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It wasn’t my birthday, but it was time to bake my birthday cake.

As a child—and into adulthood—when we lived in the same town, Mom made carrot cakes for the special occasion. The last was in June 2019. She died the next month.

The other day I baked her recipe – or recipes to be more precise. I’m months late to bake my favorite cake. And that’s okay.

Until a few weeks ago, I wasn’t ready to pull out her weathered and handwritten cooking notes. Grief works in mysterious ways.

I’ve tried a slice of carrot cake at a few restaurants over the past few years. No one came close to Mom’s. How could they surpass that high bar even though they looked pretty?

What her cakes lacked in the extravagant embellishment of the tiered beauties of professional bakers was more than compensated for by the time and attention she devoted to purchasing and using just the right ingredients for a sweet, flavorful cake.

Mom's Carrot Cake Recipe is chunky with pineapple treats, walnuts, raisins and freshly grated carrots.

The carrots were shredded by hand on a box grater, usually not too soon before the batter was made for added moisture and flavor. There were tidbits of pineapple, not mashed bits as is common in most recipes, for added texture. The cream cheese frosting was rich.

In recent years, she has shied away from a two- or three-layer variant for a sheet cake. A late hand tremor hampered the sophisticated technique required to bake, chill, stack, and frost cake layers.

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