Teen baker makes Wichita Falls sweeter with fall treats at In The Mix Dessert Shoppe – Times Record News | Directory Mayhem

If you don’t think of Sopapilla Pumpkin Cheesecake Cookies when you think of fall, that might be just what comes to mind after a visit to the In The Mix Dessert Shoppe in Wichita Falls.

Teenage baker Abigail Cardona offers this sweet concoction along with a range of baked treats that are appropriate for fall or any time of year.

Her offerings change weekly, rotating and evolving with the season and her latest creations that she has dreamed up. But the cookies in question will be available until November, as long as sales continue.

Cardona, who turns 18 this month, is the youngest member of the Wichita Falls Chamber of Commerce. She has her baked favorites, both to recreate and to enjoy.

“I like doing the Brookies. It’s half brownie, half chocolate chip cookie,” she said. “The sugar cookies are really good for nibbling.”

Cardona rolls them in sugar before baking, and they become soft and crumbly with a coating of crystallized sugar that forms during baking.

On a recent visit to In The Mix on a late August afternoon, fall was in the air and on the shelves.

The Mix Dessert Shoppe sells treats like cupcakes, cookies, cobblers, hot chocolate bombs, coffee bombs, and cider bombs.

Apple Spice was the cupcake of the week, bags of harvest crunch popcorn lined the shelves, and pumpkin bread, pecan pie brownies, and mini cinnamon buns were within reach.

“Their goal is to have a new experience almost every time someone comes back, but still have the things that sell best,” mom Monica Veretto said.

This means, for example, that favorites like chocolate chip cookies are always on offer, while cupcakes rotate weekly.

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