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Gifts for children who love to cook

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If you have a child on your Christmas shopping list who loves to cook, why not give them a gift they’ll really appreciate: something to take to the kitchen! Encourage her love of all things culinary with a gift designed just for her. From cooking sets to tools just fit for little hands, we’ve found a selection of ideas any young foodie will love.

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Here are 10 creative gift ideas for kids who love to cook.

1. An international adventure in the kitchen

Eat2explore gets kids cooking (and eating).

Every month eat2explore sends out boxes (called Explorer Kits) with simple recipes, spices and sauces for three dishes inspired by a specific country. Each explorer kit also includes a fact sheet about the marked country, an activity sheet, a flag pin and a cooking tool that kids will need to follow the recipes. Our little testers had a blast preparing the meals, and we liked that it inspired the pickier eaters to try new dishes.

Get an eat2explore box starting at $21.20

2. A subscription that combines cooking and science

Yummy Crate combines cooking and science.

Cooking is science at its core, making it a perfect introduction to the Kiwi Co line of STEAM-inspired subscription kits. The new Yummy Crate boxes bring science lessons right into the kitchen so your little foodie can cook delicious meals and learn cool concepts like the Maillard reaction (hint: it gives grilled meat its savory flavor). Each box contains a selection of recipes, a branded kitchen tool and associated activities.

Sign up for Yummy Crate from $17.95

3. A delightful waffle maker

A delightful - and delicious - breakfast item.

Combine your two favorite loves, cooking and The Mandalorian, with this waffle maker guaranteed to win brunch. The non-stick waffle maker has five different temperature settings so your (real) child doesn’t burn breakfast. Need more reason to choose this extraordinary gift? It can also be used as a sandwich press.

Get Star Wars: The Mandalorian The Child Waffle Maker at GameStop for $39.99

4. An easy way to make cool treats

An easy way to make cute popsicles.

One of the easiest (and funniest) things to make is popsicles. Kids can turn their favorite juices, smoothies or yogurts into adorable frozen treats featuring everyone’s favorite mouse, Mickey. This compact shape holds four popsicles and has a convenient lid so it fits in the smallest of freezers.

Get the Mickey Mouse Pop Mold at Williams-Sonoma for $19.95

5. A great apron

A brightly colored striped apron looks cute and keeps her clothes stain-free.

Every chef needs a great apron, and this durable striped version from Williams-Sonoma keeps her outfit free of (most) kitchen clutter. Have it personalized with her name to make it a truly special gift.

Get the Bay Stripe Apron at Williams Sonoma for $19.95

6. A class to expand their skills

In a virtual cooking class, they learn new techniques.

Offer aspiring tween and teen chefs who are already somewhat experienced chefs a virtual cooking class to deepen their knowledge. Amazon Explore offers a range of classes ideal for young chefs, including making fresh pasta or making traditional French macarons.

Buy Amazon Explore courses

7. A box of baking projects

Baketivity kits contain almost everything you need for a baking project.

If that kid on your gift list prefers pastries to pie, a Baketivity subscription is the perfect gift. Each month they receive a box with a new baking project and all the dry ingredients needed to make it (they just need to add perishables like eggs and milk). Our testers had a blast making stained glass cookies, and we loved that they were able to do almost all of the project themselves.

Get a Baketivity Backset for $29.95

8. An oven they can turn on themselves

An easy-bake oven is fun and easy for them to use.

For a cooking gift they can truly use independently, you can’t go wrong with the classic easy-bake oven. It looks more high-tech than it did when we were kids, but they still make small baked goods that are perfect for snacks and tea parties.

Get an Easy-Bake Oven at Walmart for $39.97

9. A cookbook designed just for her

The complete cookbook for young chefs contains tips, tricks and great recipes.

A favorite of parents and real chefs alike, The complete cookbook for young chefs contains over 100 recipes for all kinds of dishes. With step-by-step photos of techniques, as well as helpful tips, this is a cookbook sure to expand your young chef’s culinary repertoire.

get that Complete cookbook for young chefs at Amazon for $11.87

10. Your own chef’s knife

A chef's knife that's safer for little fingers.

The only kitchen tool every true chef should own is a sharp knife. The Made for Me Junior chef’s knife for children is the perfect entry-level knife for young chefs. Crafted from German stainless steel, it has a rounded toe and heel, and a wide blade sheath for a safer cutting experience. Just remember to teach them to always hack with their fingertips bent down!

Get the Made for Me Junior Chef’s Knife for Kids at Amazon for $34.95

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