine together, wake them up at 6 and go to baseball,’ then that’s the night they don’t go to bed until 10 bed and one of them gets sick at midnight and then the other one has nightmares at 2.”

He added: “Once you make plans with kids, it goes out the window. It’s more about being there with love and support for whatever comes up.”

Read on to learn more about Jared Padalecki’s three children: Thomas, Shepherd and Odette.

Thomas Colton, 10

Jared and Genevieve announced they were expecting their first child together in October 2011, nearly two years after the couple tied the knot in February 2010. former Gilmore Girls Star confirmed the happy news on Twitter, writing at the time, “Okay, I’d prefer it if you heard it officially from me… Well, yeah. Genevieve is pregnant. We will welcome a new member to our family in 2012.”

The couple’s first son, Thomas Colton, was born on March 19, 2012.

At the People’s Choice Awards in January 2013, Jared spoke to PEOPLE about his then-little son, saying, “It’s really funny because … we’ve met a lot of new parents with little babies and a lot of babies look like babies, but he feels.” , like he’s some kind of old soul. He kind of looks at you and tries to understand you, which is cool. I hope he is a grown child.

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The following year, Jared shared some of his favorite moments with his son. “Tom is my 2½ year old and he’s a fully functioning human right now,” he told reporters at the Television Critics Association tour in Beverly Hills. “The milestones I laugh at are when they start imitating what daddy says and mommy — in a kind way — reminds daddy to use his kids’ words.”

For his son’s 9th birthday, Jared posted a cute throwback photo of himself and Thomas as a baby and captioned it, “Tommy Bear. Thank you for making me a father and changing my life. Love, little one. Happy 9 Tom. ”

Like the rest of his family, Thomas loves spending time outdoors on the family farm and in nature. To say goodbye to summer in late August 2022, Genevieve shared snaps on her Instagram from a trip to Idaho, capturing some of the natural scenery alongside her family’s adventures. Months earlier, in June 2022, she shared a video montage of a family boat trip with Jared behind the wheel, complete with some swimming.

Austin “Shep” Shepherd, 8

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Jared and Genevieve welcomed their second child, a son named Austin Shepherd, on December 22, 2013 walker star announced the news on Twitter, writing: “Ok. Really 😉 My amazingly strong wife gave birth to a happy and healthy boy at home last night :). Please send love :)).

The couple’s younger son goes by his middle name, Shepherd, or the nickname “Shep”.

Shortly before Shepherd’s birth, the family moved into their Texas estate full-time and it began to feel more like home. “My dream as a kid was literally to grow up and live in Austin, silly as that sounds,” the Texas native told PEOPLE in 2015 as he and Genevieve showed off their apartment.

“We have two little boys, so I don’t want to tell them not to touch the furniture. Everything we have is rough so they can play around with it and if they get some paint on it that’s fine,” Genevieve added of her kid-friendly interior style.

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At the 2014 Critic’s Choice Awards, Jared spoke to PEOPLE about the challenges of having two young children in the house. “For grown men who are used to exercising, babies are tough. As they get older you can play and communicate – that’s fine. When they’re babies you say, ‘I don’t want to break you. I have big hands, I’m sorry,'” he explained.

That same year, he spoke about his desire to spend as much time as possible with his kids once his hit CW show comes to an end. “To supernatural I’m hoping to retire from the business and work more sporadically and be a father and basketball coach to my kids, maybe start producing or something,” the actor told reporters at a TCA event.

He also shared a sweet anecdote about a Shepherd baby at the time. “Little Shep just started sliding, so Shep is 7 [months] and he just started crawling,” he said, adding, “He also started…to [accept] me as part of his life. He usually said, ‘What do you want?’ “I want mommy.” Now Shep smiles when he sees me.”

Shepard loves animals and the outdoors. To celebrate his 8th birthday, Genevieve has shared a carousel of photos of her son over the years, including shots of him with various animals. In the caption, she captioned the touching message, writing, “Dearest Shep, our nature lover and adventure seeker, thank you for instilling patience and kindness in your parents.”

“You always bring a unique perspective with a smile on your face,” she continued. “I hope you never stop saying ‘sure thing mom’ 🥰 We love you to the moon and back. Happy 8th sweet boy.”

In October 2022, Genevieve posted a video of her and Sheperd enjoying a mother-son bond while working in their garden.

Odette Eliot, 5

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The couple’s daughter, Odette Elliott, was born on March 17, 2017. Genevieve shared the news on Instagram, posting a photo of herself holding her newborn daughter a few days after the birth. The actress wrote in the caption, “Please say hello to the latest Padalecki, Odette Elliott!!”

In May 2017, Jared spoke to PEOPLE about welcoming his first daughter after having two sons. “It’s a really cool experience and I’m really excited for it to grow and hopefully have a daddy’s girl,” he said.

He also admitted that he felt “really nervous and vulnerable” after having a daughter, explaining, “With boys they say, ‘Get your knees off and break your arms like me.’ But with a girl you say, ‘If anyone ever touches her, I’ll go crazy!’ ”

Odette and her father have already created their own father-daughter traditions, be it at playtime or bedtime. The 5-year-old already masters the art of hair and makeup and has given her dad several makeovers over the years.

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In March 2019, the actor shared a sweet snap from the set of supernatural to celebrate his character’s graduation in Season 14 of the show. In the photo, Odette was carrying a makeup brush and appeared to be applying some makeup to her father’s forehead. Jared wrote in the caption: “Had a little extra makeup help from my little girl today. If only she knew that SHE is probably the reason for my wrinkles!”

Odette was still busy with her beauty school antics in May 2022, this time swapping the makeup brush for a hair brush. In a video shared to Genevieve’s Instagram, Odette had a blast brushing her dad’s hair with not one brush but two, and narrated the process while Jared sat patiently. At one point during the video, Odette even announced, “Dad, your hair looks fabulous!”

The father-daughter duo also share another common tradition – their musical bedtime ritual. When she was 3, Jared spoke to PEOPLE about his daughter’s sleeping habits, explaining that she “always wants a bedtime song or story.”

“Last night I made up a song about a coyote chasing cats,” he said, laughing. “Your 3-year-old asks for a song about a coyote, you just do it.”

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