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Want a change from your usual trail or a loop around the block? There’s a whole range of apps designed to take your walk or run to the next level. With these imaginative apps, you can discover your neighborhood and explore whole new places.

1st District: Explore your city

Go at your own pace and hit virtual checkpoints with District: Explore Your City. Create a profile, give it permission to track your location and go for it and the app will track your distance, pace and time. The unique feature of District: Explore Your City is its scoring system. Visit specific checkpoints or travel a set route and you’ll earn points for higher scores. Point locations are shown as green dots on the map.

Standard locations are worth 100 points, while special pink power-ups are worth twice as much. Since not all point locations are worth the same, it pays to explore and keep an eye on these bonuses. Participate alone or connect with other explorers on the app for a sense of community. Their feeds provide updates on their walks and runs. Meanwhile the leaderboard shows results by country as well as a global ranking of top competitors. You can also view monthly results in addition to overall results.

Finally, look for specific ones missions nearby, because these take place all over the world. For example, The Hunt Finals in Singapore challenged contestants to score as many points as possible in just 90 minutes. If you enjoy working out from anywhere, this could also be a good source for virtual fitness challenges to add to your routine. Although the app is billed as a way to explore your city, it also works if you live in a small town or a more rural area. Virtually anyone can earn points with District: Explore Your City.

Downloads: District: Explore Your City for iOS | Android (free)

2. AllTrails

With one of the largest collections of trails in one app, AllTrails is the perfect companion for anyone who loves exploring the great outdoors. With its collection of over 200,000 trails in your pocket, you’re bound to find new routes to enjoy. On the app’s main screen, you’ll see a list of the best nearby hiking trails, sorted into several useful categories, including family-friendly trails, the best views, and dog-friendly areas.

You can further refine the lists to show trails that are wheelchair accessible, paved, or partially paved. Or you can limit the results by a specific length, elevation gain, and trail traffic. Additionally, the app lists a trail’s overall difficulty as easy, moderate, or hard so you don’t accidentally pick a trail that’s outside of your comfort zone.

Attractions are also part of the app’s database, so you can search for waterfalls, caves, hot springs, historical sites, and more. The navigation map provides an overview of the selected route and its expected duration, distance and altitude. On the you can get additional information such as coordinates and bearing navigation info Screen. On the you can also select your specific type of travel such as hiking, trail running or mountain biking activity Screen.

Unlocking the paid version of the app grants you access to downloadable, printable maps and off-route alerts, preventing you from straying too far from the path. Whether you use the free version or go Pro, the sheer number of walking and hiking trails available on AllTrails is impressive. Chances are, you’ll find many new places to explore even in familiar areas.

Downloads: AllTrails for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

3. Geocaching

Find new areas in your city (or any other place you travel to) on a treasure hunt with the geocaching app. Typically, geocaches are weatherproof containers filled with a logbook and occasionally some trinkets hidden somewhere outdoors for people to find. You can use the geocaching app to find and navigate to hidden cache sites around the world. It’s a great incentive to go out and explore each location, and you might even find a fun prize or trinket at the end.

To get started with the app, simply enter your location information. A map screen will be populated with nearby geocache locations. Tap on a geocache to see its description and details. Then press the Navigate button and let your adventure begin. Don’t forget to log it once you find it (or mark it as Not found if you miss the cache).

Real booty isn’t the only goal. You can also earn digital souvenirs, e.g. B. virtual art displayed on your profile or reminders of specific dates and events. Upgrading to the premium version of Geocaching gives you advanced search capabilities, access to a hiking trails Map and downloadable maps.

Downloads: Geocaching for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

4. Start running

Find new routes to run or walk almost anywhere in the world with RunGo. There’s no shortage of apps to make running more fun, but RunGo has some unique features that make it perfect for exploring new roads and trails. With the app’s extensive route library, you can cover any distance – from a few blocks to an entire marathon. Even if you think you know your area, check out the trails near your home because you might find a brand new part of town to explore.

As a bonus, the app’s voice-guided navigation makes it easy to stay on route. Instead of fiddling with your phone to look up each curve, just listen to your headphones and move. You know exactly where to go, even if this is your first time exploring that particular route. Additionally, you can use Siri to start and navigate your runs. RunGo also provides an easy way to find walking or running routes whenever you find yourself in a new city. There’s even a list of the best hotels to run if you’re planning a health and wellness-focused vacation.

Finally, there is a fantastic creative element in the app, as runners and walkers can trace images of their routes. By following planned routes, you can sketch a dog, a bird, or just about any other character. Or get inspired and create your own route to share with the app. What designs can you create using just your feet?

Downloads: RunGo for iOS | Android (free, subscription available)

Get outside and be active with these exploration apps

Shake up your daily walk or run as soon as you click the download button. Whether you’re embarking on a brand new trail or super interested in geocaching, these exploration apps welcome some new outdoor adventures.

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