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As the number of seniors continues to grow, the demand for senior housing will continue to rise. And pioneers like us will scale, he says Ankur Gupta, JMD, Ashiana Housing.

In an exclusive interview with Sanjeev Sinha, Mr. Gupta shares his views on the changing preferences of homebuyers in the post-pandemic era, growth expectations for senior housing projects and what prompted them to push into child-centric homes. Excerpts:

Real estate, especially the residential segment, should do well after the pandemic. Do you think the holiday season will give the industry another boost?

The Christmas season is a good time to buy or invest in the residential segment. We are experiencing a satisfying growth in terms of business and the festive seasons are contributing to it. As mentioned, this festive season is likely to bring millions of cheers after the two-year pandemic. After the July-September period has already seen tremendous growth, the coming quarters will continue to deliver good results.

The current inflation could worry many. Despite inflationary pressures, the current interest rate regime is favorable to homebuyers as levels are still lower compared to the peaks we saw during the pre-pandemic era. Therefore, potential homebuyers should enter the market and buy. As affordability remains high, employment numbers are back strong, favoring a buying phase.

Is the pandemic having an impact on senior living? How is this segment doing at the moment and what are the future prospects?

The pandemic has impacted all sectors of the economy, but post the pandemic things have changed a lot and interestingly the demand for senior living has increased. According to a recent Elderly in India 2021 report by the National Statistical Office (NSO), India’s elderly population (aged 60 and over) is projected to rise from 138 million in 2021 to 194 million in 2031, a 41% increase over a decade .

As the number of seniors continues to grow, the demand for senior housing will continue to rise. And pioneers like us will scale. The types of services and amenities offered in these projects will continue to evolve as the industry grows. We are observing that large cities are already seeing an increase in such projects. However, in the longer term, suburbs and Tier II cities will also experience healthy coverage. Some of the Tier II cities include Bhiwadi, Coimbatore, Puducherry, Vadodara, Bhopal, Jaipur, Mysuru, Dehradun and Kasauli, among others. Metros where we have seen the offer are Chennai, Pune (Lavasa) and Bengaluru.

We assume that in the next 4-5 years the demand for housing projects for seniors in cities outside the metropolitan area will increase many times over. There are reasons for this: Attractive financing options, the availability of land and plenty of space for sprawling complexes have made these cities more attractive. And seniors love this freedom. Although growth rates vary by region, there is a growing trend that a majority of seniors would prefer to live in sparsely populated cities. The trend of seniors moving to sparsely populated cities is also contributing to this growth. It creates opportunities for developers to create new projects in those markets where there is less competition. Medium to long-term market projections suggest that many more senior living communities would emerge in these markets compared to metros.

What makes Ashiana Housing different from other senior living facilities? What is your USP?

Ashiana Housing is a pioneer in senior housing in the country and offers world-class facilities. We currently serve more than 1800 happy seniors in our three projects, where we take care of everything for our residents – from an active and healthy lifestyle to healthy vegetarian meals, an active routine and regular health checks.

We have recently launched our highest quality senior living facility to date – Ashiana Advik, featuring innovative and premium active scapes. Advik has spacious apartments as well as independent villas. With Advik we want to further revolutionize senior living in India. Spread across 45 acres of lush green space, Advik brings new and innovative Active Scapes designed to keep seniors active at all times.

Living in retirement with Ashiana Senior Living is a whole different experience that you can’t get anywhere else. Our primary focus is to provide adequate facilities for our senior residents. Facilities include nurturing mental agility, achieved through befriending books in the library, engaging in lively conversations with like-minded people, or attending classes in cooking, dance, art, and more, to keep everyday worries and arguments at bay .

All of our retirement homes are well laid out and well designed. Our sites are designed so that there is little to no pollution and a fresh breeze always awaits our residents. We take care of everything from residents’ activities, everyday life and social life to safety and health. Ashiana Senior Living Homes give seniors a sense of independence without compromising their security. All of our SLHs feature age-appropriate design and amenities such as non-slip tiling, beveled wall edges, grab bars in bathrooms, night lamp in master bedroom, switches with LED indicators, apartments with emergency call system, wheelchair-accessible campus and apartments, 24×7 ambulance, doctor on call, pharmacy and supply stores etc.

What prompted Ashiana Housing to move into child-centric homes? Why is this concept becoming increasingly popular in India? What are your future plans for this segment?

With increasing urbanization and growing nuclear families with working parents, there is a need for a space that provides children with safety and security while parents are away for work, while also exposing children to a variety of sports and extracurricular activities. At Ashiana, we’ve been working towards the need of the hour that has led to a new reality trend: kid-centric homes. Typically, a child-centered home is a gated community that provides all the facilities needed for the development and overall growth of children.

Ashiana child-centric homes are a prime example of BehtarParvarishKaPata. The facilities provided here are designed to encourage and strengthen children for their successful future. A special place of learning is created here, where children develop diverse personalities. With the inclusion of world-class facilities to address core needs related not only to having the right infrastructure, but also to other key areas such as learning and talent development, instilling important moral values ​​and learning to connect them with those around them, among others to share is child-centric Homes are designed to nurture the pivotal years of a child’s life.

Our newest child-oriented housing project is Ashiana Amarah in Sector-93, Gurugram. Amarah covers an area of ​​22 hectares, of which 6.7 hectares are lush green outdoor areas. The project is packed with innovative and luxurious amenities for children that revolve around four key elements, namely learning, nurturing, support and care. Our all kid centered projects are a perfect blend of learning, growth, fun and overall development with kid centered amenities. At Ashiana, we are known for providing the growing children with a holistic, fun and nurturing environment that will ultimately lead them to become the diverse personalities and responsible citizens of tomorrow.

Given the changing preferences of homebuyers, what are you currently doing and what are your plans for the future? Do you also have plans to expand into new cities?

The pandemic has caused homebuyers to reconsider their preferences, and it’s leading to some intriguing changes in their attitudes. Now buyers are looking for a home that offers them different types of facilities, amenities, and enough space to work. At Ashiana Housing we are working towards different aspects i.e. well designed concept house, lush green surroundings, spacious open spaces with fresh breeze. Our goal is to offer buyers a safe haven in a prime location.

In terms of expansion, we recently launched two new projects – in senior housing we launched Ashiana Advik with over 900 units including 37 villas, in Bhiwadi and in child centered homes we launched Ashiana Amarah in Gurugram which in phase one added 224 units sold out on the first day of launch. In the future, Ashiana intends to grow in the cities where we are already present, such as Pune, Chennai, Bhiwadi and Gurgaon.

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